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KM Strategic Results and Case Studies


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KM Strategic Results and Case Studies

  2. 2. ContentWhat’s Here About Who is KM Strategic? ServicesWhat I do? ResultsSee how clients benefit HR ServicesMajor visibility gains National FranchisingCo.Blog editing boosts business GrowingBusiness Real partnership shows real results HubspotAgency Support Help for different-sized accounts reflects well on agency ContactLet’s talk
  3. 3. Marketing that comes in your size. Why should you commit to an ongoing service package that isn’t a perfect match for your marketing needs? Your business is unique. KM Strategic will work with you to find a solution that fits.” – Kirsten Meyer, Owner of KM Strategic
  4. 4. About Who is KM Strategic? If you use the Hubspot platform and want to upgrade your marketing efforts or expand your marketing team, KM Strategic is an excellent solution. Though we address many of the same areas as marketing agencies, KM Strategic is not an agency. This may make us the perfect fit for you, depending on your needs. Because we don’t have the same overhead costs as an agency, we can provide many of the same services at a lower price and still get you the results you need. Whether you want to focus on your entire online marketing universe or just one aspect (just your blog, just social media, just your website, your email, or a particular marketing campaign) we will work with you to craft a solution that fits. Typically engaged as an ongoing partner to agencies or businesses, we provide outsourced marketing support to improve your online assets and help you grow your business. KMStrategicisaMarketingConsultancy RunbyaHubspotPlatformSpecialist.
  5. 5. Services What we do 4 Email Marketing Boost opens and build relationships. 5 Social Media Tune in and expand your reach. 6 Reporting& Analysis What’s working? What’s not? 1 Consulting Services Your business, but better. 2 Strategic Content Content that performs. 3 SEO Strategy Get found.
  6. 6. CLIENT RESULTS: While many people think they can ‘do marketing,’ ultimately, it’s the translation to meaningful results for your business that counts.” -Client
  7. 7. HR Services Co. HUMAN RESOURCES TAX FINANCE PAYROLL 1 2 3 4 This is a national B2B professional services firm selling complex contract-based SaaS and financial service products with a long sales cycle and many larger competitors. They have a robust client list serving well-known Fortune 100 companies and smaller, industry-leading companies. ABOUT
  8. 8. Metrics What we accomplished with just 10-15 hours a week. 1 In one year, increased monthly site visits from 700 to 2,200. Visitsup325% 2 In one year, inbound leads increased dramatically. Leadsup450% 3 Hubspot Grade increased from 27 to 82 in 18 months. Client’s nine top competitors (most of which were significantly larger companies with greater resources) averaged only a 48 Hubspot Grade. Grade evaluates blog metrics, social media metrics, indexed pages, meta data, MozRank, inbound links, lead generation and mobile-friendliness. HubspotGrade up185% 4 LandingPages Convertingat100- 540% Where success is defined at 20% conversion.
  9. 9. Metrics More results Increased number of “top 10” ranked keywords from 59 to 132. Generated 462 unique leads through the website, of which 247 were sales-qualified. Measurably influenced 83 new clients closed in 24 months through online assets. 1 2 3 4 With a clean email list of 12,000, average open rate was 21.8% and average CTR was 7.5%, well above comparable industry benchmarks. If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” ─ Guy Kawasaki “ STACK-O-STATS
  10. 10. RESULTS Even with limited marketing resources the company gets the attention they need to get an edge on larger competitors.
  11. 11. Support for In-House Marketing Teams [KM Strategic] understands our brand and the needs of our customers and helps us get our message across. Can’t say enough good things about her.” -Client
  12. 12. National Franchise SMALL BUSINESS FRANCHISING FOOD HEALTH 1 2 3 4This is a national specialty food franchise with hundreds of locations across the country. Though they sometimes work with agencies, they have their own in-house marketing team and were looking for ongoing support. They sought a Hubspot-proficient copywriter to smooth out rough edges and bring consistency to their blog across all of its many contributors. This required knowledge of their audiences and brand positioning, behind-the-scenes SEO and meta-data competence, editorial and publishing know-how and graphic design ability. ABOUT
  13. 13. Performance M K [ Up 22% Blog Subscribers Up 48% Monthly Blog Visits Up 56% Monthly Contacts via Blog Blog stats before vs. after using KM Strategic
  14. 14. Metrics It’s working! 68% Increase in total contacts from blog via organic search 52% Increase in rate of conversion from blog visitor to contact 469% Increase in number of leads who visited blog pages prior to converting to franchisee 100% Increase in percent of blog pages that were the last seen page before a lead became a franchisee It’s not just blog readership and visits that are up. The blog is also helping people convert. Not only on all offers across the board, but on the one that matters the most: conversion to new franchise owner.
  15. 15. RESULTS Client sees better performance from a more polished blog. This strengthens their online brand and contributes to new business (and ROI).
