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Kent E. Schweitzer
Objective: A challenging position with opportunities to use and expan...
Business Direct BDAPPMGR project
 Designed,developed and installed custom oracle and korn shell application to handle job...
 Used autosys global variables to assistapplication scheduling atthe autosys layer.
 This application was written to rep...
Mainframe Application Programmer
Consumer Loans
1995 - 1997
First Union,Charlotte NC
 Supportand develop new code for leg...
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  1. 1. Kent E. Schweitzer 704-591-1035 kstegacay@icloud.com Objective: A challenging position with opportunities to use and expand my technical and leadership skills as a member of an Application Development team. Technology:  Oracle database 9i,10g,11g, rac, pl/sql,dml,ddl, bulk operations,table and indexcompression, dynamic sql,statistics gathering, regular expressions,analytic functions,partitioning,subpartitioning, cursors,refcursors, sqlldr,external tables, import/export,datapump, remote queries & database links, index (b-tree, bitmap,function-based),parallel query, hints,savepoints, collections, dbms packages, views, materialized views,roles,performance tuning (explain plan,sql tracing /tkprof), xml, system & catalog views, dbms_job. OFSA 4.5 experience with rules,batch_ids,hierarchies,tables (ledger_stat, idt_rollup, idt_batch,idt_sql and others).  Perl scripting for file processing,both reading and writing and command execution like sqlplus. Created dynamic sql scriptthat prompts and outputs perl code to automaticallygenerate a perl script during run-time based on record type volume. Use arrays, hashes,regular expressions and capture variables.  Korn shell scripting to execute os-level tasks called by from autosys jobs.  Autosys (versions 4.5,r11.3) to automate and schedule batch jobs. Used boxjobs,command jobs, file watchers,job dependencies,exitcode dependencies,calendars,date and time dependencies, sendeventand autorep commands and load balancing.  Teradata BTEQ (minor usage)  Visual Basic 4.0, 5.0, Winbatch  COBOL, JCL, IMS, TSO, MVS and Easytrieve  OS: linux, hp/ux, solaris and aix.  Subversion,Harvestcode repositories. Experience: Oracle Developer & Application DBA, Team Leader / Manager, Vice President Enterprise Data and Analytics Wells Fargo, Charlotte NC 2010 – Present Business Direct Originations Datamartproject  Managed small team ofemployees and contractors during projectlifecycle.  Design,development,testing and production installation lead for new +3tb datamartfor originations data. Performed the majorityof both developmentand leadership tasks throughoutduration of project.  Load 500+ tables from data files and through database links.  Implemented concurrentprocessing tasks through autosys jobstreams.  Pl/sql ETLs perform complete refresh or maintain historyofchanges in partitioned tables.  Created subpartitioned staging tables (date,list) and partitioned (list) production tables  Used perl to splitlarge data file with multiple file types into individual files for loading. The perl script is dynamically(re)created from a sql scriptevery execution based on record type volume. The sql scriptoutputs the perl code. Other perl code creates files with dml commands thatare then used in sqlplus calls to update database tables.  Used html/css to formatbatch load email reports thatshow record counts,errors and timing of a particular load.  Wrote Teradata BTEQ scripts to create and load Teradata tables from flat files,execute queries and export results into a flat file to load into Oracle through sqlldr. Used openssl to encrypt Teradata password to preventstoring clear-text password on the Oracle database server.
  2. 2. Business Direct BDAPPMGR project  Designed,developed and installed custom oracle and korn shell application to handle job execution by providing a metadata table in oracle for commands and 20+ generic korn shell functions that accept arguments for use by any automated job.  Autosys jobs call BDAPPMGR korn shell scriptpassing variables thatBDAPPMGR uses to query an oracle table for the commands to process and in whatorder.  BDAPPMGR korn scriptmanages the execution of the job with options to override return codes and skip commands.  BDAPPMGR oracle functions update execution statistics in oracle tables for run-time values and batch process reporting.  All new applications are written to BDAPPMGR standards and older applications are being modified or re-written to use BDAPPMGR.  BDAPPMGR allows the developmentand supportteam to automate jobs in a consistent,known and trustworthy process. Business Direct LCRE project  Provide supportand new enhancements for application thatretrieves and relates accounts for custom collections platform.  Automate business and risk models based on aggregations ofdata and application ofrules. Business Direct BDD_RPR project  Provide supportand new enhancements for a star-schema reporting application.  Update dimensions and facttable and aggregate tables based on requirements. Oracle Developer & Application DBA Home Lending Wells Fargo, Charlotte NC 2009 – 2010 CORE project  New developmentand supportof datamartand reporting applications for the CORE application.  Wrote xml within pl/sql procedures to parse and load data from various data sources.  Wrote perl scripts to automate autosys reporting.  Wrote pl/sql packages to load data and track it through the application for auditrequirements.  Performed performance tuning for queries in ETLs and used by other reporting teams. Oracle Developer / Application DBA Corporate Finance Wachovia, Charlotte NC 2000 – 2009 Reconciliation project  Wrote oracle packages to migrate reconciled data from processing tables to compressed partitioned historical tables.  Involved tables with millions ofrows and numerous indexes.  Code made extensive use of dbms_job to rebuild indexes in parallel to reduce overall execution time.  Code was created with dynamic sql with calls to dictionary views to make the code generic and flexible.  Perl scripts were written to reformat complex data files prior to loading files through SQL Loader. IT Chargeback project  Designer and lead database developer on unit costing application.  The application received data in files and through database links and was processed and stored into partitioned and subpartitioned tables through pl/sql packages.  External tables were used to load data files.  Cost calculations were performed and stored in subpartitioned tables (range then list).  User reports were created through korn shell scripts generating HTML around sql plus queries.  Autosys jobs utilized load-balancing to further improve performance.
