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TV Connect 2013 - Multi-network Forum - Verimatrix

"Security in Post Smartcard Era" Geir Bjorndal
The proliferation of connected TV devices, from game consoles to Smart TVs and streamer devices, means Pay TV operators have the chance to extend their reach to existing subscribers, making the service available on different TVs cost-effectively.

With more connected devices and better broadband and CDN technologies, and more interest than ever in turning free-to-air homes into light Pay TV users, we could see the emergence of new OTT delivery and business models in the next few years, including 'offnet', 'Pay TV-Lite' and even OTT-only for the Pay TV market. In all cases the platform operator needs to present its service within an app on the connected device and guarantee that it is secure.

During this Forum, a group of industry experts debated The Operator as an App topic.

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TV Connect 2013 - Multi-network Forum - Verimatrix

  1. 1. Security in PostSmartcard EraGeir BjørndalVP, International StrategyVerimatrix #multinetwork #TVConnect
  2. 2. Verimatrix profileMission Revenue security solutions for multi-network, multi-screen applications: DVB one-way & hybrid, IPTV and Internet TV to STBs, PCs, connected TVs, web tablets and mobile devicesHeadquarters San Diego, California, with European HQ in Munich, Germany and Asian HQ in Singapore. Sales and support in France, The Netherlands, Spain, Russia, China, UAE, India, Vietnam, Brazil and Argentina.Customers 620+ operator customers in 90+ countries, including 60 Tier 1’s and 2’s – representing more than 26M screens and $6Bn+ revenue protected on IPTV, DVB and OTT devicesPartners International network of more than 110 ecosystem channel & integration partners including Ericsson, Huawei, Accenture, Cisco, Siemens, Technicolor and ZTEInvestors Goldman Sachs, Mission Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, Cipio Partners, JK&B Capital and Alliance Bernstein #multinetwork #TVConnect
  3. 3. New possibilities New threats Classical service delivery #multinetwork #TVConnect
  4. 4. New possibilities New threats High value premium service options and consumption models Global subscription Classical service delivery Multi-screenreach with OTT services content portability and transparency Value added services integration with open ecosystem #multinetwork #TVConnect
  5. 5. And the nature of threats arechanging… % of operators whose #1 piracy concern is... Now In 5 years time 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% ...Control word ...Broadcast ...Downloaded ...Smartcard ...Set top box sharing content content distribution cloning redistribution over redistribution over internet internetSource: Farncombe survey 2012 #multinetwork #TVConnect
  6. 6. The post smartcard era• Piracy models moving on: • Price flexibility need in high growth emerging markets Was: Card & box cloning Now: Control word sharing & • All operators building, acquiring, leasing, and broadband redistribution leveraging compound and hybrid delivery networks • Staggered subscriber transitions to advanced services• Rapid transition to IP and 2-way (digital, VOD, HD, IP apps, personalization) networks enable better tools for update management • Only software can support consumer-provided devices• Low price SoCs now incorporate advanced security features • Move from parallel in-home multi-STB distribution to home gateway and any-location storage/rights/access results in results inDramatic decrease in value of Dramatic increase in need for unified, flexible smartcard security software-based solutions Most recent 2 generations of Pay TV video networks (IPTV and OTT) based entirely on software security… #multinetwork #TVConnect
  7. 7. What does multi-network meanEliminates the boundary between CA and DRMphilosophies Efficient service delivery independent of network technology Network upgrades without the burden of re- integration Future-proofing against standards transitions A seamless multi-screen rights management experience for consumers #multinetwork #TVConnect
  8. 8. IPTV Solution SMS /Middleware Linear Single Security Authority Content ViewRight Client Support Key & control ViewRight data STB Multiplexers, IPTV CSM Scramblers, Operator Management Interface (Managed IP) Modulators Managed IP Network Verimatrix IP return path Internet/ Broadband Encoders, Encrypters, VOD ServersEntitlements On-demand DB Content #multinetwork #TVConnect
  9. 9. IPTV-OTT Solution SMS /Middleware Linear Single Security Authority Content ViewRight Client Support Key & control ViewRight data STB Multiplexers, IPTV CSM Scramblers, Operator Management Interface (Managed IP) Modulators ViewRight Managed IP DASH TVs Network ACSM Verimatrix IP return path Adaptive Streaming Internet/ Broadband ViewRight PC / Mac Encoders, iOS & Encrypters, Android MultiRights VOD Servers PlayReady Server MultiRights On-demandEntitlements DB DASH Server Content 3rd-party Players MultiRights Framework & DRM Clients #multinetwork #TVConnect
  10. 10. Multi-network revenue securityZapper STBs Full service connected STBs Smart TVs PCs, tablets etc. Many Devices – Multiple Networks One Integration Point #multinetwork #TVConnect
  11. 11. Plus forensic watermarking Content owner/ Distribution network Subscriber/device/ copyright mark session mark session markContent Origination Content Delivery Content Consumption Compressed or Compressed Baseband baseband format format insertion format insertioninsertion at content creation during content delivery during content playback Limited payload fixed for User specific payload creates Transaction specific payload in Transaction specific payload in all copies unique digital copies all digital or analog copies all digital or analog copies StreamMark® VideoMark™ #multinetwork #TVConnect
  12. 12. CA+DRM+WM = Revenue Security Revenue threats and the service model are shifting at the same time Cardless security solutions are both economical today and better adapted for long term business relevance Watermarking options safeguard content beyond the STB An integrated multi-network security approach enables the best operator and consumer service delivery environment #multinetwork #TVConnect
  13. 13. Operators should build theirrevenue security strategy around: Maximum control word sharing and content redistribution protection Layered security techniques for broadcast and OTT video business models Being prepared to address the future security requirements of content owners for OTT video #multinetwork #TVConnect
  14. 14. Thank YouVisit us at #173gbjorndal@verimatrix.comwww.verimatrix.com #multinetwork #TVConnect