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Future of digital ads

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Personal thoughts on the evolution of digital advertising formats in a mobile, data & content driven world.

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Future of digital ads

  1. 1. The Future of Digital Ads Alan King 8th October 2013 alanking.org
  2. 2. alanking.org 10/13 In digital media there are only two trends to worry about 1. Rush to mobile devices 2. Programmatic ad delivery
  3. 3. alanking.org 10/13 “People want advertising that’s virtually indistinguishable from information” Nikesh Arora: Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer - Google
  4. 4. alanking.org 10/13 Why ‘broadly’ do people use the web? 1.To find information 2.To perform a task 3.To be entertained
  5. 5. alanking.org 10/13 Perhaps the best digital advertising… 1.Is information 2.Makes the task easier 3.Is entertaining
  6. 6. alanking.org 10/13 Kind of hard to do that with these
  7. 7. alanking.org 10/13 Agencies and brands are worried about their ads not being seen or clicked on
  8. 8. alanking.org 10/13 Two reasons the industry came up with these….
  9. 9. alanking.org 10/13 But this is a shitty answer to a desktop problem
  10. 10. alanking.org 10/13Gartner And the new world is mobile
  11. 11. alanking.org 10/13 So these ads have been developed
  12. 12. alanking.org 10/13 Which are the same shitty answers as before
  13. 13. alanking.org 10/13
  15. 15. alanking.org 10/13 Banners were first developed for Prodigy; then the World wide web. They are C. 20 yrs. old
  16. 16. alanking.org 10/13 And CTR’s have been in decline ever since HotWired CTR 1994 78% Ave banner CTR 2013 0.05%
  17. 17. alanking.org 10/13 http://andrewchen.co/2012/04/05/the-law-of-shitty-clickthroughs/# Some research suggests people aren’t looking at ads even when they are visible
  18. 18. alanking.org 10/13
  19. 19. alanking.org 10/13 • It’s harder than ever to get the attention of digital audiences • We live in a world where people use mobile devices to search for and access content; as we shift to a world of mobile devices, the ad experience and units we are used to on desktop will not work • In many cases we are shoehorning an 18 year old format onto a platform that didn’t exist 6 years ago • The answer is to provide the user with meaningful and important content; native to device and environment and totally based on relevance • It has to scale so the technology to hand must deliver the content programmatically • Are publishers geared up for this? Does the ad delivery tech exist? The ad business MUST evolve
  20. 20. alanking.org 10/13 Cards
  21. 21. alanking.org 10/13 But cards aint programmatic…..
  22. 22. alanking.org 10/13 MobileProgrammatic Content marketing Smart Content Adding content to the big trends reveals the sweet spot
  23. 23. alanking.org 10/13 Smart Content 1.Is information (blogs, whitepaper, educational video, podcasts) 2.Makes the task easier (branded utilities) 3.Is entertaining (video, lists, pictures, stories)
  24. 24. alanking.org 10/13 "We're not really selling ads, we're promoting their (Brands’) content.“ Lee Brown: Head of sales - Tumblr