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Are you annoyed by your donation form?

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When you have so much going on and so many different goals in mind, it can be easy to end up getting in your own way and blocking what your original intention was..which should be to provide your donor, event participant and volunteer with the best experience possible.

In this 15-minute webinar, Kimbia's Taylor Shanklin walked through her 3 tips on how to improve upon your online donation form. See examples of great donor experience in action with Kimbia's embeddable online solution in action.

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Are you annoyed by your donation form?

  1. 1. Get Out Of Your Own Way “GOOYOW” Webinar Series • 4 Parts in June – each only 15 minutes • Taylor Shanklin, aka “T-Shank” • Director of Marketing Strategy @Kimbia • Online Fundraising Is Our Jam! • Favorite things: Coffee, chocolate, digital trends • On ”The Twitter” @kimbiainc @tshankcycles • www. Kimbia.com
  2. 2. Practicality: 3 Tips, Each Time Things you can do now #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  3. 3. Poll: Are You Annoyed By Your Own Form? #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  4. 4. Tip #1: Make It As Easy As Possible • Clear call to action on your homepage • One step or page. ONE. I mean, really…ONE. • Focus on getting your donors across the finish line as quickly as possible • Are you asking for data that you won’t actually use? • Mobile-responsive is a MUST #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  5. 5. Tip #2: Allow for a donation at moment of inspiration Tell your story alongside the donation form • Highlight Impact: what and how • Expand your footprint to partner and sponsor website with embeddable donation forms #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  6. 6. Tip #3: Make Your Brand Obvious Make sure it looks like your organization’s website • Avoid clicking out to other websites or platforms • Use an embeddable solution to protect your brand #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  7. 7. GREAT EXAMPLES IN ACTION #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc
  8. 8. Next Up on “GOOYOW”! Thank you for joining today! June 8 @ 11 AM CT – Are you annoyed by your own donation form? June 15 @ 11 AM CT – Event registration DOs and DONTs June 22 @ 11 AM CT – Work on your core: How to grow your sustained giving program June 29 @ 11 AM CT – Communicate effectively within your organization to create growth Want to see a demo of how Kimbia can help you love your donation form? Visit Kimbia.com Email us: info@kimbia.com Question for T-Shank?: taylor@kimbia.com #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc