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Platforms of Restraint: News aggregators, open webs & community

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Talk about News aggregators, open webs & community. The ways in which our information is controlled by the devices we rely upon.

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Platforms of Restraint: News aggregators, open webs & community

  1. 1. Platforms of Restraint: News aggregators, open webs & community Mathias Klang @klangable
  2. 2. (How) do our devices control us? Who gets noticed & repeated
  3. 3. Donald Rumsfeld (2002) The message is that there are no “knowns.” There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.
  4. 4. Organizing the wild web
  5. 5. Cass Sunstein – Daily me
  6. 6. Who made it becomes who showed me
  7. 7. It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them. Eric Schmidt, Google
  8. 8. A Squirrel Dying In Your Front Yard May Be More Relevant To Your Interests Right Now Than People Dying In Africa Mark Zuckerberg
  9. 9. Eli Pariser – Filter Bubble
  10. 10. Community control Digg, twitter
  11. 11. News aggregators Flipboard, Zite
  12. 12. Going mobile
  13. 13. The “New” Gatekeepers
  14. 14. Compatible apps & permissible content
  15. 15. rejected from the Apple app store 1. Use of the word “beta” 2. Long load time 3. Linking to outside payment schemes 4. Do not mention other supported platforms 5. Localization glitches 6. Improper use of storage and filesystems 7. Crashes from users denying permissions 8. Improper use of icons and buttons 9. Misuse of trademarks and logos
  16. 16. Technology focus
  17. 17. Its all about the interface From Netscape to Apps via Google
  18. 18. Shift from selling news to data collection
  19. 19. If you can’t open it, You don’t own it!
  20. 20. Thank you
  21. 21. Mathias Klang klangable.com Image & licensing info in the notes section of slides. Images at www.flickr.com (or specifically stated). This ppt licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Download presentation www.slideshare.net/klang