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Rethinking Resumes

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Rethinking Resumes

  1. and this is my resume.
  2. this is what will tell you about me
  3. Books-A-Million, Inc. (NASDAQ:BAMM) today announced the appointment of Mrs. Karla Wiles as Vice President of Marketing. Karla Wiles comes to Books-A-Million (Nasdaq:BAMM) from o2 ideas Inc., a marketing communications firm in Birmingham. There she served as executive vice president and director of client services and worked with national retail brands such as Saks Department Store Group, Mervyn's, Intuit, Kaplan IT, Captain D's, Giant Foods, BI-LO/Bruno's Supermarkets,Verizon Wireless and Home Depot. Terrance G. Finley, President, Books-A-Million, Inc. Merchandising Group, said, quot;We are thrilled to add someone of Karla's experience and talent to our team. She brings us a fresh perspective and years of brand development and retail experience. Her knowledge of various consumer segments and market trends will help us move the Books- A-Million brand forward.quot;
  4. this is what won’t tell you about me
  5. this is what won’t tell you about me
  6. I am Ambitious - promoted to 8 different positions during my 12 year tenure with o2ideas, inc. I am Zealous - started out in advertising at 19 years old. I am Fortunate - blessed with 2 healthy children and 1 talented, supportive, very funny husband. I am Creative - graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BA in Graphic Design. I am Versatile - skilled in budgets, boardrooms and briefings. I am Available - and currently seeking opportunities with qualified companies.
  7. this is the stuff i am really good at
  8. solving problems “ like big, tangled, hairy, messy, how the heck did we get into this kind of problems ”
  9. analyzing and synthesizing information “ piece of cake ”
  10. holistic thinking “ reflective, creative, big-picture, intuitive, unexpected kind of thinking ”
  11. “ i have an innate skill for figuring out how to do stuff i have absolutely no idea how to do, pronto ” learning quickly
  12. “ i believe in the power of human potential – in a together we can defeat the dark side kind of way ”
  13. THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO DO AGAIN explore insights, seek truths, spark creativity, lead initiatives, cultivate brands, strengthen companies, build teams, encourage others, challenge myself
  14. THINGS I WOULD NOT LIKE TO DO AGAIN work without meaning, meet about meetings, all-natural child birthing (twice is plenty)
  15. thank you.
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