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Journey from Microsoft Flow to Azure Logic Apps

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Thank you for joining my session at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 in the Greater Hartford area.

Find below links which will help you to improve from the items we discussed.

1. Logic App Custom Connectors

2. Read more about Azure Cognitive Services which we have used for the demo https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/cognitive-services

3. Read more about Logic Apps

4. Read more about Microsoft Flow

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Journey from Microsoft Flow to Azure Logic Apps

  1. 1. The journey from Flow (M365) to Logic Apps (Azure)
  2. 2. Work less, do more $$$
  3. 3. Characteristics of automated flows • Starts with an event or trigger • Performs any number of actions • Can have conditional logic • Can call other workflows
  4. 4. Integration + Connectivity • Built-in connectivity to 230+ SaaS cloud services, file providers, databases, web APIs, productivity apps, and more • Connect to on-premises systems via Data Gateway • Pluggable extensibility via Custom Connectors to integrate existing LOB systems into Flow
  5. 5. Custom Connectors?
  6. 6. Conduit between PowerApps and Flows and APIs Can call the Graph API Can also call other APIs Function based Custom Connectors PowerApps Flows API http://bit.ly/logicApp-customConnectors
  7. 7. Templates help users to get started
  8. 8. Demo #meetKushan Sentiment Analysis Ref: Azure Text Analytics doc
  9. 9. Microsoft Flow vs. Logic Apps Microsoft Flow is a SaaS service for automating workflow across a number of apps and SaaS services! Azure Logic Apps is a PaaS service for automating workflow across a number of apps, SaaS and Iaas services, simplifying complex enterprise integration
  10. 10. Key limitations to consider with Microsoft Flow Request time out – 30 day max Message size – 100 MB Retry attempts – 90 Recurrence Interval – 1 minute Looping – 5,000 Actions per workflow - 250
  11. 11. Other facts to consider • Browser based designer • Pay per run • Environment scoped • PowerBI Analytics • Browser and Visual Studio • Per pay action/ connector • Each Logic App is different entity • Azure analytics
  12. 12. Features in Flow not in Logic Apps
  13. 13. Features in Flow not in Logic Apps • Mobile App • Buttons • Modern Approvals • Environments • Run as user • Select Row • Built in Analytics • Resource (SharePoint List) owns the flow
  14. 14. Questions?