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  1. 1. THE LIFE OF OPRAH WINFREY By: Sydney Bombich
  2. 2. Birth and Family• Born : January 29 ,1954.• Born in : Kasciuska ,Mississippi.• 1 half brother ,Jeffery.• 1 half sister ,Patricia.• 1 mom, Vernita Lee• 1 dad, Vernon Winfrey
  3. 3. Struggling Childhood• Struggled growing up.• Got shipped in a box to Nashville to see her dad.• Became honoring to students while living with her dad.• Won a full scholarship to Tennessee State University when she was crowned Miss Black Tennessee by age 18.
  4. 4. Family Like Growing Up• Family was very nice.• Brother lived in a poor and dangerous neighborhood.• Dad lived in a happy neighborhood.
  5. 5. Schools and Jobs• Elementary School : Wharton Elementary School.• High School : Lincoln High School then she moved to Nicolet High School.• Collage :Tennessee State University.• Worked at a High School worked as a radio host and a evening news coacher.
  6. 6. Hobbies That Lead To Success• Loved talking to people and said “ I want to be paid to talk”.• Talking to people lead to success called the “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.
  7. 7. Famous For What?• Was famous for her T.V show.• Was also famous for helping many people change their lives.• Did you know Oprah’s studio name was Oprah’s name spelled backwards”Harpo”
  8. 8. Well-known Accomplishment• Most well-known accomplishment was her T.V show and for her magazine called “Oprah’s magazine.• Accomplishments was disappointed to her because she was black so people treated her unfair.
  9. 9. Still Living Or Not• Still living• Now Oprah is hosting a new T.V show called “OWN”.
  10. 10. Would Oprah Change Her Life?• I think she would change her how her family is separated and hoped they all could live together.