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Winsor dolphin

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Winsor dolphin

  1. 1. DolphinsEP
  2. 2. Sea weedFish, clams, crabs, other marine animalssquid ,fishdolphinsorcasorcas, sharksFood chain
  3. 3. A dolphin is endangered because they get caught infishing nets. Also during the rainy season the AmazonRiver over flows and their blow holes get water inthem. This causes them to drown. Hunters huntdolphins called botos for bait.HOW DOLPHINS DIE
  4. 4. A dolphins brain has more folded surfaces than a humanbrain.Dolphins are good at learning.One part of a dolphins brain sleeps while the other staysawake .When dolphins are not hunting they mingle with otherdolphins.Dolphins can blow bubble rings big enoughto swim through.The bottle nose dolphin weighs up to 1,000 pounds and13feet long.facts
  5. 5. Scientists worry that if dolphins die other animals will to.People kill dolphins for there blubber.HOW DOLPHINS ARE ENDANGERD
  6. 6. There are many types of dolphins like the bottlenosedolphins, spotted dolphin, common dolphins, and thepacific white sided dolphins.Family
  7. 7. Maps of were dolphins live
  8. 8. Porpoise orca whaleRelated family
  9. 9. By Emma PuleriDolphin hand drawn picture