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iTunesU: iGlue for iPad Learning

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iTunes U is the glue for learning with iPads. Explore how iTunes U provides a platform for connecting today's learners to lessons, resources and more.

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iTunesU: iGlue for iPad Learning

  1. 1. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA iTunes U: iGlue for iPad Learning GWCC A406/407 @kowalyshyn@amboe_k @librarymall Surrey Schools (SD36), Surrey BC, Canada 1 Orwell (5 min): Introductions, slides 1-2 ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Who We Are… 4520 km (2808 mi) #sd36learn 2 Our district: - 70,000 K-12 students, city just outside of Vancouver, BC - 122 K-12 sites - follow our educators on Twitter #sd36learn ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA iTunes U App “24/7 Mobile Learning” (Free) 3 Orwell (10 min): Download and demonstrate iTunes U app, slides (3-5) - searching for institutions and topics - the difference between collections and courses - navigating the iTunes U app interface iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  2. 2. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA iTunes U App Featured Top Charts 4 Live iTunes U catalog - featured courses and top charts (courses and collections) - courses have a graphic with divider tabs - collections have a simple square graphic ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA iTunes U App (Bookshelf) Subscribed Courses 5 iTunes U Bookshelf - Top level controls (catalog/search/layout/edit) - Push notification badges inform subscriber when updates are available ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA iTunes Client / Web View 6 iTunes Client / Web View - limited but functional web/desktop to download digital assets, view the basic outline and course summary iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  3. 3. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Teacher Professional Development! Search: Apple Distinguished Educators University Courses! Search: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, UNSW, McGill K-12 Courses! Search: Surrey Schools, TASA Beyond Campus! Search: National Geographic, Smithsonian 7 Orwell/Lisa (5 min): Who is creating courses and collections? - Professional Development Courses by fellow ADEs - Courses by university faculty - Courses by K-12 educators - Beyond Campus (National Geographic, Smithsonian, Library of Congress) - Worldwide contributors ! ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA What is in a Course? • Office files • PDFs • Images • Video • Links • ePub files • iBooks files • Web Links (iTunes store) 8 Orwell: (2min) What content can I add to a course? - PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT (Office Files), ePub, iBooks files, images, video and audio (MP4 format) - Most common documents are viewable on iPad - Most common format of digital assets that you probably already have ! ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Ways to use iTunes U Staff Pro-D Content! Student “textbook”! Digital Resources 9 All (5min): What iTunes U is not and what can it be used for - not an LMS (learning management system) - digital teaching resource, not a teacher replacement - used for professional development content, course material - used as a teacher designed text/media resource iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  4. 4. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Course Demo 10 Orwell: (20min) Slides 10-18 Structure of a course on iPad - Comparative Civilization 12 (Surrey Schools) done by Cole Anderson - Overview (default) - Instructor (default) - Outline and posts (default) - Credits (optional) - Terms of Use (optional) !- Course Materials (links or uploaded) ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Overview Tab •A quick summary of main outcomes that will be covered what you’ve done for each specific one •Outline that course assets may be viewable outside of the app •Include info drawn from state/ provincial documents, assessment tools, pedagogical approaches 11 All: Key points from Surrey Schools iTunes U Professional Development Days (10 min) ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Instructor Tab •May be a generic boilerplate paragraph for each course •Include biographical info such as how long you’ve been teaching •Highlight special aspects of your course including activities, assessments, or unique resources 12 Add slides from BC iTunes U Prof Development Days iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  5. 5. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Posts and Assignments •For each post describe the outcome you are covering •Create assignments with an action verb: Review, Listen, View, Read .... •For each digital resource, link the resource to an assignment if you wish to expand on how you’d use that digital asset. •Deep link to your video and iBook assets 13 ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA SAMR Model Substitution Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change Augmentation Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement Modification Tech allows for significant task redesign Redefinition Tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable Enhancement Transformation Podcasts on iTunes U: http://tinyurl.com/aswemayteach Blog: http://hippasus.com/rrpweblog/ Email: rubenrp@hippasus.com Twitter: @rubenrp CC BY NC SA 14 Lisa/Kevin (5-10 min) - Describe the SAMR Model, terminology, concepts behind it ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Credits Page and Terms of Use •Include copyright or creative commons statements - “available for teaching and learning and research” •Add in an idemnification clause? •Provide description or contact information for the organization 15 iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  6. 6. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Materials List •Ensure each asset in your materials list is properly annotated and titled •Use consistent naming conventions for each asset: title, source, author 16 ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Checklist ... As You Near Completion •Review your posts or assignments so that they provide clear context on how the course may be taught or learned? •Have a course cover visual? •Have an instructor photo and compelling bio? •Have materials in multiple formats (.doc, .pdf) •Share your course enrolment code with peers for feedback. 17 ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Sample Checklist http://bit.ly/1yYpcbM 18 iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  7. 7. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Break - Q & A 19 5 min break ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Safari for Mac Google Chrome https://itunesu.itunes.apple.com/coursemanager/ iTunes U Course Manager 20 Orwell: Slides 20, 10 min - Log into iTunes U Course Manager with your Apple ID (desktop/laptop) - Show how to edit or change AppleID (http://appleid.apple.com) ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Let’s Build-A-Course 21 All: (45 min) - Structure a course around a topic of your choice - Create an overview, instructor bio, set of posts, begin to gather digital materials. iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  8. 8. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Tool Function OS X Quicktime Audio / Video / Screen Casting iBooks Author Creating iBooks Web: Youtube, Clip Converter Linking, editing, extracting videos Garageband Web: Audioboo Creating podcasts Tips for generating content 22 ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Share your course. 23 How to view your course on iPad - Get enrollment codes from course manager - Enter that enrollment code (or email link) and redeem in iTunes U app ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Going Further: An iTunes U K-12 Public Site 24 Orwell (10min) iTunes U Sitemanager Demo - A control panel for institutional portal in iTunes U. - Affiliate your authors’ AppleID through sitemanager to allow publishing of courses in your institutional portal - Unlimited storage space on Apple servers for materials - Course is public in the iTunes U catalog - Provides some internet stats on subscription and viewership iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014
  9. 9. ISTE 2014 Atlanta, GA Thank you. Orwell Kowalyshyn - kowalyshyn_o@surreyschools.ca Kevin Amboe - amboe_k@surreyschools.ca Lisa Domeier - suarez_l@surreyschools.ca 25 Tell us what you think! There are two ways to provide feedback on this session: • ISTE 2014 mobile app • isteconference.org/feedback 26 iTunes U ISTE 2014_Final.key - June 29, 2014