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Global Pedagogy, Not Just a Project

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It's time to move beyond the “wow” factor of a global project designed to connect your students with other kids who happen to live halfway around the world. Most of these projects don't go beyond students working parallel to each other, contributing their perspective, data or participating in Q & A sessions via synchronous or asynchronous technology platforms.
Global skills, literacies and capacities need to push our teachers and students to not just talk about the world, but learn, speak and collaborate with the world. Let’s explore examples and ideas to connect to experts, mentors and peers from around the world as a way of teaching and teaching.

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Global Pedagogy, Not Just a Project

  1. not just a project Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Our World… Our Future @langwitches Gl Pedag gybal
  2. Literacy Global is not achieved with sporadic projects
  3. Don’t just talk the world, about collaborate and learn withthe world! consult, speak, Inspired by Vicky Davis, Julie Lindsay and my Global Network.
  4. 1 Global Educator Classroom Mindset Steps Ideas
  5. 1 Global Mindset
  6. Mindset Global Pedagogy is not about a skill set, but aabout
  7. Pedagogystrategies,approaches
 & techniques to facilitate learning
  8. It is not but WHAT you connect you know, HOW about Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @langwitches
  9. Projects Global Mindset Global
  10. Projects Global Skype in the Classroom Mystery Skype Read Around the World
  11. Adventure 2014http://www.anadventure.org/
  12. Mindset Global Regularly Bring in Outside Experts Use Google Maps & Earth Consistently Collaborative Reading & 
 Writing Opportunities Participate & Initiate Crowdsourced Projects/Surveys/Docs
  13. TwitterintheClassroom
  14. Educator What is the ProfileGlobal
  15. Connectedness Global
  16. Explorer Attitude
  17. Imagination Global
  18. F A I L irst ttempt n earning
  19. Trying Again It is about
  20. 2 becoming a Steps Global Educator in
  21. A journey of a with a single Step thousand beginsMiles Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher
  22. The first Stepis you have to say Can! Will Smith you
  23. Rome All Roads lead to
  24. Awareness Raising
  25. Commitment Making a
  26. ToolsCultivate Competence in
  27. PLN Building a
  28. Curriculum Amplify the
  29. Fluency Develop
  30. Scenario Imagination Tweak Share
  31. 3 Examples Ideas Classroom fromthe &
  32. IS is not in addition to the work and sharing online specifically, of being an educator. the Work Sharing It . Ewan Mcintosh
  33. Co-Teaching Across Oceans
  34. Social Reading
  35. Student Bloggers
  36. Co-mmenters
  37. Transmedia Storytelling
  38. Movie Making China-Australia
  39. 7 Billion Others
  40. Blogging-Quadblogging
  41. SAMR Model Development
  42. CSI- Twitter
  43. Selfies- Survey
  44. Slavery Project
  45. Language Learners-w/Elderly
  46. Visualize Poetryhttp://visualizepoetryaroundtheworld.wikispaces.com/
  47. Silent Movies
  48. Ex-Alumni continue speaking language
  49. 1 Global Mindset
  50. 2 becoming a Steps Global Educator in
  51. 3 Examples Ideas Classroom fromthe &
  52. I used to think… …now Ithink… global learning was…
  53. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano www.langwitches.org/blog @langwitches