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  1. Carcassone - Eugène Viollet-le-Duc in 1853 and added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997.[
  2. Benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890.
  3. • 2 • Support from various other comm staff o 5-7 hot topics per week from web writer o EDIS publications for #TBT
  4. • 2 • Support from various other comm staff o 5-7 hot topics per week from web writer o EDIS publications for #TBT
  5. • 2 • Support from various other comm staff o 5-7 hot topics per week from web writer o EDIS publications for #TBT
  6. • Production meeting once a week • Monitoring and strategy from Tiffany • External media company assists in developing social media ads for large campaigns
  7. • Everyday consumers, agricultural sector o Pinterest – women and families o Instagram – geared towards students, more upbeat
  8. • Platform and content strategy training • Administration access for adherence to communication branding • Review all accounts every six months to look at growth and branding • Extensions generally run their own content o Close oversight given only for large events • Shared production calendar
  9. o New President o Doubled Impressions o Twitter chats to identify bugs o 8 + posts led to a net increase in fans, counter to previous research that showed decrease in likes when primary accounts posted more than 4 times a day.
  10. • Building community support is integral to the success of IFAS accounts o Required building trust with affiliated colleges less familiar with the team Open Houses for communicators
  11. o Sports – managed by directors who handle PR and social media o Sports writers o Coaches o Cheerleaders / Mascots / Service Areas See Gatorzone/social for full list
  12. • Meets every Tuesday • Sharepoint community for marketing reps o Calendar – assets and messages o Dropbox – sharing photography assets
  13. • Reviewed for marketing and branding guidelines – consistency across all platforms for naming conventions – instant discoverability • Bruce looks at upcoming trends and changes in social media and disseminates information across the organization Design changes yearly to match year’s brand guidelines
  14. • Making relationships stronger Breaking down silos between the Athletic and rest of campus. Bruce recounts helping several colleagues go the library, literally just two blocks from the stadium. • Accounts are less likely to be off-message as they are run by dedicated marketing staff
  15. • Seat brackets – engineering department / Gator Swamp cross-collaboration (
  16. • Director of Social Media • Social Media Specialist • 0.4 – Writer/Storyteller • Intern (paid) • College students who hang out, provide insight and eat snacks • 1 – Videographer • 1 – Social Media Manager • 0.6 – Writer/Storyteller
  17. Planning for the long term school calendar
  18. 2,000
  19. Policies and procedures were in place when I arrived. The people who like policies and procedures have had us do some minor revisions over the past year. Personally, I’m not a fan of policies and procedures written in stone -- we spend too much time chiseling and not enough time exploring, growing, helping and evolving.
  20. The Internet is wonderful place. The Internet is a horrible place. People are awesome. People are assholes. Suggestion: Find the person who handles “bad news” on campus, understand their job and what they try to accomplish when things are not good. Let them understand what you can provide with social tools. Constantly communicate both the positives and negatives of actions (and inactions) on the social web. Don’t plan on sleeping if things go bad, the Internet never rests.
  21. Instagram Sept - Aug (110% increase) Twitter 34% increase Facebook 8.8% increase Snapchat 12,000+ views on every snap