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Container Networking

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IT organizations are leveraging containers to accelerate cloud-native application delivery, improve development agility, and increase operational efficiency. Plus with lower deployment costs (say goodbye to the VM-tax!) and rapid provisioning, Container Technology is moving from Corporate test & Dev environments to Production faster than anyone expected.

To make the most of the container's implementation, you have to understand how they work. In these slides, we will learn how to leverage container networking's full potential.

This PDF also tells you about:

1. Type of container network models adopted by different orchestration frameworks.
2. Securing resources using Isolation of network namespaces

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Container Networking

  1. 1. Container Networking Mayank Bairagi Sr. Lead Consultant Knoldus Inc.
  2. 2. AGENDA ❖ Brief History of Networking ❖ Software Defined Networking (SDN) ❖ CNI ❖ Demo
  3. 3. Brief History of Networking
  4. 4. Datacenter Datacenter Server
  5. 5. Datacenter Networking 1. Networking by configuring servers, switches, routers and firewalls. 2. Took a day to bring a new node into network. 3. Long leaving. 4. Physical commissioning process. 5. No automation
  6. 6. Virtual Machines
  7. 7. Virtual Machines 1. It might take 15 minutes to create and run a VM. 2. Lifetime is shorter than physical hosts (few weeks) 3. Need of an orchestration system to manage the VMs 4. Networking can be control by softwares (SDN)
  8. 8. Software Defined Networking (SDN) 1. Configure network using software rather then plugin cables and configuring router directly, using API. 2. Create some mechanism in orchestration system to talk to that SDN and tell it what kind of networking that server or service needed.
  9. 9. Challenges with SDN 1. Network Centric. Not development or operational centric. 2. It limits the type of network you can build. 3. It is complex since it include security along with connectivity.
  10. 10. Containers
  11. 11. Containers 1. Container is a linux process with can be up and running in seconds. 2. Short lived and fragile. Lifetime of hours or minutes. 3. Can't leave without orchestration.
  12. 12. Building blocks of a Container
  13. 13. Container Networking Approaches 1. More classical approach, SDN and network API when we took the same kind of networking constraints and tried to make then container friendly. 2. Container Networking Interface (CNI)
  14. 14. Container Network Interface "CNI does one thing, connects workload and remove workload from network."
  15. 15. Thanks !