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PMBOK fifth edition data flow diagram by english

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Develop Project Management Plan Data Flow Diagram.
Almost processes are topological sorted.
This figure is drawn with a vertical line "the new data model"
(work performance data / infomation / reports,and "Change requests").
One page of PMBOK5 edition Data flow Diagrams by Japanease Broked english.

PMBOK6 editions is heare https://www.slideshare.net/kosejumnichi/pmbok-six-editiondataflow-diagram-by-english-a3-printable

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PMBOK fifth edition data flow diagram by english

  1. 1. · · Project initiator, · Sponsor · 4.1 Develop Project Charter · · · · Stakeholder management plan · 5.1 Plan Scope Management Project Charter · · · · Project Charter · · · · Ploject management Plan · · · Project Scope Statement Activities List, Activity Attributes Project Scope Statement · · · · · Project Scope Statement · · Activities List, Activity Attributes 9.1 Develop · Human Resource Plan · · 6.6 Develop Schedule Human resources plan · · · Schedule data · estimate activity duration Project Schedule · Scope baseline Refinement Cost Management Plan Cost Management Plan · Companies or organizations Stakefolder Register · · · · Scope baseline · Scope baseline (communication Requirements concerning on Progresses) · · Collaboration agreement · · · 組織のプロセス資産 (類似プロジェクトに おける意思決定の結果) 組織体の環境要因 (コミュニケーション・チャネル, 組織のインフラ) · · · · 組織のプロセス資産 (リスク区分) 組織体の環境要因 (リスク許容度) 組織体の環境要因 (リスク態度) · Stakefolder Register · · Project Charter · · 11.1 Plan Risk Management Scope baseline (WBS dictionary(technical documents,(quality requirements, etc.)) " · · · Stakeholder management plan · Project Scope Statement · · · · · 12.1 Plan Procurements · · 調達作業範囲記述書 調達文書 Project Scope Statement · Risk Management Plan Risk Management Plan · · Risk register · · · · Project Management Plan · · Requirements Documentation Requirements Traceability Matrix Risk register Risk register 11.4 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 11.5 Plan Risk Response リ 調ス· ク 整対 Project documents updates 応 Project Management Information System (PMIS) プロジェクトマネージメント計画書 (リスク対応更新版) 発注先選定基準 内外製決定 · 組織のプロセス資産 (表彰と報奨) · 組織のプロセス資産 (納入者の当該事項に 関わる過去の業務経験) · Stakeholder management plan 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan · Project documentation (Change request log Status updates) Customer · 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (ステークホルダーへの通知と フィードバック,プロジェクト記録 {コレスポンデンス,議事録等} 教訓の文書化) · 品質マネジメント計画書 · · Process Improvement plan, Quality Management Plan 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (品質標準,品質方針) Change Request · · 9.2 Acquire Project Team Resources Calendar · · · Project Management Plan (Human resources plan) · Preceding Subprocess 組織体の環境要因の更新版 (トレーニング記録,スキル評価) Subsequent processes To Input information Work performance reports Resources Calendar Project team Performance Evaluation (Preventive action, corrective action) Change Request (Revised Certificate of Human Resource Plan) Project personnel appointed · 9.4 Manage Project Team · 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (過去の情報と教訓の文書) Change Request (Stakeholder register,Issue log, Stakeholder management plan) 13.3 Manage Stakeholder Engagement 調達マネージメント計画書 (Issue log) 調達文書 納入者 · Subsequent Subprocess 文書更新内容 Updated Project Management Plan (Procurement management plan) Resources Calendar 調達契約結託 Change Request To Process leading Updated Project Management Plan (Issue log) · Relationship Updated Project Management Plan (Amount of training) (Revised Certificate of Human Resource Plan) Project Management Plan (Human resources plan) 納入候補のプロポーザル · Stakefolder Register (Training plan) Communication management plan · Companies or organizations プロジェクトマネージメント計画書 (各種補助計画書)変更版 Change request (for aid in the "plan" process) · 4.6 Close Project or Phase 組織のプロセス資産 (要素成果物) (プロジェクト・ファイル) (プロジェクトやフェーズ の終了文書, プロジェクトが 打ち切られた理由) Final product, Service, Transfer of the outcome Project Management Plan · · (Change log) Scope baseline Updated Project Management Plan (Guidelines for the conclusion, Transfer standard) 10.2 8.2 Perform Quality Assurance Communications Management Plan (Stakeholder register, Stakeholder management plan) · Change Request 12.2 Conduct Procurements 適格納入者リスト · Project documentation (reports) 組織のプロセス資産 (要素成果物受入, 受入文書) (調達ファイル) (調達管理文書 