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How to Smarten Up Your Email Onboarding

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Is your onboarding email series costing you? Not seeing enough trials turn into paying customers? Onboarding is tough to get right: what do you send? To who? And when? What do you need to do to get leads coming back and taking action?

In this webinar, Joel Klettke, conversion copywriter to SaaS and B2B businesses at Business Casual Copywriting, will show you how smart companies are using email to turn more trials into paying customers and reduce churn.

You'll learn:

How to plan an onboarding series, including what to send and when
Practical tips anyone can apply to improve open rates and clicks
4+ different types of emails to incorporate into your onboarding series
How to leverage behavioral insights to make your emails more effective (and convert more leads!)

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How to Smarten Up Your Email Onboarding

  2. 2. @Kissmetrics #Kisswebinar @thuelmadsen
  3. 3. Thue is the Kissmetrics Webinar Wizard and Marketing Ops Manager. Before joining forces with Kissmetrics, he was a Lyft driver in SF, which is also how he ended up as a Kissmetrics marketer. Whenever Thue is not trying to automate everything around him, you can find him hiking in the Sierras. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen Joel believes that being able to write persuasively is a bonafide superpower. Over the past five years, he’s helped dozens of B2B and SaaS businesses multiply their conversion rates with smarter copy. His next adventure? Fatherhood—coming this July. JOEL KLETTKE Conversion Copywriter, Business Casual Copywriting @JoelKlettke
  4. 4. #Kisswebinar @JoelKlettke BusinessCasualCopywriting.com
  5. 5. Put down the champagne. A sign up is not the finish line. #Kisswebinar
  6. 6. #Kisswebinar “Welcome! Enjoy the trial!” “Time’s up, bye forever.” THE “WE’RE NOT EVEN TRYING” “Is it… going ok?”
  7. 7. #Kisswebinar “Welcome! Can we help?” “Can we help?” “How’s it going? Can we help?” “Last chance! Can we help?” “Your trial is over.” THE OVER-EAGER BEAVER
  8. 8. #Kisswebinar “Welcome! Do the thing.” “Do the thing!” “I noticed you didn’t do the thing.” “Do the thing before time’s up.” “Trial’s up. Why didn’t you do the thing?” THE INSUFFERABLE NAG
  9. 9. Smart onboarding series do not… #Kisswebinar •  Treat all customers the same way •  Ignore customer behavior •  Revolve around your goals •  Nag customers into action
  10. 10. 1 Do Your Homework Days 1 - 4 Days 5 - 10 Beyond the “Aha!” Winbacks & Rescues 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS #Kisswebinar Plan Your Series 3 Write for Opens, Clicks, and Conversions Aha Moments Segments
  11. 11. Do Your Homework MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR DATA
  12. 12. The “AHA” Moment: The moment your user realizes your product’s value in their life. Once achieved, it’s hard to stop. #Kisswebinar
  13. 13. How do you find your “AHA”? #Kisswebinar •  Find your most successful users (Most retained, few churned) •  Understand who they are/what they want •  Find the patterns that separate those who find value from those who don’t (e.g. Finished your in-app onboarding, interacted with a feature, added their team, integrated their platform) •  Help EVERYONE to do those things
  14. 14. METHOD 1: COHORT ANALYSIS Cohort users based on actions they have completed relative to retention/conversion #Kisswebinarhttps://apptimize.com/blog/2016/02/this-is-how-you-find-your-apps-aha-moment/!
  15. 15. METHOD 2: ASK THEM #Kisswebinar Ask (quickly)… 1.  “Why did you sign up?” 2.  “What does success look like for you?” 3.  “What are the specifics for that success?” 4.  “What steps did you take to achieve that success?”
  16. 16. EXAMPLE: WISTIA MAKES IT PAINLESS Ask about goals and interests #Kisswebinar
  17. 17. EXAMPLE: FRESHBOOKS LETS USERS IDENTIFY THEMSELVES Ask about meaningful scenarios/segments #Kisswebinar
  18. 18. Example: if “AHA” is sending 1st invoice… #Kisswebinar 1.  Log in 2.  Add business details 3.  Connect payment platform 4.  Add client details 5.  Create new invoice 6.  Send new invoice MAP OUT MILESTONES
  19. 19. Different segments? Different priorities and AHA’s. #Kisswebinar
  20. 20. Plan Your Series BUILD A BLUEPRINT
  21. 21. #Kisswebinar ONBOARDING SERIES BREAKDOWN Day 0 Days 1 - 4 Days 5 - 10 Trial Period Winbacks + Rescues AHA! ONBOARDING SERIES BREAKDOWN
  22. 22. Goals for each phase: #Kisswebinar •  Day 0: Welcome to adventure •  Days 1 – 4: Activate •  Days 5 – 10: Value to AHA •  Near Trial End: Move to close •  Beyond Trial: Re-engage
  23. 23. #Kisswebinar AHA! Combine triggers + time-based to personalize the journey
  24. 24. #Kisswebinar MOVE FROM SEGMENT TO SEGMENT BASED ON BEHAVIOR Add business details Connect payment platform Add client details Educate re: payment platform Educate re: Business Details Add Business Details Engage w/email from sales Y! N! Y! Y! N! N!
  25. 25. THE RULE OF ONE Joanna Wiebe Copy Hackers, 10x Emails Every email should have one goal, one job per element, and one-to-one tone and style. “
