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Citizen Science - Smart Citizens Making Sense

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Presentation I gave to INSPIRE conference on September 7th in Strasbourg, at celebration event for 10 years of INSPIRE.

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Citizen Science - Smart Citizens Making Sense

  1. 1. Citizen Science Frank Kresin Managing Director DesignLab Waag Society Fellow @kresin / f.j.kresin@utwente.nl
  2. 2. How open are we in Citizen Science? 1. Problem Definition 2. Research Strategy 3. Tools & Sensors 4. Data Acquisition 5. Interpretation 6. Action
  3. 3. Urban Environmental Challenges
  4. 4. http://www.eea.europa.eu/media/newsreleases/air-pollution-still-causing-harm
  5. 5. Official Measurement Stations
  6. 6. National Measurement Network http://www.lml.rivm.nl/meetnet/index.php
  7. 7. SafeCast http://blog.safecast.org/
  8. 8. AirBezen
  9. 9. Smart Citizens Lab https://waag.org/en/project/amsterdam-smart-citizens-lab
  10. 10. SenseMakers Amsterdam
  11. 11. Empower people to: • Acquire, Read & Manipulate Data • Understand their environment • Turn data and insight into action • Using public networks of low cost, open source sensors
  12. 12. Resulting in:
 • Better informed, more engaged citizens • Impactful dialogues between citizens and governments • More data, more insight, better policies • More enjoyable, social, inclusive, healthy & livable cities
  13. 13. Methods https://publiclab.org/
  14. 14. Data & Visualisations http://waag.org/en/project/smart-citizen-kit
  15. 15. https://www.waag.org/en/project/making-sense
  16. 16. 300+ PARTICIPANTS Air Quality ISSUE Kosovo LOCATION SCIENCE FOR CHANGE Young people investigating
 air pollution in Kosovo. Kosovo is one of the most polluted regions in Europe. The Science for Change Kosovo Movement is empowering young people and affected communities and jointly break the institutional silence around the air pollution in Kosovo through evidence-based campaigns and actions.
  17. 17. COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS Infrastructuring the next generation of activists The Barcelona pilot will look to train a committed group of environmental activists in the tools and methodologies needed to conduct participatory sensing campaigns. The first pilot will map and address the issue of noise pollution, and collective resources. 25 PARTICIPANTS Noise ISSUE Barcelona LOCATION
  18. 18. URBAN AIRQ Tackling the most polluted streets in Amsterdam The Dutch environmental protection organisation found that the Valkenburgerstraat and the Weesperstraat in the heart of Amsterdam are the most polluted streets of the city. We want to know more about the situation in this part of the city and will measure the air quality with the locals 20 PARTICIPANTS Air Quality ISSUE Amsterdam LOCATION
  19. 19. • Enhance people's
 data literacy skills • Develop public (free!) data commons • Provide tools for calibrating & linking • Reach out & listen to communities • Encourage campaigns INSPIRE http://amsterdamsmartcity.com/?lang=en
  20. 20. Empower
 Smart Citizens
  21. 21. From Needs to Knowledge A reference framework for smart citizens initiatives 1 AMSTERDAM SMART CITIZENS LAB LAURENCE HENRIQUEZ NATASHA DE SENAFRANK KRESIN TOWARDS COMMUNITY DRIVEN DATA COLLECTION A PUBLICATION BY WAAG SOCIETY & AMS INSTITUTE author editor editor https://waag.org/en/news/amsterdam-smart-citizens-lab-publication
  22. 22. University of Twente Pinetumweg Enschede https://www.utwente.nl/en/designlab/ Frank Kresin Managing Director @kresin / f.j.kresin@utwente.nl