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Power Point La1

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Power Point La1

  1. 1. The Harlem Renaissance: music, art, history and literature Grades 9-12 A Web site by the Students of Martin Luther King High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice http://www. iste .org
  2. 2. Students will design a website to include depictions of the art, recordings of the music and historical reviews of the literature from the period known as the Harlem Renaissance. 7. Design a Web site that meets accessibility requirements. (1, 5) Design A Website
  3. 3. Using a digital video recorder students will film several locations in Harlem which have historical significance. They will also create an audio overlay describing the historical significance of the places they are filming and their personal connection to these areas or places such as the Apollo. 3. Select digital tools or resources to use for a real- world task and justify the selection based on their efficiency and effectiveness. (3, 6) Video Historical Sites in Harlem
  4. 4. Using the internet as a resource students will choose several paintings, sculptures or other visual arts from the Harlem Renaissance for insertion into the Web site’s art gallery. Students will describe each piece and its’ creator and reflect upon their choice from both an historical and personal perspective. Create an Art Gallery 2. Create and publish and publish an online art gallery with examples and commentary that demonstrate an understanding of different historical periods, cultures, and countries.
  5. 5. Presentation to an Assembly Students will present to the assembly, utilizing a power point presentation and their Web site including all sound, video and pictures. They will tell their audience how they created the Web site during an oral presentation. Working in groups they will explain their experience with the content and technology including their personal connections to the both the process and the content of the Web site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApiOuBegj2g 9. Create media rich presentations for other students on the appropriate and ethical use of digital tools and resources. (1, 5)
  6. 6. Prepared exclusively for Jeff Heil’s Class By: Lorraine Ahlers-Mack Cal State San Marcos Concurrent Teaching Credential Program No rights reserved...