  26. 26. #Kisswebinar Day 0: Welcome to Adventure Set the tone for the upcoming experience and drive that first critical action.
  27. 27. DAY 0: WELCOME TO ADVENTURE #Kisswebinar •  Make a great 1st impression •  Personalize to segment •  Remind of value to come •  Show them what to do next
  29. 29. #Kisswebinar Days 1 – 4: Activate & Engage Attention is highest. Get them into the app and taking action.
  30. 30. DAYS 1 – 4: ACTIVATE #Kisswebinar What’s Next Email •  Get ‘em in the app •  Look for quick wins •  Don’t make it complicated •  Make sure it’s crucial
  31. 31. DAYS 1 – 4: ACTIVATE #Kisswebinar Finish Up Email •  Get ‘em in the app •  Prove proximity to value •  Keep it simple
  32. 32. DAYS 1 – 4: ACTIVATE #Kisswebinar “Side-Kick” Email •  Get ‘em in the app •  Make it personal (real reply) •  Offer sincere help •  Appeal from authority
  33. 33. DAYS 1 – 4: ACTIVATE #Kisswebinar Lincoln Murphy’s “Success Bot” •  Sent during your business hours •  Looks like a reply to a ping •  Subject line psychology •  Short n’ sweet https://sixteenventures.com/personal-emails!
  34. 34. #Kisswebinar Days 5 – 10: Value to AHA Leads won’t move until they realize value. Your job is to deliver it at their pace.
  35. 35. Don’t assume that trial members… #Kisswebinar •  Are conversions waiting to happen •  Know (and are sold on) your benefits •  Aren’t comparing with other products Move them from “product aware” to “most aware” DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA
  36. 36. #Kisswebinar AHA! Combine triggers + time-based to personalize the journey
  37. 37. DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA #Kisswebinar Instead of nagging… •  Address common questions or objections •  Show the benefit to be gained •  Educate on the impact of use/action •  Sell the future with a “Nearly there” •  Congratulate on progress
  38. 38. DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA #Kisswebinar Benefit-in-Reach Email •  Get ‘em in the app •  Point to desired outcome •  Tie back to feature •  Add social proof https://copyhackers.com/2017/08/saas-onboarding-email/!
  39. 39. DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA #Kisswebinar The “Use-Case” Email •  Applicable to AHA •  Tie to their scenario •  Add social proof
  40. 40. DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA #Kisswebinar Educational Email •  Assist with current milestone •  Relevant, fast, free •  Bring in differentiators •  Send back to app
  41. 41. DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA #Kisswebinar Milestone Email •  Trigger from in-app data •  Tie to “AHA” •  Call them to the next action
  42. 42. DAYS 5 – 10: VALUE TO AHA #Kisswebinar Summary Email •  Pull from real data •  Show them value tied to goals •  Tie in next steps
  43. 43. Multiple unopen emails? If qualified, now’s the time to intervene. #Kisswebinar
  44. 44. #Kisswebinar Near Trial End: Move to Close Coffee is for closers.
  45. 45. NEAR TRIAL END: MOVE TO CLOSE #Kisswebinar Don’t just count down. PITCH! •  Leverage FOMO •  Offer incentives •  Drive smaller steps •  Keep emphasizing value •  Offer to help
  46. 46. #Kisswebinar FOMO •  Remind of primary goal •  Agitate fear of loss •  Use social proof NEAR TRIAL END: MOVE TO CLOSE
  47. 47. #Kisswebinar Fear of Loss •  Show what they stand to lose •  Emphasize benefit of staying •  Make it easy to act NEAR TRIAL END: MOVE TO CLOSE
  48. 48. #Kisswebinar Pitch the Value •  Remind them of why they started •  Emphasize benefit of staying •  Make it easy to act NEAR TRIAL END: MOVE TO CLOSE
  49. 49. #Kisswebinar Make a Smaller Ask •  Add value and clarity •  Keep it simple •  Tie to primary goal NEAR TRIAL END: MOVE TO CLOSE
  50. 50. #Kisswebinar Beyond Trial: Re-engage Learn why and keep in touch.
  51. 51. BEYOND TRIAL: RE-ENGAGE #Kisswebinar “Why?” Email •  Single question •  Personal and sincere •  Try the “Success Bot!”
  52. 52. BEYOND TRIAL: RE-ENGAGE #Kisswebinar Product Update Email •  Announce new value •  Invite back to app •  Consider trial extension
  53. 53. BEYOND TRIAL: RE-ENGAGE #Kisswebinar FOMO/Goal Email •  Point to original goal •  Share previous progress •  Sweeten the deal
  54. 54. BEYOND TRIAL: RE-ENGAGE #Kisswebinar Discount Email •  Remind of value •  Make incentive clear •  Push right into the app
  55. 55. Write for Opens, Clicks, and Conversions THE LIGHTNING ROUND!
  56. 56. “FROM” LINES #Kisswebinar 1.  From a real person 2.  At a company I recognize 3.  Written like a human being 4.  Without bizarre personalization
  57. 57. SUBJECT LINES #Kisswebinar DO NOT: Bait n’ switch, all caps, boring corporate newsletter •  Open loop: “X users saw 50% lifts when they did this…” •  FOMO: “You’re missing out on this early discount” •  Pain point: “Escape copy/paste/print hell – here’s how” •  Quote: “That’s unbelievable.” •  Inquiry: “What keeps great marketers down?” •  Intro: “[Customer] <> Drift’s CEO”
  58. 58. HOOKS #Kisswebinar 1.  Ease ‘em in with short sentences 2.  Try AIDA 3.  Stay human, stay personal 4.  LinkedIN’s evil trick is A-OK
  59. 59. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen tmadsen@kissmetrics.com Questions? JOEL KLETTKE Conversion Copywriter, Business Casual Copywriting @JoelKlettke joel@businesscasualcopywriting.com