  16. 16. I Need a Verified Hubspot Expert. As a Hubspot Partner Agency, I need to be able to show my clients that I can provide the platform expertise necessary for them to get results from their investment. I need someone who understands Hubspot inside and out.” -Client
  17. 17. Hubspot Partner Agency HUBSPOT AGENCY MARKETING METRICS 1 2 3 4This is a long-time Hubspot Partner Agency with a background in print graphics and advertising that has grown into an inbound company. They needed support to fill in some skills gaps where Hubspot is concerned, to help manage some accounts and other ad hoc work. ABOUT
  18. 18. Metrics Account 1: Local Service Provider 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Contacts per month Jan-Jun 2014 July-Dec 2014 Contacts per month up 400% Social engagement better than 66% of similar Hubspot customers Increased from 3 to 15 contacts/quarter (year over year) after KM Strategic on account. 2.4 clicks per social message; better than most comparable Hubspot customers (which are a marketing-savvy bunch)! Visits per month up 125% Increased from 469 to 940/month from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015 after KM Strategic on account. *Don’t have direct access to client or reporting to know with certainty the amount of closed business or revenues generated, but based on general feedback, some are closing.
  19. 19. Metrics a K Q + Infinity% Landing Page Performance + 418% Contacts + 16.2% Hubspot Marketing Grade Account 2: Niche Engineering/Manufacturing Co. (International) Grade evaluates blog metrics, social media metrics, indexed pages, meta data, MozRank, inbound links, lead generation and being mobile-friendly. In this case, the website was not controlled by agency; only the landing pages, email, blog and social media, making it impossible to correct underlying problems with website performance (and preventing further improvement on Hubspot Marketing Grade). The originally-set up landing pages were not converting (at zero conversions). After improvement by KM Strategic, they resulted in 45 conversions in 6 months.
  20. 20. RESULTS Work reflects favorably on agency and clients tell agency how pleased they are with results.
  21. 21. ATrue Business Partner After hiring an agency overcharged and under-delivered, and then an employee who lacked the marketing know-how or commitment, I’ve found a recipe for growth with KM Strategic.” -Client
  22. 22. Growing Business PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CONSULTING MID-MARKET SALES 1 2 3 4This is a growing business with regional focus but national reach. It is a professional sales consulting services, which leads to a non- traditional inbound funnel. Most leads start with a qualifying sales call and then work their way through inbound nurturing, rather than vice-versa. Company has many leads coming from offline sources due to active networking and speaking engagements. Business owner is also active in her own content creation, but needs help with design, promotion and technical aspects. Because of its unique circumstances, this business is well-suited for online marketing growth with fewer resources than might be needed by another similar-sized company. With just 8 hours a week and at 1/3 of an agency’s cost, we were able to secure some impressive results by working together. ABOUT
  23. 23. Metrics Comparing results from first 9 months on account to the prior period Landing page submissions up 92.5% 1 Leads up 76.4% 2 Contacts up 66.3% 3 378% increase in total CTA submissions 4 STACK-O-STATS
  24. 24. Building Blocks to ROI + 327% KWs ranked #1-2 + 245% KWs ranked #1-7 + 389% Clicks on Social + 30% Social Conversion Average monthly conversion rate from social media is up 30% in last part of 2014 over the first part. KEYWORDS RANKING SOCIAL CONVERTING SEO-originating leads now account for 10% of business.
  25. 25. Metrics M K [ + 284.37% Email Conversions + 269% Contacts from Email + 47% New Contacts via Organic that matter.
  26. 26. Numbers 107% Organic Traffic 5.52% Conversions via Organic 90% Total Site Visits 2.6 average clicks per message; better than 48% of Hubspot customers with similar fans/followers. 86% SocialClicks Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” -- Seth Godin “
  27. 27. RESULTS C lient is c onfident they have a par tner w ho is inves ted in their s uc c es s, under s tands their bus ines s and k now s how to get r es ults .
  28. 28. Portfolio Client Campaign #1 Client Profile: Sales Performance Firm Date: February, 2015
  29. 29. Portfolio Client Campaign #2 Client: Pre-employ Date: November, 2014
  30. 30. Portfolio Client Examples #3 Client: Professional Organization Date: December, 2014
  31. 31. HOW Other ways we help MORE CASE USES Ã Update website copy for optimum search performance and visitor conversions. Ã Design landing pages, emails and campaigns to support business goals and marketing initiatives. Ã Identify gaps in your content and help you fill them in. Improve, update, or retire existing content as needed. Ã Align content with your target audience, business goals, and brand. Ã Leverage existing resources to meet goals via email drip campaigns and follow-on offers. Ã Automate internal notifications, data updates and lead nurturing.
  32. 32. Contact Reach Out Whether you have specific needs or just want to say hello, feel free to send a message or call direct. Phone : +1 714 454 6647 Email : kirsten@kmstrategic.com Online : www.kirstenmeyer.com Located in Maysville, KY (between Cincinnati, OH and Lexington, KY), KM Strategic serves clients across the U.S. and Canada.