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Anna Dixon: transforming the delivery of health and social care

Anna Dixon introduces The King's Fund new report, Transforming the delivery of health and social care: the case for fundamental change.

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Anna Dixon: transforming the delivery of health and social care

  1. 1. Transforming the delivery of health andsocial careThe case for fundamental change
  2. 2. Drivers of change People aged 85 and over in England projected to rise from 1.1 million in 2009 to over 2.6 million in 2032 (ONS 2011) Average length of stay for these patients 12 days (Cornwell et al 2012) Over 65s account for 62% of total bed days, 68% of emergency bed days (Imison 2012) 700,000 people in UK with dementia will reach 1.4million over next 30 years (DH 2009) By 2030 11 million more obese adults than in 2010 (Wang et al 2011)
  3. 3. Why the current system is not fit for thefuture 24,000 people with diabetes die from avoidable causes related to their condition (NAO 2012) As many as 1,500 children a year might not die if the UK performed as well as Sweden in relation to illnesses that rely on first-access care, such as asthma and pneumonia (Wolfe et al 2011) Three-quarters of people with depression and anxiety receive no treatment (LSE 2012) More than four-fifths of local authorities restrict publicly funded care to those with substantial and/or critical needs (ADASS 2012)
  4. 4. The future Enhancing the role of patients and users in the care team Changing professional roles Rethinking the location of care Using new information and communication technologies Harnessing the potential of new medical technologies Making intelligent use of data and information
  5. 5. Making it happen Invention Evaluation Adoption Diffusion Invention Evaluation Adoption Adaption DiffusionAdapted from: Sally Davies, NIHR Presentation 22 July 2012