Apache Airflow

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22 Apr 2020

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Apache Airflow

  1. Presented By: Divyansh Jain Software Consultant Knoldus Inc Apache Airflow
  2. Agenda What is Airflow? How it works? Pros & Cons UI Screenshots Demo Why use Airflow ?
  3. c Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows (a.k.a DAGs or Directed Acyclic Graph) What is Apache Airflow?
  4. Incubating - Created @ Airbnb in 2015 by Maxime Beauchemin - 6100+ Forks - 16k+ Github Stars - 1k+ Contributors - 150+ companies officially using it - More than 8k committers
  5. What is Airflow? Pipelines are configured as code, allowing for dynamic pipeline generation A platform to schedule data pipelines Easy to define our own operators, executors It’s all about DAGs A platform to monitor and control data pipelines
  6. Why to use Airflow ? When would you use a Workflow Scheduler like Airflow? - ETL Pipelines - Machine Learning Projects - Predictive Data Pipelines such as Fraud Detection etc. - Job Scheduling
  7. Why to use Airflow ? What should a Workflow do well? - Schedule your workflow plan - Handle task failures - Monitor Performance
  8. Very Flexible - Rich User Interface - Easily Extensible - Allow communication between task - Backfill Control - Efficient CLI
  9. Sample DAGs
  10. How the Job initiates? Web Server Scheduler Worker Worker Metadata User - A user manages/ schedules DAGs using Airflow - Airflow webserver stores scheduling metadata in metadata DB - Scheduler picks up new schedule and distributes work over Celery or RabbitMQ - Workers picks up Airflow Task Note- Celery is used to manage node and Redis or RabbitMQ for communication
  11. Pros Easy-to-use user interface - Independent scheduler Active open-source community ● can easily view task logs ● can easily view hierarchy, statuses, and code runs ● allows you to easily change task statuses, rerun historical tasks ● comes with its own scheduler ● supports multiple DAGs ● chatroom itself is very active ● newbies can get their questions answered within a span of few hours.
  12. Cons Task optimization - No direct dealing with - tasks Lesser flexibility ● sometimes unclear of how to organize multiple tasks into the massive pipeline ● doesn't deal with data sets or files as inputs of tasks directly ● If database is lost, harder to restore ● Workers cannot start the task independently or pick tasks flexibly.
  13. DAG View
  14. Tree View
  15. Graph View
  16. Code View
  17. Thank You !