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Adsparx Product Introduction

AdSparx is an Internet Video Monetization Platform for Video Content Publishers that enables targeted, in-stream Video Ads as pre and Mid Rolls for Mobile and Internet devices

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Adsparx Product Introduction

  1. 1. Video Ad Platformfor Internet TV www.adsparx.in
  2. 2. AdSparx is a Barriers to Monetization for Internet Video Eliminates Publisher-Side Platform
  3. 3. Ad Insertion Technology Device Independent * * Patented in US & India Mobile Phones, Smart devices, Laptops, Connected TVs Content Format Independent Linear TV, Live Events and Archived Videos Targeted Video Pre & Mid Rolls Ads inserted at the time of delivery to end users
  4. 4. Inventory Monetization without killing Smooth switching between Video & Ad content Advertisers demand High Quality Viewing Experience USER EXPERIENCE
  5. 5. Quickest path to Ad Revenue Single Server-side Integration No client-side modifications No upgrades to end-users No changes in your set up GET STARTED WITHIN DAYS !! Integrates with workflow
  6. 6. Use AdSparx as your Private MARKET PLACE Qualify Inventory as Monetize-able Asset Define & Execute Ad Campaigns Aggregate Advertisers
  7. 7. Qualifying Video Inventory Aggregation of Inventory Inventory Analytics across all fragments like regions, devices, content, etc Pre-sales reports, prime time & CPM analytics Revenue Analytics Campaign reports Monetization
  8. 8. Ad Campaign Management Define, Edit & Execute Ad Campaigns Targeting Parameters Content, Genre, Time Slot, Device, Location based targeting Operator based targeting Custom Rules Campaign Performance Reports Monetization
  9. 9. Ad Mediation Freedom to aggregate Advertisers Open integration Impression tracking & reporting Automated Ad asset fetching Monetization VAST compliant
  10. 10. About NOVIX Owners of AdSparx Platform A technology venture Ex-promoters of Mundu TV