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Dejirafication - clean your process

How we stopped using backlog management tools and why you should

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Dejirafication - clean your process

  1. 1. Dejirafication free your process Alexey Krivitsky an agile2016 lightening talk
  2. 2. Most of us use some sort of backlog management tools…
  3. 3. There are many different ones… but i’ll just call them ‘jira’
  4. 4. From lean thinking perspective: managing the inventory is a non-value-adding activity
  5. 5. Jira issue list is beamed to the wall from a PO’s notebook - That’s how Most backlog refinement meetings look like.
  6. 6. Those meetings are made for the team to meet with the tool. Not for team collaboration. Robots control us.
  7. 7. Printed jira issues Time-boxed discussions Break-out groups working in parallel Updates to jira a;er the mee=ng Some ideas that I’ve tried to improve the meetings: Result: just less badly jirafied meetings.
  8. 8. Jirandicitis (or the ‘jira symptom’) An observable process when team collaboration (such as a meeting) is degrading to become a plain tool-updating activity (with a sole goal of updating the tool).
  9. 9. welcome to jira rehab program
  10. 10. One of my client joint my jira rehab program: We went back to paper:
  11. 11. We use A4 sheets for stories
  12. 12. Backlog refinement activities are much more lively
  13. 13. And is about building shared understanding of product & work
  14. 14. It also looks chaotic but this doesn’t meet it lacks structure
  15. 15. So how this works in practice? 4 steps to get clean
  16. 16. #1 mind-mapping for product themes – no more lists
  17. 17. #2 JIT story slicing – minimal inventories
  18. 18. I call this a ‘parmigiano method’: Grate fresh stories only when hungry.
  19. 19. #3 backlog refinement with shuffled groups – amplify learning
  20. 20. #4 shape discussions – lean coffee with confidence voting
  21. 21. Get clean today. #1 mind-mapping for product themes – no more lists #2 JIT story slicing – minimal inventories #3 backlog refinement with mixed teams – amplify learning #4 shape discussions – lean coffee with confidence voting Sign up for jira rehab program now!
  22. 22. Joint Backlog refinement This nicely scales for a multi-teams scrum setup
  23. 23. That’s how our multi-team sprint planning looks like
  24. 24. But that’s another story…
  25. 25. I offer jira rehab hugs. Approach me after the talk. Thank you! @alexeykrv