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Almaty Region Investor Guide 2016

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The Almaty region presents tremendous opportunities for foreign investors. This investors' guide presents the conditions that make the Almaty region a powerhouse of economic activity in Kazakhstan and Eurasia.

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Almaty Region Investor Guide 2016

  1. 1. Center for Development of Almaty region Provided by INVESTOR GUIDE INVEST IN ALMATY REGION
  2. 2. “Almaty region has essential economic potential. We have all the opportunities for dynamic development. The main thing is to lay the foundations and move forward” Amandyk Batalov, Governor of the Almaty region
  3. 3. Almaty region Was established in 1932 Contain Regional center Population KAZ Area 223 911 sq km 1,98 million Region consists of 16 districts and 3 cities: Taldykorgan, Kapchagai, Tekeli The city of Taldykorgan MORE THAN Billions in Admission to the state budget Agricultural production Industrial production Gross regional product ManufacturingInvestments in fixed assets gross regional product $ 9,25 2015 $(Billions) 1,07 1,42 2,02 2010 2015 1,74 2,14 6,08 3,05 2,80 3,05 2,83 3,44 9,25
  4. 4. IMPORTEXPORT Products of animal & plant origin Products of animal & plant origin Machinery, equipment, vehicles, devices & apparatus Machinery, equipment, vehicles, devices & apparatus Mineral products Textile & textile products Construction materials Metal industry products Products of the chemical & related industries Shoes, headaches products & clothing items Metals & products from them Wood & timber Other products Construction materials Products of the chemical & related industries Export to 46 countries $412 mln export turnover: Major trading partners: The main import products comes from: Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan Europe, China, Russia and other CIS countries 49% 35% 21% 20% 12% 12% 9% 11% 6% 6% 3% 5% 5% 1% 5%
  5. 5. The structure of the industry & manufacturing Year 2015 Beverage industry 23% 22% 7% 6% 5% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 1% Manufacture of paper and paper products Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products Manufacture of chemical and chemical products Manufacture of tobacco products Manufacture of fabricated metal products except machinery & equipment Mechanical engineering Light industry Food production Metallurgical industry Manufacture of rubber and plastic products Other products 26%
  6. 6. OVER factories in new launched industrial facilities & 55 1800 2015 Key investors MEDIUM LARGE 31 55 99 1763 SMALL NEW LAUNCHED
  7. 7. Agricultural cluster $ (Billions) Almaty region’s economy is mostly agro-industrial oriented. 201520142013201220112010 2,80 2,56 2,34 2,13 1,81 1,35 Region produces 16,4% of gross agricultural production in Kazakhstan. Attractive potentials to be recognized as a “food belt” of the Almaty.
  8. 8. International center for cross border cooperation “Khorgos” Special Economic Zone “Khorgos - Eastern Gate” Alm aty region China D e v e l o p m e n t o f transport and logistics system, engineering infrastructure: transport and logistics complex “Dry port”, industrial zone, residential zone, I C B C “ K h o r g o s ” . Prospects for the long- term development of internal and cross border infrastructure
  9. 9. TOP priority areas Logistics Renewable energy Tourism Construction Food processing Pharmaceuticals Active use of preferences imposed for the International Center for Cross-Border cooperation “Khorgos” and Special Economic Zone “Khorgos - Eastern Gate” Construction of a hydro, wind and solar power stations Recreational clusters: ski resorts, beach-based entertainment and gambling zone “Zhana Ile”, development of recreational resources of the lakes Balkhash and Alakol Effective use of mineral resources potential of the region Production and processing of agricultural products Green ecology and the existing infrastructure to develop pharma projects till 2020 Investment structure Center for Development of Almaty Region PUSH TO NEW HEIGHTS CDAR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ministry of investments & development JSC “KAZNEX - INVEST” National Export & Investment Agency National Agency fot Technological Development Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute National Chamber of Entrepreneur “Atameken” Entrepreneurship Development Fund “Atameken” Local Executive Bodies of Almaty Region CDAR is the meeting point for investors and local governor. It provides consulting services to investors, development of proposals to investors, support of investments projects JSC “NC “SEC Zhetysu” National Chamber of Entrepreneur “Atameken”
  10. 10. Investment preferences For investment projects matching the List of Priority Activities (approved by the Government) and newly created legal entity with investments of more than 2 million MCI (MCI - monthly calculation index, approved by the Law on the national budget) following incentives are given: Incentives for projects (including priority investment projects) Exemption from customs duties on the mport of equipment, its components and spare parts, raw materials and supplies. of theKind grants of not more than 30% total investment in fixed assets (land plots, buildings, machinery and equipment, computer equipment, measuring and control devices and equipment, vehicles, production and farm(agricultural implements). Incentives for priority investment projects Tax exemptions: Corporate income tax – 0% for 10 years, Land-tax – 0% for 10 years, Property tax – 0% for 8 years. Investment subsidies up to 30% for construction and installation works and procurement of equipment after commissioning. taxGuarantee of stability of the legislation, legislation and in the sphere of attraction foreign labor for investors.“One stop shop” in providing theAssistance to investors guaranteed order from the interested legal entities according to the investment contract signed between the authorized body and the investor. State support programs "Business Road Map - 2020" (subsidizing interest on loans, infrastructure development and others) "Productivity - 2020" (cost recovery, equipment leasing, and others) "Exporter- 2020" (cost recovery and others) “Industrialization roadmap” (priority land provision, subsoil use right) Forms ofstate support
  11. 11. Tourism & recreational areas Touristic attractiveness of the Almaty region 8 Lakes Tabagan Koktau Lesnaya skazka Talgar region Talgar & Karasai region Talgar region Park resort Ski resorts The mountain resort
  12. 12. Beshatyr mound Kapchagai beach Singing dune Charyn canyon Temirlik canyon Turgen waterfalls Ile Alatau national park Aktay mountains Tourism potential Unique national and recreational resources: landscapes Zailiysky and Jungar Alatau, the lakes Alakol, Balkhash, Kapchagai reservoir, mountain lakes, Ili river monuments of nature, an exceptional flora and fauna and cultural-historical complexes, petroglyph, museums and theaters, mausoleums and shrines, archi tectural monuments. The tourist center “Zhana Ile” is one of the investment projects planned to be part of the project “Western Europe - Western China”.
  13. 13. Development of the industrial zones1 2 3 4 56 7 “Taldykorgan” industrial zone Kyrgyzstan China “Arna” industrial zone ICBC “Khorgos” & SEZ “Khorgos - Eastern Gate” “Kairat” industrial zone Industrial & logistics center “Damu” “Boraldai” industrial zone “Kazbek Bek” industrial zone Area: 594,9 ha Area: 5 740 ha Area: 1 303 ha Area: 118 ha Area: 90 ha Area: 601,7 ha Area: 960 ha 1 3 2 4 5 6 7
  14. 14. You are just one step apart from your success Learn more Call +7 701 712-10-30 Visit Almaty region 113, Ablay khan st. Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan, 040000 +7 (7282) 329-514 +7 (7282) 329-733 +7 (7282) 401-711 info@rcd.kz www.rcd.kz Center for Development of Almaty region (CDAR)