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The Movement Project 35-54

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The Movement Project 35-54

  2. 2. THE MOVEMENT PROJECTThe Movement Project is a multi-part series profiling a diversegroup of elite old-age athletes, each with their own personalstories of overcoming great challenges and proving thatgrowing old doesn’t have to mean slowing down.Exquisitely photographed in bold black and white, eachepisode introduces us to a different extraordinary seniorathlete and shows not only their dedication to their sport, buttheir passion for living life to the fullest.The movement of each sport is expressed in the evocativesingle-word titles of the individual episodes: “leap”, “soar ”,“glide”, “reach”, “surf ”, “bounce”, “swing”, etc.By telling universal inspirational stories of the triumph of thehuman spirit, THE MOVEMENT PROJECT is premium contentwith a broad appeal.
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITYSponsorship of THE MOVEMENT PROJECT will connect yourbrand directly with a huge, uniquely targeted, highly-engagedaudience.THE MOVEMENT PROJECT offers your brand association witha visually-stunning groundbreaking series built around positivemessaging and the universal themes of determinationovercoming adversity.Timed to coincide with the 2012 Summer Olympics in London,we have the unique opportunity to connect your brand withthe projected 4.7 billion person media audience through cross-media promotion of our content.
  6. 6. AUDIENCE M/W 35-54THE MOVEMENT PROJECT offers your brand the opportunityto leverage the fastest growing social media demographic(35-54) to support your brand and products. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 40% of theUS Population is between the ages of 35-54 with an estimatedannual spending power of over $2 trillion.
  7. 7. ONLINE HABITS OF GEN XAccording to eMarketer, Gen X (35-46) constitutes thelargest online video audience. Almost three-quarters ofthem (74.2%) watch online video regularly.Gen Xs digital media consumption is strikingly similar tothat of the 18-34 demographic. They use social networks,watch video on their computers and mobile devices, andenjoy shopping online.
  8. 8. ONLINE HABITS OF THE YOUNGER BOOMERSYounger Boomers (47-55) are the single fastest growingsocial media adopters, and yet a recent study by TV LandCompany showed that are vastly underserved by marketinginitiatives, which mostly aim at younger people.According to market research company NPD Group, 41% ofBoomers regularly visit Facebook, and 61% visit websitesthat offer streaming or downloadable videos.
  10. 10. THE ATHLETES *subject to changeSPENCER LEHMAN MADONNA BUDER MICHAEL KELLY JANE HESSELGUES Age: 75 Age: 81 Age: 72 Age: 75 Pole Vaulter Triathlete Surfer Body Builder LILLIAN WEBB MARIAN ANDERSON FAUJA SINGH MARGARET HINTON Age: 96 Age: 74 Age: 100 Age: 89 Long Jumper Skier Marathon Runner Shotputter
  11. 11. REACHTHE MOVEMENT PROECT will utilize the latest technology intargeted distribution to reach the most engaged relevantaudience for your brand.  STEP 1: FACEBOOK APP  STEP 2: CUSTOM FLITE AD UNIT  STEP 3: TARGETED DISTRIBUTION  STEP 4: COMPLETE ANALYTICS
  12. 12. STEP 1: FACEBOOK APP•  Video featured in Facebook App•  Users will have the ability to watch, share, comment•  Branding will be available within the app, as well as links to sponsor sites or other brand-focused destinations
  13. 13. CONCEPT 1: SHARE YOUR STORY •  App that features MOVEMENT PROJECT “cause”, showing a main video every week •  Encourages users to submit their own stories via text and photos (optional) •  Users can view the main video story and other’s text/photo stories and share with friends. •  All actions generate newsfeeds and ticker actions that your friends will see
  14. 14. CONCEPT 2: YOUR FAVORITE •  App that features all video stories in a carousel •  After choosing a video story from the carousel the user lands on a page with the video and user’s comments on that story •  You enter to win a prize by writing a comment on your favorite story •  This action generates a newsfeed and ticker that your friends will see
  15. 15. STEP 2: CUSTOM FLITE AD UNIT •  Video will be featured in a custom Flite Ad Unit •  Ad will expand to showcase full video series, with links to Facebook page where users may comment and share their own stories as well as link to sponsor sites.
  17. 17. STEP 3: TARGETED DISTRIBUTION •  Ad unit will run across a targeted network of sites for added reach and scale
  18. 18. STEP 4: COMPLETE ANALYTICS •  Complete analytics from all elements will be provided at the completion of the campaign
  19. 19. MOBILE DEVICE DELIVERY•  Tablet and mobile- compatible across multiple channels including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.•  Device-compatible formats will detect when users are accessing our content on a device that does not support Flash, and will serve an HTML5 version of the ad unit instead.
  20. 20. ADDITIONAL BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES•  Custom Brand Pre-Roll featuring THE MOVEMENT PROJECT athletes•  Custom Brand Skin on video player•  Brand messaging built into Facebook App•  Unique QR code linking to brand promotions
  22. 22. THE CREATIVE TEAMOur team has been responsible for creating some ofthe most engaging high-quality original online videocontent and generated millions and millions of uniqueviews for major international brands like IKEA, HP,Hyundai, Sony, Lexus, McDonalds and others.At the core of what we do is promote and integratebrands into unique high-quality premium videocontent without sacrificing authenticity. In short, weproduce compelling content people want to watch.
  23. 23. ELLIOTT LESTER Director / ProducerElliott Lester is an award-winning multi-disciplinarydirector with a love for advertising. He shines as acomedic storyteller and is well known for his action-oriented projects across all mediums.Most recently Elliott completed branded content for NOSEnergy Drink and the international hit film “Blitz” fromLionsgate staring Jason Statham. He can tell a story in 30seconds, 2 minutes, or 2 hours. This is a rare attribute inadvertising, but no doubt a valuable one as our industrytravels at a rapid rate beyond what is consideredtraditional.Elliott has done work for major brands includingMcDonalds, Lexus, and Sony. He has taken home Clios,Telly Awards, and Cannes Lions for his work.
  24. 24. KYLE LA BRACHE Director / ProducerKyle La Brache is an award-winning filmmaker and brandedentertainment producer who has created numeroussuccessful series for brands and agencies such as IKEA,Hyundai, HP, American Express, USA Today, Netflix, BBDO,Initiative, OMG, Break, and DECA, as well as viralmarketing content and image pieces for EMI, MGM,Polygram, Capitol, Maverick, and Warner Bros Records.Kyle’s work has featured many celebrity and A-list talentincluding Keanu Reeves, Jane Lynch, William Shatner, HeidiKlum, Miley Cyrus, Jeff Goldblum, Moby, Conan O’Brien, TimAllen, Illeana Douglas, Nick Cannon, Sarah Silverman, JeffGarlin, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, Coldplay, Everclear,Megadeth, Robbie Williams, and many others.
  25. 25. FRANZ STAHL ComposerA former member of influential bands Foo Fighters,Scream, Wool, and Japanese Pop star Jun Onose, FranzStahl is an in-demand Hollywood composer currentlywriting and producing music for the commercial world.
  26. 26. DANIEL WINTER Still PhotographerDaniel Winter is a photographer and artist based in LosAngeles. His work has been published in GQ, Esquire, LosAngeles Magazine, XXL Magazine, and People. He hasphotographed many fashion, music, and entertainmentindustry luminaries.
  29. 29. CONTACT SEAN RYAN Catapult Digital Salessean.ryan@catapultdigitalsales.com 917 • 270 • 6908