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Kim Solez Introduction to Tech&Future of Medicine course 8 Jan 2013

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Introduction the LABMP 590 course Technology and Future of Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada on January 8, 2013.

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Kim Solez Introduction to Tech&Future of Medicine course 8 Jan 2013

  1. 1. Kim Solez, MD
  2. 2. The technological singularity occurs as artificialintelligences surpass human beings as the smartestand most capable life forms on the Earth.Technological development is taken over by themachines, who can think, act and communicate soquickly that normal humans cannot even comprehendwhat is going on. The machines enter into a "runawayreaction" of self-improvement cycles, with each newgeneration of A.I.s appearing faster and faster. Fromthis point onwards, technological advancement isexplosive, under the control of the machines, andthus cannot be accurately predicted (hence the term"Singularity"). – Ray Kurzweil
  3. 3. Course conceptualized in March 2011, tested with focus groups inMay for its suitability as a course for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  4. 4.  Ten minute introduction Fifty minute lecture Twenty minute discussion In the course we talk about machines replacing many of the functions of human beings. This picture was taken by a machine without human intervention, as were many of the best still images from the course. The video camera is constantly comparing the scene to algorithms and takes still pictures when the requirements of the interesting picture algorithm are satisfied.
  5. 5. First teaching session 2011 Recent teaching session 2012Hot-linked tables of contents in YouTube video descriptions allow oneto jump right to content of interest.
  6. 6. Heather Graves, from Department of English and Film Studies, in Faculty of Arts.
  7. 7.  CCIS is on the other side of campus for many of us, but it is good exercise to go there and one often has excellent company making the trip!
  8. 8.  We endeavor to shoot broadcast quality video of each lecture and discussion. Previous lectures on YouTube.com at /user/KimSolez and /user/avoca99 . Students are asked to critique one past lecture, and suggest improvements in presentation and hot- linked table of contents (20% of grade). Students write one 3,000 word paper (40%) and give 20 min. presentation on same subject (30%). Also graded on class participation (10%). No required reading. Suggested reading list distributed by Email, is constantly updated.
  9. 9.  The technological Singularity. Existential risks, AI, genomics, and nanotech. Ways to optimize a positive outcome for humanity in the co -evolution of humans and machines. The influence of these considerations on medicine of the future . Dean of Science and Dean of Arts speaking, many prominent people internationally. Most lectures not very “medical”. Easily understood. Balanced view provided by incorporating both technology skeptics and technology advocates .
  10. 10. Winter Fall Winter Winter Fall Registered Students Fall’12 ‘13 ‘142 5 12 27 40 40 40 30  Student numbers more than 20 double every six months! 10 Maximum is 40 . 0  This may be the last Winter 12 Fall 12 Winter 13 Fall 13 Winter 14 Fall 14 semester when all students hear all presentations!
  11. 11.  Some already know what the technological Singularity is, others don’t, and are finding out now. However, if the people and ideas I present are genuinely new and interesting I should be able to satisfy both groups. The most interesting aspects have to do with the impact on young people today.
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Elenchus - Open Facebook Group"Elenchus" is a form of inquiry anddebate between individuals with opposingviewpoints based on utilizing Socraticdialogue in asking and answering questionsto stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.
The only rule: Maintain Decorum :)
  15. 15.  How Inside Outside and Singularity impact young people, important concepts discussed in course. Nova program on PBS Television (100 million viewers) Big Bang Theory (the TV show; 16 million viewers) Singularity Summit (9,000 views per video) Kim Solez – Technology and Future of Medicine Course LABMP 590 (900 views per video)
  16. 16.  .However, Marcus Hutter suggests that there is an element ofhuman insignificance that makes the whole scenario muchmore challenging. Also, Hutter has created a model general AIwhich makes the challenge seem more immediate!
  17. 17.  .However Marcus Hutter suggests that there is an element ofhuman insignificance that makes the whole scenario much morechallenging. Also Hutter has created a sort of general AI whichmakes the problem seem more immediate!
  18. 18.  While these targets are “just” recreational games, they do contain many prototypical elements of the real world, such as food, enemies, friends, space, obstacles, objects, and weapons  Next could be a test in modern virtual worlds... that require intelligent agents, and finally some selected real-world problemsThe same single AIXI approximation [“MC-AIXI-CTW”] haslearned to play TicTacToe, Kuhn Poker, and mostimpressively, Pacman (Veness et al. 2011) from scratch
  19. 19.  Outside the Singularity looking in it will be white noise Inside the Singularity if everything speeds up at the same rate we may not notice anything; it may seem like normal life to us Even if initially our biological brains count for something in our mental processes, very soon the processing power of the machine implant will vastly outstrip our biological brains. Our biological brains become insignificant regardless of the friendliness or lack thereof of the AI
  20. 20.  Extreme risk taking because we can back ourselves up from backups if something bad happens Insignificance, lack of identity. Why wait to create backups when we have the processing power to run several lives at once. Can replicate ourselves endlessly in seconds! No more waiting 9 months! The world has little incentive to keep identities straight when biological brains contribute so little to mental processes. Bigger not better Aimlessness, lack of sense of purpose
  21. 21.  The challenge of producing a friendly AI becomes just a small part of the much larger challenge of creating a friendly world in which humans still have lives of significance, human history is retained and extended A positive outcome is possible; let’s make it likely We all need to be engaged in ensuring a positive outcome for humanity. The future is ours to shape. We need to get busy doing that! A simple approach is needed to engage the general public on these matters! This course is a beginning attempt at achieving that.
  22. 22.  The challenge of friendly AI becomes just a small part of a much larger challenge of creating a friendly world in which humans still have lives of significance, human history is retained and extended. We all need to be engaged in ensuring a positive outcome for humanity. The future is ours to shape. We need to get busy doing that! Part of the imagined future could be one where all disease was eliminated but life was intolerable. Another where the only diseases are from bioterrorism.
  23. 23.  All natural disease may be eliminated, leaving only man-made diseases. But that may leave as much for physicians to do as there is today! Challenging responses to bioterrorism and stem cell technologies. Focus of medicine no longer disease but enhancement, which will extend beyond the physical to the moral. Social responsibility an important aspect of medicine and one of the focuses of the course.
  24. 24.  “It is the curse of humanity that it learns to tolerate even the most horrible situations by habituation. Physicians are the natural attorneys of the poor, and the social problems should largely be solved by them.” -Rudolf Virchow
  25. 25.  It became apparent that the best way to make this happen was for me to create a novel course of new design. Thus, this course. Presently, we know of no similar courses being presented elsewhere. Eventually it is our hope that hundreds of similar courses will begin appearing at Universities all over the world.
  26. 26.  Regulatory oversight that is completely focused on compliance. Discourages risk-taking and innovation. Health care doesnt have the same financial reward system. Facebook isnt about to pay $1 billion for the latest hot-ticket item in imaging and informatics. Security always trumps information sharing, and so better, faster linkages are constrained because of security concerns, most of which are bogus.
  27. 27. HealthAppsNotUsed