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Kimbia + The Raiser's Edge Integration Demonstration

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It is easy is to import your Kimbia Online Fundraising data into The Raiser's Edge CRM, and it's made possible through Importacular developed by Zeidman.

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Kimbia + The Raiser's Edge Integration Demonstration

  1. 1. FUNDRAISE FASTER. Everyday Giving | Peer-to-Peer | Events | Giving Days Kimbia + The Raiser’s Edge With Zeidman Development
  2. 2. EVERYDAY GIVING Reduce barriers, engage donors, turn one-time donors into repeat donors. PEER-TO-PEER Increase donations by empowering supporters with easy-to-use tools. EVENTS Maximize your event ROI with an exceptional supporter experience. GIVING DAYS Deliver effective one-day crowdfunding events with ease. ABOUT KIMBIA Kimbia provides online fundraising software that is fast and easy for the donor to use, driving more engagement and revenue. OUR SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. Importacular www.zeidman.info Seamlessly importing your Kimbia data into Raiser’s Edge
  4. 4. • Integration plug-ins – Combine Raiser’s Edge with your favorite third party suppliers. • Data management plug-ins – Clean up your database, track changes, easily locate and import data. • Customizations – We can create bespoke tools to suit your organisation’s needs, whatever they might be. Zeidman Development offers all the services you need to reinforce your business processes and make your database as effective as possible. We are experts at integrating Blackbaud software with third-party products and delivering affordable customizations. www.zeidman.info
  5. 5. Importacular allows you to connect directly Kimbia to bring your data back into RE, adding and updating constituent biographical information and gifts. Importacular for Kimbia Key benefits are: • No more insecure downloads or file-sharing sites • Save time by pulling data direct from your web service • Completely customizable field mapping • Never create a duplicate again with customisable lookup criteria and smart settings • Correct data on the fly ensuring consistency across your database and outgoing communications • Importacular is free! www.zeidman.info
  6. 6. Importacular for Kimbia Importacular is free to import Biographical and Gift data, all other import areas are priced on a low annual or monthly subscription plan Individual Relationships, Organizational Relationships, Education Relationships, Action, Pledge & Recurring Gift Payments, Solicitor/Canvassers, Banks & Financial Relationships Each area costs $450 (payable annually or monthly) Participants/Events, Prospect/Proposal Each area costs $600 (payable annually or monthly) Volunteer/Jobs, Membership Each area costs $1050 (payable annually or monthly) www.zeidman.info
  7. 7. For any questions please contact us on development@zeidman.info or 646 570 1131 Importacular for Kimbia is available FOR FREE right now directly from our website www.zeidman.info www.zeidman.info