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Mu atomic layer 2 26-19

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Whiteboard2Boardroom showcases innovations from Kansas City area universities, hospitals and corporations. W2B is a program on UMKC Innovation Center.

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Mu atomic layer 2 26-19

  1. 1. W2B Technology Snapshot Webinar Overview Webinar Objectives • Attract entrepreneurs to license technologies and start companies • Attract corporations to license technologies as new product opportunities • Solicit input on the commercial viability of the technologies presented Agenda  Webinar schedule  Two technology opportunities  8-10 minute presentations  5-10 minute questions as needed  Send technology inquiries to Jim Baxendale at baxendalej@umkc.edu
  2. 2. Liquid-based Atomic Layer Deposition February 26, 2019
  3. 3. What is the problem? • COST • High cost of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) • ALD has many applications including: – Lithium batteries – electrode coatings – Solar cells – Microelectronics – Fuel cells – Biomedical applications – Filtration/remediation
  4. 4. How does product/service solve problem? • Metal oxide powders are coated to improve performance and stability • This invention uses a liquid organic solvent for the chemical precursor coating • Current state of the art is vapor deposition
  5. 5. What is the market use? • Growth in ALD driven by component miniaturization • ALD is largely present in almost all-high end products in industries such as: – Cathode powder coatings (e.g. niobia on NCA, NMC) – Microelectronics (e.g. CNTs coated with ZnO) = 40% – Solar cells (e.g. CNTs coated with TiO2) – Fuel cells – Biomedical applications – Flexible electronic devices
  6. 6. What competition exists? • Adeka Corp, Applied Materials Inc, ASM International N.V.,ATMI Inc. Beneq Oy, Cambridge NanoTech Inc, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc, Kurt J. Lesker Co, Metryx Ltd, Novellus Systems Inc,Oxford Instruments plc, Picosun Oy, Praxair Technology Inc, Sigma- Aldrich Co. LLC • $1.1 B world wide market • 21.5% CAGR • Aluminum oxide coatings = $330 M
  7. 7. What is the status of the intellectual property? • PCT pending • Inventor: Yangchuan (Chad) Xing
  8. 8. What is the stage of development? • Investigate feasibility of non-battery applications • Inventor Chad Xing wants to start a company to pursue the battery application
  9. 9. What is needed for further development? • Management with expertise in materials • SBIRs • Investment