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Europe VC activity increases slightly - investors remain cautious
In Q1’16, total VC deal value increased slightly, buoyed by Spotify’s $1 billion funding round that closed out the quarter. Despite this
significant deal, worth close to one-third of Europe’s entire VC activity during the quarter, many VC investors in the region are
holding back from making major investments. The reality is that many European VC investors are being cautious given uncertainties
that could have an impact on the VC market over the medium term, including a pending referendum regarding the United Kingdom’s
future in the European Union, the fallout from the Brussels terrorist attacks only months after attacks in Paris, and the impact of the
forthcoming US presidential election on the investment climate in the US of which Europe is not immune.
Increasing amount of “dry powder” in market
The current hesitance among VC investors in Europe may simply be a short-term trend. This is because of the dry powder in the
market where VC funds will likely be looking to invest once market uncertainties have leveled out. Given that interest rates are
expected to remain very low in Europe, investors are expected to continue to look for investment opportunities to make much
higher returns.
Investors more critical about potential investments
Given current market uncertainties, VC investors are becoming more selective when it comes to their investment activities. During
Q1'16, deal share was marked by a pullback in seed / angel rounds – dropping to 35 percent from 42 percent in the prior quarter.
This pullback suggests that investors are de-risking by investing in companies that are more established and that have a proven
track record. As a result, startups will need to provide a lot more detail to investors in order to attract funding.
Nowadays, investors in Europe are often more conservative than VCs in the US and they want to examine a startup company’s profit
and loss statement and cash flow forecast as well as see positive margins – or obtain more visibility on how and when the company
will become profitable. Companies that do not have a strong and credible business plan for achieving profitability will be hard-
pressed to attract investment given the caution currently permeating the European VC market.
Investors are also demanding more protection in exchange for their investments. Spotify was able to raise $1 billion using convertible
debt with strict investor guarantees tied to a forthcoming IPO. In such a cautious market, investor guarantees will likely become more

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