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Social media back to basics

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How to approach social media as a marketeer?
First, look at the productive cow model to define your area of activity.
Before introducing our 5-step plan, we take a look at the platforms that are available for you.
The presentation ends with some things you definitely should avoid when you're just starting out with social media.

(presented at Social Media Bootcamp of STIMA on 08/05/2012)

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Social media back to basics

  1. 1. Social Media back to basics By MedeMerkers Koen Delvaux @kodel
  3. 3. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL milk @kodel
  4. 4. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODELfeed milk @kodel
  5. 5. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL thin airfeed crap milk @kodel
  6. 6. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODELlisten thin airfeedbetter crapfood milk @kodel
  7. 7. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL Marketing @kodel
  8. 8. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL Sales @kodel
  9. 9. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL Services @kodel
  10. 10. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL Operations @kodel
  11. 11. THE PRODUCTIVE COW MODEL2 jobs for marketing•  provide feedback of what customers want•  feed the brand story (with content marketing)•  (sales) extract output with promotionsWarning•  without service, you fail in the short run•  without operations, you fail in the long run @kodel
  13. 13. Facebook•  A communications platform (like email)•  Not a medium (like television)•  Brands are welcome (to listen, then talk)•  Applications can create a richer interaction•  Competitions are allowed (but rules exist)•  Possibilities: personal profile, fanpage, group, application, advertisement @kodel
  14. 14. @kodel
  15. 15. Active populationis largest +55 is growing fastest @kodel
  16. 16. Twitter•  50.000 or 150.000 or 300.000 Belgians (and a lot more Dutchmen)•  Comparable to conversations in the bar•  Like SMS, telex or instant messaging (short)•  Not the right place to spread your message•  Used a lot by media, marketing, politicians and journalists•  Possibilities: listen, get to know, learn, inspire, be discovered @kodel
  17. 17. @kodel
  18. 18. LinkedIn•  1.000.000 Belgians (1st place in EU)•  Professionals, looking for business contacts•  Ideal to get to know people within your sector•  Not only a passive CV, but also “what are you working on”•  Possibilities: LinkedIn groups (from yourself or from others), LinkedIn Answers and LinkedIn Applications @kodel
  19. 19. @kodel
  20. 20. Blogs•  Already quite old, but influential•  Self-publishing for indivuduals and brands•  Personal branding is important•  Your own little dynamic website (diary)•  Very focused (e.g. chocolate lover’s blog)•  Posibilities: own blog, comments, blogging actions or giveaways, monitoring blogs @kodel
  21. 21. @kodel
  22. 22. Forums•  Group discussions for likeminded people•  Similar to functionality in Facebook group•  Different dynamic: it is ‘their’ forum•  Moderators are generally not paid•  Sometimes owner is a brand or group•  Possibilities: own forum, presence on other forum, private forum, commerce, link to publishing @kodel
  23. 23. @kodel
  24. 24. Foursquare•  A location based network•  Listing of places (like yellow pages)•  DIY model: place owner decides (claim)•  ‘specials’ can trigger new customers•  Lets you know who your customers are•  Posibilities: create your place, specials, tips, pictures, recommendations, own profile with friends @kodel
  25. 25. Claim yourvenues and addsome ‘specials’ @kodel
  28. 28. 1 PRESENCE•  Start by creating a Facebook page•  Skip the meetings, strategy, plans and organization•  Set up basic monitoring•  Post some content @kodel
  29. 29. 1 PRESENCE•  Use a content calendar for postings @kodel
  30. 30. 1 PRESENCE•  Use Yammer for internal idea creation @kodel
  31. 31. 1 PRESENCE•  Use Facebook Insights to see what works @kodel
  32. 32. 1 PRESENCE•  Keep track of progress in a little excel file @kodel
  33. 33. 1 PRESENCE•  Basic monitoring with Hootsuite @kodel
  34. 34. 2 CONVERSATION•  Allow people to comment (freely)•  React on people’s comments•  Don’t erase negative messages•  Only promise what you can do yourself @kodel
  35. 35. 2 CONVERSATION•  Provide community guidelines (rules)•  Can be done simply in a Facebook note @kodel
  36. 36. 2 CONVERSATION•  Define what employees can post (policy)•  Give tips for how they can help (no tools needed. It’s about agreements that are made after discussions with staff) @kodel
  37. 37. 3 INTERACTION•  This is where you have to involve other departments•  Service is the first candidate for involvement•  Operations is second (structural solutions to problems identified)•  Your role is crucial: Execute pressure on the organization using social media (Chief Customer Officer) @kodel
  38. 38. 3 INTERACTION•  Customer care: redirect to the ‘message’ button•  If the case started in public, always finish it in public•  Ask customer to confirm on your page the problem is solved @kodel
  39. 39. 4 CO-CREATION•  Develop a solution together with customers•  Means: e.g. a closed/secret Facebook group @kodel
  40. 40. 5 Collaboration•  Every project in your company is co-creation•  Processes and roles are adapted•  Integration: your tools (CRM, ERP,...) are linked to social media and customers and partners have acces to them @kodel
  41. 41. 5 Collaboration•  You need a model to achieve this (MedeMerkers: Liquid Organization Model) ad s es ju s as st PILOT re p y ea tr t AWAKE DEPLOY EMBED SUSTAIN COMMUNICATIE LEREN strategic differentiation ds revenue growth VERBONDENHEID VAARDIGHEDEN e KENNIS ds brand ne IDENTITEIT operational e ATTITUDE ne er product efficiency t om ess community legal com- cus ROLLEN sin HEFBOMEN DASHBOARD VERANTWOORDELIJKHEDEN SUPPORT corporate responsibility pliance bu PERFORMANTIE ORGANISATIE TOESCHOUWER SPELER Huidigeposi+e SPELVERDELER Gewensteposi+e @kodel
  42. 42. WHAT NOT TO DO @kodel
  43. 43. START WITH STRATEGY @kodel
  45. 45. GIVE AWAY AN IPAD @kodel
  46. 46. OUTSOURCE SOCIAL @kodel
  47. 47. Interested? MedeMerkers Kardinaal Mercierplein 2 2800 Mechelen 016/81.91.33 info@medemerkers.be twitter: @medemerkers www.medemerkers.be @kodel