  3. 3.  Used autosys global variables to assistapplication scheduling atthe autosys layer.  This application was written to replace an older,mainframe application thatwas supported by several business partners and took days to process. The new application required one business partner and justa few hours to complete. Wachovia ClientPartnership project  Lead designer and developer on large,8 terabyte database application involving data retrieval, processing and reporting ofcurrent and historical data.  The database houses manypartitioned tables,the largestcontaining over two billion records that undergo a sizeable number ofdml operations within defined timeframes Restatement project  Designer and lead developer on large, multiple database application thatinvolves rewriting an existing application to utilize partitioned tables,enabling business users to concurrentlyperform restatementactivities more efficientlyand effectively with multiple years of data. The application is used to house and prepare the data necessaryfor the Oracle Financial Services Application. Speedy Pop (OFSA) project  Lead designer and developer on a multiple database application that summarizes tables and objects on a detail-level database and inserts the smaller population ofdata and objects into a summary- level database.  This application involves concurrentlyexecuting remote operations and a large amountofdata transfer.  This application was designed for speed and enables the business team to view summary-level results in a matter of hours in comparison to days on the detail level. OFSA project  Supportand customization ofOracle Financial Services Application (OFSA).  Designed and developed migration package to move application objects between different databases. This package made extensive use of triggers to validate application objects and user sql. The package extended OFSA functionalityand metall SOX requirements..  Manage database and application resources and perform tuning functions atthe database and application layers for these and other applications.  Identified and corrected inefficientparameter settings,indexes,analyze methods and poorly- written application code to reduce runtimes from five days to two days on a detail-level database and from seven hours to less than three on a summary-level database.  Identified incorrectparallel setting to reduce 55+ hour sql execution to less than two hours.  Identified incorrectly compressed indexes and rebuiltthem appropriately, resulting in smaller segmentsizes and space savings.  Analyzed bitmap and b-tree index usage and converted several bitmap indexes to smaller, compressed b-tree indexes.  Used knowledge ofexplain plan analysis to resolve issues related to poor joins,incorrectindex / table access and parallel execution.  Defined tablespace sizing requirements for tables and indexes in the above applications and others. Perform periodic review of space allocations,objectusage and provide suggestions where necessary.  Provide application supportfor Disaster Recoveryexercises.  Project Manager for merger integration projects. Visual Basic and Oracle Developer Remote Banking 1997 – 2000 First Union, Charlotte NC  Designed,developed and supported Visual Basic and Oracle application to replace existing manual process for gathering and reporting information related to FirstUnion’s branches and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).  Supported Visual Basic and Oracle online and batch customer enrollmentapplication. This application used telephonysoftware to gather customer data to retrieve from various enterprise data sources prior to routing the call to customer service agents. This application connected to as Oracle database and performed all types of dml and queries required bythe application.  Wrote Winbatch programs to encrypt and transmitextract files to external vendor through SFTP.
  4. 4. Mainframe Application Programmer Consumer Loans 1995 - 1997 First Union,Charlotte NC  Supportand develop new code for legacy IMS application thatsupported the Consumer Loan division. Both online and batch programs were created or modified. Als o created and supported Easytrieve programs. Education: University of North Carolina atCharlotte BS, MIS 1993 -1995 Charlotte,NC  GPA of 4.0  Invitations to the Honor Societies ofPhi Kappa Phi and Beta Gamma Sigma. Central PiedmontCommunityCollege Work-related Continuing Education 1994 – 1997 Charlotte,NC  Classes related to work experience; CICS, JCL, C and Smalltalk. Appalachian State University BS, Health Care Management 1987 – 1991 Boone,NC