調達監査報告書) (調達からの教訓) Work performance reports (Quality audit Report) · · 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control (Project log) Project Management Plan (Quality Management plan, Process Improvement Plan) 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (コレスポンデンス, 支払い予定と支払い要求、 納入者パフォーマンス情報) 12.4 Close Procurements (Completion of procurement contracts) (Change based on the official procedure Completed procurement Modified version of all auxiliary management plan) Manage Communications Quality metrics · · · · Project Management Plan updates (Procurement Management Plan) Work performance reports (Issue log) · 9.3 Develop Project Team Project documents updates. Assumption log updates (WBS更新)(前提条件ログ)(技術的文書) · · 品質管理測定結果 Human resources plan Risk register Risk register · 変更管理機能 Project Management Plan · Workaround plan, Contingency Plan, (accordance on risk Response Planning process Project management plan) 変更管理委員会(CCB) Project Project Management Management Plan updates Plan updates 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution · · Project documents updates 12.3 Control Procurements 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (リスク・ブレークダウンストラクチャ, リスクの影響、教訓) Procurement Document Change request · 組織のプロセス資産 (外部要員取込み方針, 地理条件・ロジステックス)) 組織体の環境要因 (参加できる要員の コンピテンシー・レベル、 スキル・セット、経験) Risk Management Plan 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Work performance reports approved change Request Communications Management Plan (Project Management Plan) · · · Updated Project Management Plan (Change management plan for baseline) (Configuration management plan for deliverables) · · (Proposed preventive action, Proposed corrective action) Change Request approved change Request, approved change Request, status updates Change request status updates Change request 組織体の環境要因 (顧客の文化や体制、 人事管理、組織の インフラストラクチャ, ステークホルダーの リスク許容度) 組織のプロセス資産 (課題と欠陥の マネジメントプロセス 測定データベース) · management plan updates Work performance reports · · (Risk register updated) ·· · 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (報告書の様式、使用する測定値や指標、教訓) Work performance Reports Change Request 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work Updated risk register 調達マネージメント計画書 (Work performance report) (log prerequisites) · · Project Charter Process Improvement plan, Quality Management Plan Updated Risk register Scope baseline 組織のプロセス資産 (定量的リスクマネジメント の方針や手順) 組織のプロセス資産 (プロジェクト・成果物 のパフォーマンス、 · 使用する測定値や指標 を定義した方針や手順) 組織体の環境要因 (組織のインフラストラクチャ, 人事管理,安全計画、安全保障計画、 システム・エンジニアリング計画、 トレーニング計画) · Updated Project documentation · · Communication  · Communications Management Plan Communications Management Plan Communications Management Plan · The supplier selection, contract 11.2 Identify Risks · · 調達文書 · Project communications Project documentation (baseline) (Project information value is observed in order to identify the risk (Such as "project schedule network diagram" ...)) Risk Management Plan Stakefolder Register 組織のプロセス資産 (リスクのデータベース) Updated Project Management Plan · Updated Project Management Plan (Procurement Management Plan) (Procurement Management Plan) · Project Scope Statement Stakefolder Register · ·· · 10.1 Plan ommunication s Management · · Cost performance baseline 品質マネージメント計画書 Stakefolder Register Work performance information (Preventive action, corrective action) change request Control Communications Work performance data Risk register (Quality measure, Quality Checklist) 8.1 Plan Quality Management · 13.4 Control Stakeholders Engagement (Flaw remediation) Scope baseline updates Change Request (Upon completion of the deliverables) Change Request Stakeholder management plan updates Work performance data Cost performance baseline · Work performance information(updated) Work performance data Cost estimates · · · Resources Calendar Risk register · Scope baseline (Scope Statement,WBS,WBS dictionary(technical documents,(quality requirements, etc.)) " 組織体の環境要因 (規則、標準、ガイドライン) 組織のプロセス資産 (記録に関する方針、 チェックリストのテンプレート) 5.5 Verify Scope Project Project Management Management Plan updates Plan updates Risk register ★ Accepted deliverables 11.6 Control Risks Updated Project Management Plan (Risk Management Plan) · Activity cost estimate 7.3 Determine Budget · · Cost performance baseline Risk register Activity cost estimate, Basis of estimate 7.2 Estimate Costs Organizational process assets (cost Budgetting Tool, method of reporting) · Schedule Baseline Schedule Baseline · Work performance data Updated Project