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Kerry Kodatt

Kerry Kodatt is an expert in payment solutions and services. He has worked with fortune 1000 companies and has extensive experience in executive leadership, motivational speaking, sales leadership and teaching the future leaders of tomorrow how to be leaders today. Presently, he is the Senior Vice President at FSP and the company recently hit Revenue and Profit Targets.

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Kerry Kodatt

  1. 1. Kerry Kodatt Kerry Kodatt - Senior VicePresident - Financial Services
  2. 2. Kerry Kodatt :: Masters Degree in Business AdministrationKerry Kodatt completed his graduate studies, Masters in BusinessAdministration with emphasis in Finance and undergraduate degree ofEconomics (BS)/ Business Administration from Bellarmine University.Kodatt is a successful business management professional who hasheld numerous executive level positions with leading companies suchas First Data Corporation, Paymentech Solutions.A Visionary Leader with extensive experience in International andDomestic Consulting, Business Development and FinancialManagement with success in developing regional, national andworldwide teams.
  3. 3. Kerry Kodatt Is An Award Winning Business ProfessionalKerry Kodatt has received numerous awards for hisexcellent performance and achievement in his career.Being a successful business professional, Kerry KodattDallas TX also gives back to the society in all ways hecan.He has ledmulti-cultural,multi-lingualand geographically-diverse teams to deliver value to all key stakeholdersand constituencies.
  4. 4. Kerry Kodatt Is an Executive with a World-Changing OutlookKerry Kodatt has vision to help the world to change itone day. He served others in need of hope, love andfaith.Kerry Kodatt is passionate about motivating others toso that they can live their life in the best mannerpossible.He has spent many years serving others in need ofhope, love and faith including a large prison and juveniledetention ministry.
  5. 5. Kerry Kodatt Is Senior Vice President at FrontStream PaymentsKerry Kodatt is responsible for leading FrontStreamscorporate integration partnership and channelmanagement programs for business sectors includingautomotive, retail, telecommunications and franchisees.Kerry Kodatt is an experienced professional in the arenaof sales, marketing, business development, andinternational P&L management.He has developed skills in areas of motivationalspeaking, sales leadership and teaching the futureleaders of tomorrow how to be leaders today.
  6. 6. Contact Us: -Street: 2808 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX E-mail Id :- kkodatt@live.com Phone No:- 214.675.2831