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Global Pedagogy in the World Language Classroom

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Global Learning as Pedagogy, Not as a Project...

It’s time to move beyond the “wow” factor of a global project designed to connect your students with other kids who happen to live halfway around the world. Most of these projects don’t go beyond students working parallel to each other, contributing their perspective, data, or participating in Q & A sessions via synchronous or asynchronous technology platforms.
Global skills, literacies, and capacities need to push our teachers and students to not just talk about the world, but learn, speak, and collaborate with the world. Let’s explore examples and ideas to connect to experts, mentors, and peers from around the world as a way of teaching and learning.
‣ the amplified possibilities of global connections to move beyond your classroom,
‣ a global learning network at your disposal,
‣ using your imagination to bring the world (language and
culture) to your students,
‣ opportunities to support and embed 21st century skills and
literacies in your curriculum,
‣ a showcase of examples from the World Language

Want to work with me?
Contact me via http://globallyconnectedlearning.com

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Global Pedagogy in the World Language Classroom

  1. Gl balPedag gy World Language Classroom Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano in the @langwitches
  2. 2
  3. Speaking Up and Down Vs. Sideways
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  5. 21st Century Education Shift
  6. Literacyhas always been defined by Technology Nichole Pinkard
  7. “ We have to continually be jumping off Cliffs Wings and developing our on the way down. Kurt Vonnegut ” http://www.flickr.com/photos/ccheviron/3603396672
  8. Cultural Changes
  9. Swiping Generation
  10. Digital Footprint
  11. Participatory
  12. MovingBeyond PrintedText
  13. We live in a Stephen Duncombe “ world where people can Books talk back to their “
  14. Social Process Reading & WRiting Communicating is a
  15. But...
  16. “ It is not Just a Matter of transferring writing digital spaces” Ann Davis http://anne.teachesme.com/2007/01/17/rationale-for-educational-blogging/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/axeldeviaje/312166488/ communication classroom into
  17. Modern Skills communicate collaborate critical thinking connect create
  18. M o d e r n Literacies basic informationcollcaibtoizreanteship media connect global network
  19. Being Skilled Being Literate Being Fluent
  20. Amplified
  21. Modern Learning Visible Thinking Routine Share Think Pair
  22. Mindset Global Pedagogy Global Amplify Connect & 1 2 3
  23. 1 Global Mindset
  24. Literacy Global is not achieved with sporadic projects
  25. Global Mindset Projects Global
  26. Global Projects Skype in the Classroom Mystery Skype Read Around the World
  27. Regularly Bring in Outside Experts Global Mindset Use Google Maps & Earth Consistently Collaborative Reading & Writing Opportunities Participate & Initiate Crowdsourced Projects/Surveys/Docs
  28. Twitter in the Classroom
  29. What is the Global Educator Profile
  30. Global Connectedness
  31. Explorer Attitude
  32. Imagination Global
  33. FAIL irst ttempt n earning
  34. It is about Trying Again
  35. Steps in becoming a Global Educator
  36. A journey of a thousand Milesbegins with a single Step Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher
  37. The firstStepis you have to say Can! Will Smith you
  38. 2 Pedagogy Global strategies, approaches & techniques to facilitate learning
  39. Global Pedagogy is NOT about a skill set, but about a Mindset
  40. Don’t just talk the world, about consult, speak, w i t h collaborate and learn the world! Inspired by Vicky Davis, Julie Lindsay and my Global Network.
  41. create communicate connect collaborate
  42. share
  43. Scenario Imagination Tweak Share
  44. 3 Amplify Connect &
  45. and sharing online specifically, of being an educator. theWork is not in addition to the work IS Sharing It . Ewan Mcintosh
  46. It is not about WHAT but you connect you know, HOW Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @langwitches
  47. Students Teachers globally connected globally connected Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @langwitches If you want you need
  48. Connect Challenge Visible Thinking Routine by Project Zero Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano- @langwitches
  49. Build your own P Learning ersonal N etwork
  50. Personalize Blogs Twitterinterest Wikis Video-Conferences
  51. #langchat Thursdays- 8 pm EST
  52. BLOGS
  53. interest
  54. Wikis http://languageteacherscollaborate.pbworks.com/ http://actfl21stcenturyskillsmap.wikispaces.com/
  55. ImpactWhat is the World for the Language classroom?
  56. communication interpersonal oral fluency How to move towards connections through global and Jason Cummings
  57. How to use the possibilities connections of global to move beyond the classroom amplified
  58. How to take advantage of a Disposal your Learning at Network Global
  59. http://goo.gl/frul8m
  60. reasoning What would be your NOT toconnect your Students?
  61. send your SELFIE to: york75crate@photos.flickr.com
  62. Ideas & Examples fromthe Classroom
  63. Movie Making China-Australia
  64. 7 Billion Others
  65. 7 Billion Others
  66. 7 Billion Others
  67. Hyperlapse
  68. Co-Teaching Across Oceans
  69. Language Learners
  70. Transliteracy- QR Codes and Art
  71. 72 Pa re n t Communication
  72. Augmented Reality
  73. Global Perspective Christopher Columbus
  74. On-Site/ Eye Witnesses Bus2Antarctica
  75. Authentic
  76. Celebrate
  77. Celebrate
  78. World Language Vocabulary
  79. Visualize Poetry http://visualizepoetryaroundtheworld.wikispaces.com/
  80. Visualize Poetry http://visualizepoetryaroundtheworld.wikispaces.com/
  81. Scenario Imagination Tweak Share
  82. I used to think… global learning was… …now I think…
  83. www.langwitches.org/blog @langwitches