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Karma Cola Case Study

Quick case study of the Karma Cola Social Strategy

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Karma Cola Case Study

  1. 1. Karma Cola Case Study 2015
  2. 2. We worked with ethical craft soda brand Karma Cola for 3 months during 2015
  3. 3. © Red Bee Media Ltd. 2014 Challenge
  4. 4. •Create social media strategy •Raise brand awareness •Boost sales
  5. 5. © Red Bee Media Ltd. 2014 Solution (Organic)
  6. 6. •Define objectives for each platform based on audience research •Use this information to create content strategy
  7. 7. Content Pillars
  8. 8. We hired a community manager with expertise in the area and focused on creating a smaller more engaged community before focusing on growth.
  9. 9. We selected 3 platforms and created a bespoke content strategy for each, based on social audience data collected during our audit.
  10. 10. We monitored everything and used this data to improve on our content to make it as engaging as possible for our community.
  11. 11. © Red Bee Media Ltd. 2014 Results
  12. 12. This combination of community management and bespoke content creation led to…
  13. 13. •An 46% increase in average impressions per tweet •A 76% increase in overall Twitter followers
  14. 14. •An Instagram engagement increase of 1900% •Achieving engagement rates of over 33% on Facebook
  15. 15. © Red Bee Media Ltd. 2014 Solution (Paid)
  16. 16. Honest Burgers created a Karma Cola special over summer. We chose to spend a very small amount on Twitter ads to raise awareness of the special
  17. 17. We created a series of short attention grabbing gifs for use on Twitter, and A/B tested them on different audience segments
  18. 18. We tested our creative within our own community before soft launching our Twitter campaign
  19. 19. © Red Bee Media Ltd. 2014 Results
  20. 20. This tweet engagement campaign gave us an incredible engagement rate of over 25%
  21. 21. For spend of under £200 we generated over 7k engagements.
  22. 22. It went on to become the most popular Honest Burgers special to date.