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Pacific Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnosis

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Pacific Hypnotherapy director, Virginia Westerberg, offers hypnotherapy services at Inspire Me Store and Wellness Centre in Palmerston North.

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Pacific Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnosis

  1. 1. Clinical Hypnotherapy is an invaluable therapeutic tool that has been neglected by today’s mainstream psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners in favour of exclusively CBT. Both techniques, far from being incompatible, have synergistic effects on each other. In fact, you can enhance the results of your preferred psychotherapeutic tool under hypnosis. Pacific Hypnotherapy director, Virginia Westerberg, develops her own induction techniques and hypnosis scripts, and are available to registered Slide Share users for free when you Like Us on Slide Share or social media. Just contact us on: W: www.pacifichypnotherapy.co.nz FaceBook: Pacific Hypnotherapy E: pacific.hypnotherapy@yahoo.co.nz Twitter: @PacificHypnoNZ