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Seven problems of Linux Containers

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OpenVZ, which has turned 7 recently, is an implementation of lightweight virtualization technology for Linux, something which is also referred to as LXC or just containers. The talk gives an insight into 7 different problems with containers and how they were solved. While most of these problems and solutions belongs in the Linux kernel, kernel knowledge is not expected from the audience.

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Seven problems of Linux Containers

  1. 1. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSeven Problemsof Linux ContainersKir Kolyshkin<kir@openvz.org>28 April 2013 LinuxFest Northwest
  2. 2. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSeventy Seven Problemsof Linux ContainersKir Kolyshkin<kir@openvz.org>28 April 2013 LinuxFest Northwest(of which I am going to cover six)
  3. 3. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 1: Effective virtualization●Virtualization is partitioning●Historical way: $M mainframes●Modern way: virtual machines●Problem: performance overhead●Partial solution: hardware support(Intel VT, AMD V)
  4. 4. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution: isolation●Run many isolated userspace instanceson top of sone single (Linux) kernel●All processes see each other– files, process information, network,shared memory, users, etc.●Make them unsee it!
  5. 5. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.org
  6. 6. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgOne historical way to unseechroot()
  7. 7. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgNamespaces●Implemented in the Linux kernel– PID– net– IPC– UTS– mnt– user●clone() with CLONE_NEW* flags
  8. 8. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 2: Shared resources●All containers share the same set of resources(CPU, RAM, disk, various kernel things ...)●Need fair distribution of goods so everyonegets their share●Need DoS prevention●Need prioritization– “All animals are equal, but some animals are moreequal than others” -- George Orwell
  9. 9. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.org
  10. 10. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution: OpenVZ resource controls●OpenVZ:– user beancounters●controls 20 parameters– hierarchical CPU scheduler– disk quota per containers– I/O priorities per-container●Dynamic control, can “resize” runtime
  11. 11. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution: cgroups●Cgroups is a mechanism to control resourcesper hierarchical groups of processes●Cgroups is nothing without controllers:– blkio, cpu, cpuacct, cpuset, devices, freezer,memory, net_cls, net_prio●Cgroups are orthogonal to namespaces●Still a work in progress (kernel memory)
  12. 12. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 3: easy resources●User Beancounters are complicated:– http://wiki.openvz.org/UBC_consistency_check– user has to set all these parameters– some of which are interdependent●We created a collection of valid configs,●... wrote a whole book about UBC●... and a set of tools to help
  13. 13. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.org
  14. 14. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution: VSwap●Only two primary parameters: RAM and swap– others still exist, but no longer required to set●Swap is virtual, no actual I/O is performed●Slow down to emulate real swap●Only when actual global RAM shortageoccurs,virtual swap goes into the real swap●Currently only available in OpenVZ kernel
  15. 15. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 4: fast live migration●We can migrate an OpenVZ containerfrom one physical server to anotherwithout a shutdown●We want to do it fast even for huge containers– huge disk: use shared storage– huge RAM: ???
  16. 16. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgNormal migration process●(Assuming shared storage)●1 Freeze the container●2 Dump its complete state to a dump file●3 Copy dump file to destination server●4 Undump●5 Unfreeze●Problem: huge dump file
  17. 17. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 1: network swap●1 Dump the minimal memory, lock the rest●2 Restore the minimal memory,mark the rest as swapped out●3 Set up network swap from the source●4 Unfreeze. Missing RAM will be “swapped in”●5 Migrate the rest of RAM and kill it on source
  18. 18. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.org
  19. 19. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 1: network swap●1 Dump the minimal memory, lock the rest●2 Copy, undump what we have,mark the rest as swapped out●3 Set up network swap served from the source●4 Unfreeze. Missing RAM will be “swapped in”●5 Migrate the rest of RAM and kill it on source●PROBLEM? Reliability, no way to rollback
  20. 20. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 2: Iterative RAM migration●1 Ask kernel to track modified pages●2 Copy all memory to destination system●3 Ask kernel for list of modified pages●4 Copy those pages●5 GOTO 3 until satisfied●6 Freeze and do migration as usual
  21. 21. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 5: upstreaming●OpenVZ was developed separately●Then we wanted to merge it upstream(i.e. to vanilla Linux kernel)●Problem?
  22. 22. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.org
  23. 23. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 5: upstreaming●OpenVZ was developed separately●Then we wanted to merge it upstream(i.e. to vanilla Linux kernel)●Problem:●upstream devs are not accepting our work
  24. 24. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 1: rewrite from scratch●User Beancounters -> CGroups●Did 2 rewrites for PID namespaceuntil it finally got accepted●Network namespace redone●It works!●about 1500 patches got landed to vanilla●II Parallels made it to top10 contributors
  25. 25. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 2: CRIU●We tried hard to merge checkpoint/restore●Other people tried hard too, no luck●Cant make it to the kernel, lets go userspace●With minimal kernel intervention whenrequired●Kernel exports most of information already, solets just add missing bits and pieces
  26. 26. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgCRIU●Checkpoint / Restore (mostly) In UserspaceTools currently at version 0.4●Will do 1.0 release this year●Kernel 3.8 has about 120 patches from us– 95% of needed features are there●Memory snapshot recently made it to -mm tree
  27. 27. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.org
  28. 28. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgProblem 6: common file system●Container is just a directory on host,all CTs reside on the same FS●File system journal is a bottleneck●Lots of small-size files I/O on CT backup●No sub-tree disk quota support in upstream●No per-container snapshots●Live migration: rsync -- changed inodes●File system type and properties are fixed
  29. 29. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 1: LVM●Only works only on top of block device●Hard to manage (e.g. how to migrate hugevolume?)●No dynamic allocation●Complicated management
  30. 30. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 2: loop device●VFS operations leads to double page-caching– (already fixed in the recent kernels)●No dynamic allocation, max space is used●Limited feature set
  31. 31. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgSolution 3: ploop●Basic idea: same as loop, just better●Modular design:– various image formats (qcow2 in TODO)– various I/O backends●More features:– live resize– instant live snapshots– write tracker to help in live migration
  32. 32. parallels.com || openvz.org || criu.orgAny problems questions?●kir@openvz.org●Twitter: @kolyshkin