Management Plan (Communications management plan ) · 組織のプロセス資産 (課題と欠陥 のマネジメント, プロセス測定 データベース, 財務管理手順) 組織体の環境要因 (作業認可システム PMIS) · estimate activity duration · Cost management plan Cost estimates Updated 10.3 · 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (差異の原因、是正処置の選択理由,教訓) (Performance Report at the time of completion) Updated Project Management Plan Work performance data (Stakeholder management plan) · · · · Risk register Human resources plan (Preventive action, corrective action) change request Configuration Management system · · · · · · 7.1 Plan Cost Management Updated Project Management Plan (Scope baseline,other) Resource Breakdown Structure 6.5 Estimate Activity Durations Deliverables Verified 要求事項文書(作業の詳細な記述、技術的文書の詳細) 要求事項トレーサビリティ・マトリックス Work performance Work performance information information ·Activity resource requirements Activity resource requirements · Activities List, Activity Attributes deliverables Figure Project Schedule Network (Lead, lag) Project Charter · · Updated Project Management Plan (Quality Management Plan) · Schedule data, Project schedule Organizational process Assets updates (プロジェクト記録 (Defect repair, preventive action, corrective action) {Completed checklists}, Work performance information Change Request (品質標準,品質方針, (Confirmed Change) 標準作業ガイドライン, 品質標準 課題および欠陥の報告手段と · 品質マネジメント計画書 改訂版 コミュニケーション方針),lessons learned) · プロセス改善計画書 改訂版 · 8.3 Perform · Quality Control Quality checklists, Quality metrics · · {labor, materials, equipment, supplies}, {resource types grade level skills}, {time availability, amount}) Resource calendar (resource classification Resources Calendar Resources Calendar · 6.4 Estimate Activity Resources 組織のプロセス資産 (所用期間についての 過去の情報) 組織体の環境要因 (所要期間見積り のためのデータベース, 公開見積りデータ, 生産性尺度) Milestone list, activity list, activity attributes 6.3 Sequence Activities Schedule Management Plan · Organizational process assets (Policy cost estimates) · · · · Work performance information Cost forecasts Work performance data 組織のプロセス資産 (使用する測定値や 指標を定義した 方針や手順, 組織で定めた 差異の限度) Project Charter 6.2 Define Activities 7.4 Control Costs Scope baseline 5.4 Create WBS 6.1 Plan Schedule Management Work performance information 組織のプロセス資産更新版 (差異の原因、是正処置の選択理由,教訓) Schedule management plan · Schedule Baseline (Specific, situation, verification and audit) · · · Project funding requirements · · · · · (Preventive action, corrective action) change request 6.7 Control Schedule Updated Project Management Plan (Cost baseline,other) 組織のプロセス資産 (品質標準) · 組織体の環境要因 (市場における資源 の可用性やスキル) · 組織のプロセス資産 (現行の公式および 非公式の方針/手順, 財務管理手順,リスク予算, マネージメント予備, コンテンジェンシー予備) · Scope baseline Work performance data Project Schedule Work performance data 要求事項文書(ビジネス・ニーズ,作業の詳細な記述,技術的文書の詳細受入基準,等) 要求事項トレーサビリティ・マトリックス · Project Scope · Statement · · Organizational process Assets updates (Change of deliverables, defect repair, preventive action, corrective action) (Causes of variances,Corrective action chosen and the reasons,lessons learned) Change Request (Management of defect and issues) · Requirements Documentation Scope baseline · Requirements Traceability Matrix · Work performance information 5.6 Control Scope Updated Project Management Plan (Schedule baseline,other) · Project Scope Statement · · Stakefolder Register · 要求事項文書 5.3 Collect Requirements Project Charter 組織のプロセス資産 (Schedule ・ コンテンジェンシー予備, 差異限界、予備手段) · 組織のプロセス資産 (使用する監視 および報告の方法) · Scope baseline · · Scope management plan, Requirements management plan 5.2 Collect Requirements · · Stakeholder management plan · Stakefolder Register · · · Ploject management Plan Stakefolder Register · · · Organizational process Assets (過去のStakeholder Register,教訓) Enterprise Environmental Factors (組織や企業の文化や構造) · Ploject management Plan 13.1 Identify Stakeholder · Project Management Plan, Requirements Management plan, Scope baseline, Scope Management Plan, Configuration Management Plan, Change management plan Project Charter Project Charter 13.2 Plan Stakeholder Management Enterprise Environmental Factors Organizational process Assets · Requirements Documentation ・Requirements Traceability Matrix Project statement of work Business Case Agreements 組織のプロセス資産 (組織のコミュニケーション要求事項,課題マネジメントの手順) Updated Project Management Plan (Communication management plan) Change Request · Project documentation 組織体のプロセス資産 更新版 (課題の原因、是正処置の選択理由,教訓) 蓄積文書の参照 ((変更ログ)(課題ログ)) Reference: ”A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Fifth Edition” Copyright © 2012,2013,jumnichi Kose edited