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Get Your Event Fundraising On Like A Boss

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Ready to streamline your event planning and execution? Whether you are doing a virtual fundraising event, walk, bike ride, golf tournament or a gala, great events are a result of great planning, event-day execution and post event follow-up. We’ll walk you through proven online fundraising and marketing practices and strategies for:

- Pre-event planning including timelines and event promotion
- Leveraging online registration and fundraising tools
- Reducing friction in your registration process to increase conversion rate
- Ensuring a smooth check-in process
- Reaching campaign goals by monitoring real-time data

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Get Your Event Fundraising On Like A Boss

  1. 1. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Pre, during and post event best practices • Today’s Host: Taylor Shanklin, aka “T-Shank” • Online Fundraising Is Our Jam! • Favorite things: Coffee, chocolate, digital trends • On “The Twitter” @kimbiainc @tshankcycles • www. Kimbia.com Special thanks to our friends at CASA of Travis County – Superhero run photo shown here Get Your Event On “Like A Boss” Kimbia Webinar | July 2017
  2. 2. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc So Many Types of Events Basic Principles of Marketing & Engagement Apply Run Walk Ride Crowdfunding Do-it- yourself Aka DIY Giving Days Galas Golf
  3. 3. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc AGENDA #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc 1 2 3 Pre During Post
  4. 4. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Pre-Event Planning CHECKLIST: • Build buzz early • Last Year Matters: Segment and Incentivize • Have the right pre-event tools to promote • Take care of your sponsor(s)
  5. 5. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc
  6. 6. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Look to Last Year’s Participant Data Who were the most engaged participants? When was the highest registration period? Ask last year’s attendees to attend again What didn’t seem to work last year? What worked?
  7. 7. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc • Look at last year’s donation levels • Did most gifts come in at, above, below? • Participant fundraising averages? • Look at last year’s registration fee: • Do you think it was too high/too low? • What percentage of registrants gave an additional gift? • Look at the suggested fundraising goal: • How many met, exceeded, failed to meet? • Plan to adjust and test: Test, Test, Test and Iterate Look to Last Year’s $ Data
  8. 8. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Segment & Incentivize 1. Variable content, tailored to recipient 2. Early registration promos 3. Login to your fundraising center and do x, y, z 4. Participation interval incentives 5. Create Competition Team captain Major Donor Non Fundraising Participant Friend of a friend supporter Local sponsor Major Donor
  9. 9. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Pre-Event Tools Website Event Countdown | Fundraiser Story, mobile capabilities | Social Promotion | Pledge
  10. 10. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Empower Promoters Tip! Read about Seth Godin’s advice on “Sneezers” http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/05/the-circles-no-more-strangers.html Who are your “sneezers”? Fan Sneezers The “Sneezed Upon”
  11. 11. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Pre-Event Tools Example: Participant Messaging
  12. 12. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE 7weeksout 8weeksout 6weeksout 5weeksout 4weeksout 3weeksout 1weekout 2weeksout Weekofevent 1-2weeksafter Within24hours COACHING: Registered Participants HARDLAUNCH Year-round Communication: Impact SOFTLAUNCH9-10weeksout RECRUITMENT: ALL-STAR SUPPORTERS RECRUITMENT: Past Participants RECRUITMENT: New Acquisition Communications Timeline Example
  13. 13. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Sponsors • Promote sponsors in newsletters, site collateral, table linens, etc. • Ask sponsors to recruit others in community • Special matching funds • Provide sponsors tool to help you on their own site
  14. 14. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Test and Evolve • Pre-event period is a good time to plan/test • Registration paths • Donation levels • Incentives • Adjust on the go when possible • Make sure you are using analytics for real- time information
  15. 15. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Day-of-Event Live Events • Check-in process • On-site donations • Volunteers • Sponsors • Live updates Virtual Events • Show Totals • Social Media • Specific Hashtags • Thank-yous
  16. 16. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Post-Event Proven Practices • Show Total/Impact • Thank You • Continue the Giving Momentum • Analyze and Understand • Follow-up, and think through long-term nurture plan • Post mortem: Improve for next year • Invite to share their experience • Over Coffee • Survey
  17. 17. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc • Post Event Numbers • Leaderboards • Videos of your event • Call to action (Miss it? You can still donate) Website Practices
  18. 18. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Don’t Forget the Other Channels
  19. 19. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc • Revenue • Gifts • Average Gift • # of Donors • # of Participants/Registrants • Online conversion rate (for registration) • Online conversion rate (for donation) KPIs You Should Care About
  20. 20. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Fundraising Participants Event Registration Giving Days / Virtual Events of Giving Revenue per Participant % Early bird Revenue by fund or competitive element Gifts per Participant* % returning Revenue by channel (online/offline) % of Participants Fundraising* % making an additional gift with registration % making an additional gift with registration % of revenue from $500+* % of revenue from fees vs. additional gifts % of revenue from fees vs. additional gifts % of returning participants % of returning participants % of returning participants % fundraising more YOY % fundraising more YOY % fundraising more YOY KPIs by Campaign Type
  21. 21. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Example: Optimal Donor Conversion Flow Stewardship Conversion Ongoing Cultivation
  22. 22. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc RECAP #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc 1 2 3 Pre During Post
  23. 23. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc Get Started Today • Take the FREE event registration self assessment. • We will send to you after the webinar • OR download now within the webinar
  24. 24. #KimbiaWebinars @KimbiaInc WE DID IT! THANK YOU! Want to see a demo of how Kimbia can help you with your events? Visit Kimbia.com Email us: info@kimbia.com Question for T-Shank?: taylor@kimbia.com #KimbiaWebinars #GOOYOW @KimbiaInc