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Dangerous goods

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Dangerous goods

  1. 1. Dangerous Goods1. Describe the dangerous goods regulations (DGR) that relateto check-in2.Outline the 9 classifications of dangerous goods3.Write why the Dangerous goods regulations exist4.Identify unacceptable hand baggage items
  2. 2. What are the Dangerous goods Regulations?• Regulations that make sure dangerous items such as chemicals and other harmful substances are forbidden or regulated on flights
  3. 3. What is not allowed on an aircraft?• lithium batteries• pyrotechnic devices (fire works)• disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray, etc.• any items containing an irritant or incapacitating substances are prohibited on the person, in checked and carry-on baggage. (but maybe carried by the airline under strict regulations)
  4. 4. Unacceptable items in hand baggage• Non safety matches• Cigarette lighter (only one safety lighter per passenger)• Helium balloons• Inflated balls• Laser pens• Knitting needles and other sharp objects• Paint• Gas heated curling tongs (one per passenger)• Liquids/cosmetics/gels/mousses
  5. 5. Why are these not allowed on the aircraft?1. Non safety matches 1. May cause fire through friction2. Cigarette lighter (only one safety 2. May cause fire if petrol leaks lighter per passenger) from Zippo type lighter3. Helium balloons 3. May combust at altitude4. Inflated balls 4. May combust at altitude5. Laser pens 5. May distract and interfere with6. Knitting needles and other sharp the flight deck’s operations objects 6. Could be used as a weapon7. Paint 7.May leak and cause corrosion of8. Gas heated curling tongs (one per A/C and toxic fumes passenger 8. May leak and cause a fire9. Toy gun 9. May be used as a weapon10.Liquids including-Water 10 Could be used to disguise /drinks/cosmetics/yoghurt/ materials which may explodeaerosol (2006 bomb plot) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/824 2429.stm