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Facebook ads

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Facebook marketing success
Facebook marketing success
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Facebook ads

  1. 1. WTF Stefanos Karagos – XPLAIN.co – Digital Marketing Forum 2013 #   best practices & roi WELCOME TO FACEBOOK ADS
  2. 2. Hello!
  3. 3. xplain.co about
 ASSOCIATION (CHICAGO) EMARKETING ASSOCIATION (LONDON) a 365 content marketing agency Clients in 8 countries >100 Beloved brands Proud memberships
  6. 6. NO MORE SPAM :-) OK!
  7. 7. once upon a time there were 3 media layers wtf understand the facebook ecosystem
  8. 8. Paid Owned Earned Paying to leverage the power of a channel to deliver a message that drives to another type of media. Dynamic content in a controlled environment. Setup as a repeatable, value-added experience. The customer as a channel. 
 Built through engagement, conversation and content sharing. Ads Fb page Pure ugc
  9. 9. today fb needs money, so fb ads are the main bull-horn Stock markets rule the social web too
  10. 10. ?
  11. 11. The basics
  12. 12. fb ads are social You can reach out to people in their social environment during their social activities. The fact that a user sees that his friends like a page, a post etc. is a very intensive Social Recommendation.
  13. 13. fb ads are razor sharp targeted You can target your campaign's audience by location, gender, age, education and other demographic criteria.
  14. 14. fb ads are personalized & microtargeted What is even more important, you can target Facebook users by their specific interests, activities and hobbies, family status, shopping habits, Facebook connections and even by their date of birth, to create highly personalized messages to them.
  15. 15. main objectives for an fb ads campaign build/increase brand awareness branding disseminate specific information* fan recruitment lead generation sales 1 2 3 4 5 6 (*for example, 
 a new product launch)
  16. 16. understand the fb ads ecosystem
  17. 17. market place sponsored stories* Also called standard ads, they appear in the right-side column of Facebook properties. They can include a social recommendation, even if they lead off Facebook. They advertise Facebook users' activities (for example, a page or post like, a post comment, a place ckeck-in) to these users' friends. You can further promote your most successful content to your fans and their friends by creating an ad from a post that was originally published on your page. most common ad types, that work Page post Ads* *Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Right Side Column
  18. 18. Always remember! Your Facebook ad campaigns are an integral part of your Content and must be aligned to your overall Content Strategy!
  19. 19. The metrics and tools that matter
  20. 20. CPC cpm CTR impressions actions reach frequency Cost per Click Cost per Thousand Impressions Click Through Rate: Percentage of Clicks 
 to the number of Impressions Total number of views Every action related to your page, that the user performs after having clicked on an ad* Number of Unique Users 
 who have seen an Ad Number of times a user has seen an ad You have to know *Page like, post like/comment/share, video view, answer to a question etc.
  21. 21. facebook ad manager facebook power editor third party api tools use The Tools The Default Simple Solution The Advanced Tool For Bulk Editing Sophisticated Tools Which Cover Special Needs And Are Mostly Expensive
  22. 22. latest developments in facebook advertising
  23. 23. FACEBOOK EXCHANGE (FBX) CONVERSION MEASURMENT &OPTIMIZATION MULTI SITE TARGETING DIRECT SALES & ACTIONS Through Facebook Exchange, advertisers and agencies have been able to use cookie-based targeting through Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) to reach their audience on Facebook with more timely and relevant messages. It works by counting relevant user actions, such as registrations and shopping cart checkouts, that are driven by people seeing an ad on Facebook. latestdevelopments
  24. 24. WHERE IS THE ROI?
  25. 25. In May 2012 General Motors Co announced that they wiіll stop advertiіsiіng on Facebook because Facebook ads had liіttle iіmpact on buyers' behaviіor. AdAge points out that General Motors' decision was taken after they were deniіed by Facebook the complete brandiіng of Facebook pages. ? !
