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2014 dti monitoring-solution_for_dangerous_goods_carried_by_intermodal_transport

  1. ŽILNSKÁ UNIVERZITA V ŽILINE Univerzitný vedecký park UNIVERSITY OF ZILINA University Science Park Monitoring Solution for Dangerous Goods Carried by Intermodal Transport Ing. Ľuboš Takáč, PhD. 22.05.2014
  2. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Presentation Content  Motivation  Intermodal Transport Monitoring  GPS – Trackers  Monitoring System Architecture  Designed Services  Problems & Future Work  Conclusion
  3. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Motivation  dangerous goods (flammable, explosive, corrosive, radioactive, etc.)  public safety  restricted area (water resources, tunnels, long bridges, another specific geographic areas)  European standards
  4. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Intermodal Transport Monitoring  cargo monitoring regardless of actual transport type  monitoring systems Integration  cargo monitoring
  5. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark GPS Trackers  there are many GPS Trackers with various parameters  basic requirements for our system  own power supply  GSM module  scalability (extensibility with accelerometer, thermometer, another sensors)  resistant cover
  6. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Monitoring System Architecture  processing RAW tracked data from multiple devices (systems) in LOOP  store into database  real-time processing by our SERVICES
  7. System Architecture
  8. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Designed Services  GPS Tracking  Geofencing  Monitoring of restricted areas  Daily Reports  Crash detection (based on accelerometer - in development)
  10. Geofencing
  11. Monitoring Restricted Areas
  12. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Problems & Future Work  GSM, GPS signal coverage  latency (Geofencing - avg delay 10s, max delay 30s)  battery life  crash detection  standardized API for data exchange
  13. UNIVERSITYOFZILINA UniversitySciencePark Conclusion  we built Monitoring System for Dangerous Goods Carried by Intermodal Transport  we are still in testing phase  8 trackers from different vendors  system integration (marinetraffic)  monitored over 163 thousands km (RAIL, ROAD, WATER)  testing geofencing (water resources, tunnels in SR)
  14. UNIVERSITY OF ZILINA University Science Park Univerzitná 8215/1, 010 26 Žilina ITMS 26220220184 Thank you for your attention. This presentation is the result of the project implementation: University research park of the University of Zilina (ITMS: 26220220184) supported by the Research & Development Operational Programme funded by the European Reagional Development Fund. Ing. Ľuboš Takáč, PhD.