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Mobile Workflow and the Showroom Process of the Near Future

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By now, if you’re not already familiar with the term “Showrooming”, then you might want to pass on by this presentation.

If you ARE familiar with the term or at least understand the concept of Showrooming, then you will not want to miss out on this session full of the latest studies, rich data, best practices and ideas.

This presentation will not only get you up to speed on the latest and most important statistics around this common consumer action, but before you leave – you’ll understand and learn…

1. Why this now considered common way of shopping is not only here to stay but also how it has and will continue to quickly change and affect your showroom process and sales.

2. How to leverage technology and tablets (you already have) to your advantage by injecting it into your traditional “road to the sale” to build trust and regain control. Ultimately selling more vehicles while optimizing gross on the front end and selling more products on the back end.

3. What (free) applications you need pre-loaded on your dealerships mobile tablets that will re-establish a new and more effective workflow and process on your showroom floor.

4. Reduce sales employee churn by empowering your staff with instant knowledge and customer decision data that help them quickly achieve success right at the tip of their fingers - literally.

Other sessions may utilize this up and coming buzzword “showrooming” to educate you and offer different services, cutting edge marketing technology and the importance of mobile website design. While all very important, “Mobile Workflow and the Showroom Process of the Future” will prepare you long term on how adapt and change your overall strategy

Not only will your customers LOVE the new experience, but your sales team will instantly appreciate how much more effective and confident they become. Ultimately resulting in MORE than just another sale.

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Mobile Workflow and the Showroom Process of the Near Future

  1. 1. “Tablets are a sale professional’s best friend” Mobile Workflow and the Showroom Process of the Future
  2. 2. Jeff Kershner 20+ Years in the Industry Dealer & Vendor Consultant Founder of DealerRefresh.com jeff.kershner@dealerrefresh.com t: @dealerrefresh
  3. 3. Join the DealerRefresh community
  4. 4. My Son – working the mouse at age 3?
  5. 5. My daughter – What IS a mouse daddy?
  6. 6. Everyone is now connected
  7. 7. Even Nanan is plugged in!
  8. 8. Tablet traffic share doubled from 2012 to 2013
  9. 9. Who has a tablet?
  10. 10. New Technology has changed shopping behavior
  11. 11. Applebee’s installs 100,000 tablets
  12. 12. Ducati utilizes tablets on their showroom
  13. 13. Engaging and Educating
  14. 14. Tablets - Sonic Automotive’s best friend
  15. 15. Trust and Time “As customers go through the car-buying process, some of their biggest concerns are trust and time. We’re using iPad and iPhone to break down both those barriers.”
  16. 16. And the winner is… “biggest concerns are trust….” VS
  17. 17. Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retailer while cross shopping online (by mobile). What is Showrooming?
  18. 18. • Lost of trust in the dealership or sales professional due to experience. • Looking for something else – options, colors, trim, specials. What causes Showrooming?
  19. 19. Showrooming statistics • 31% of in-market vehicle shoppers visited auto websites via their smartphones – up from 17% in 2011 • Over half of those shoppers did so while physically at a dealership! - J.D. Power
  20. 20. What are consumers doing? - cars.com
  21. 21. My own showrooming story - caught myself
  22. 22. Leave them alone, and they’ll be on their phone
  23. 23. Get them OFF their mobile device and get them engaged with YOUR mobile device! Help prevent showrooming
  24. 24. Get them OFF their mobile device and get them engaged with YOUR mobile device! Recommended applications & bookmarks
  25. 25. Your dealership app and or mobile website Rage?
  26. 26. CarStory - engage on the showroom floor
  27. 27. Search, Comparisons, Pricing, Insights
  28. 28. Give it try… www.dlrfr.sh/freecarstory
  29. 29. Want to sell a vehicle? Send a video!
  30. 30. Walkaround Video app by Authntk www.dlrfr.sh/videoWAV
  31. 31. Showcase your dealership reviews
  32. 32. Showcase your individual employee reviews
  33. 33. Consumers appraise their own trade-in
  34. 34. Finance and warranty menu - introduce early
  35. 35. Manufacturer-to-dealer apps
  36. 36. Ford & Apple iPad’s sell more cars The new 'Showcase' app allows sales consultants to get “anytime, anywhere” access to product information, and tailor customer orders by make, color, features and price.
  37. 37. • OEM to dealer & consumer apps • Financial credit & menu app • Your dealership CRM • History Reports - CarFax or AutoCheck • Customer reviews / DealerRater Page for individual employees • Images of your happy customers • Service walk video • A video of the original owner of trade- in • News article / vehicle reviews Other Engaging Ideas & Applications
  38. 38. YOU decide, YOU implement.
  39. 39. Benefits outweighs price - No excuses
  40. 40. Wireless Infrastructure at the Dealership Someone to Manage Process for Distribution Process for Training Handle Device Breakage Check list and process - logistics
  41. 41. • Increased Customer Confidence • Increased Trust • Increased Satisfaction • Sell more vehicles and increase GROSS profits What are you waiting for?
  42. 42. “Tablets REALLY ARE a sale professional’s best friend” Thank You Mobile Workflow and the Showroom Process of the Future
  43. 43. Jeff Kershner Founder of DealerRefresh.com jeff.kershner@dealerrefresh.com t: @DealerRefresh Join me on DealerRefresh.com