  26. 26. In June 2012 Zappos announces a 3.5× ROIІ in the last two years with a spending of about $10 million. In September 2012 Facebook's partners report that the company's Exchange ad-buying program has resulted in up to a 20x iіncrease of ROIІ. € € €
  27. 27. In November 2012, Facebook Global Marketiіng Chiіef, Carolyn Everson, announced that Samsung receiіved a 1,300 percent Return On IІnvestment from a campaign for Samsung Galaxy S IІIІIІ. € € Do you Beliіeve iіt??
  28. 28. our outcomes Running: >100 Brands >48.300 FB Campaigns >9,7 Billion Impressions
  29. 29. impressions create value of sales from online ad campaigns are a result of Impressions without Clicks. Correct Targeting is more important than CTR. 93%
  30. 30. reach drives revenue Reach has always been important - in traditional as well as in Online advertising. Campaigns optimized for Reach had a 74-76% higher ROI. 76%
  31. 31. The number of users (Fans & Non-Fans) who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in the News Feed or ticker. What Does it Tell us? How effective is your Content and Content Strategy in reaching out to more users? 
 Are users visiting your page? The number of people who saw your Page or one of its posts from a story published by a friend. What Does it Tell us? How effective is your Content Strategy and your Paid Ads in motivating users to engage and share your content with their friends. The number of users (Fans & Non-Fans) who saw a Sponsored Story or Ad pointing to your Page. What Does it Tell us? How much are paid efforts contributing to your results? Organic paid viral the 3 flavors of reach
  32. 32. 10,3 Millions 1,9 Million 150 K Friends of Fans 
 Force Reach 
Last Month Fans (17-55) The power of networks
  33. 33. if message is right, frequency is key increase of ROI using Optimized Frequency 
 of Facebook Ads. A too low Frequency can be as bad as a too high Frequency. Test, monitor and measure your ads to find the ideal value for each individual campaign. 42%
  34. 34. Best practices You have to know
  35. 35. facebook.com/ad_guidelines.php 38% of FB Ads were Rejected because they were Violating the Guidelines! follow the facebook advertising guidelines
  36. 36. A Facebook ads campaign is not an isolated island. It must be aligned with your overall Content Strategy, Objectives and Aesthetics. fb ads have to be part of your brand’s strategy
  37. 37. Use clear images and close- up photos (also valid for page posts that will be used as Page Post Ads). Create texts with a clear 
 Call To Action. keep it clear & close
  38. 38. Targeting a very broad audience without taking into account the users' interests, demographics etc. is SPAMMING and will adversely affect your campaign's CTR. Do not spam Facebook users.
  39. 39. Create multiple variations of your ads and monitor their performance. Identify the best performing units and pause the rest of the ads. As a rule of thumb, start with about 100 units to be able to test body texts, images but also target groups. a/b test all the time
  40. 40. stop bombarding your audience Facebook users are not helpless TV viewers. They can react to annoyances by hiding or even reporting your ad when they had enough.
  41. 41. optimize, optimize, optimize. always Do not "fire and forget"! Closely monitor your campaigns, optimize and refresh with new texts and images.
  42. 42. Create your own cocktail. Use a mix of standard ads and news feed ads to gain a satisfactory Reach, drive Engagement with your page and Recruit new fans for your page.
  43. 43. Optimized cpm could help your brand Give oCPM (optimized CPM) a try. When it was first introduced, it confused many advertisers, but things are much better now!
  44. 44. Keep your Ad’s Content Human Optimized but don’t forget to do the same to your landing page content. Don’t forget: 
 Content is the King only if you Treat it Like a King! human-optimize your content
  45. 45. Don’t be afraid to break some eggs
  46. 46. but keep the brand clear!
  47. 47. The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. thank u for ur engagement! contact us if you care about results LetsRock@xplain.co fb.com/xplain.co @x_plain UNITED KINGDOM GERMANY SWITZERLAND GREECE ROMANIA TURKEY BAHRAIN CYPRUS XPLAIN.co