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Example of Client's Monthly Social Media Report

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This report analyzes social media performance for Habitat for Humanity International's Cars for Homes department. It covers content engagement on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and also mailchimp and the HFHI blog during the month of April 2012.

This is a well-documented summary of the type of work completed by Larry J Galante Consulting.

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Example of Client's Monthly Social Media Report

  1. 1. Social Media Report April 1 – 30, 2012 Compiled by Larry J. Galante Social Media Consultant
  2. 2. Overview Content production for Cars for Homes broken down by social media platform & affiliates engaged in CFH posts: Jan Feb Mar April Total - 2012 Facebook posts 5 1 0 5 11 Tweets 8 0 0 22 30 Google+ posts 1 1 0 4 6 Pinterest pins 0 0 0 12 12 Unique affiliates engaged 18 13 7 30 68 Total affiliate social actions 19 14 7 59 99
  3. 3. Vehicle of the Month program initiated on CarsforHomes.org April Highlights | Cars for Homes
  4. 4. CFH donor story featured on Habitat World Blog and Habitat.org homepage rotation April Highlights | Cars for Homes
  5. 5. CFH social media distribution list created for affiliates, with 70 affiliates opted-in to help promote CFH locally on social media April Highlights | Cars for Homes
  6. 6. What success looks like for Cars for Homes social media: facebook | Cars for Homes
  7. 7. Click-throughs via
  8. 8. bit.ly | Cars for Homes What is bit.ly? Bit.ly is a service that HFHI uses to shorten links for posting on twitter, facebook, and Google+ Once a bit.ly link is created, data is collected on how many people actually click the link and where the link came from (site referrals)
  9. 9. 19 95 1721 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 bit.ly | Cars for Homes Overview of click-throughs to CarsforHomes.org via bit.ly links Jan- Mar, 367 April, 1354 FY 2012 As depicted on the left, more than 75% of click-throughs in FY 2012 have occurred this month (April’12)
  10. 10. bit.ly | Cars for Homes 306 823 0 225 CFH.org Photos Videos Blogs & Stories CFH.org any standard web content from CFH (i.e. Benefits of recycling junk cars, How to claim vehicle donation on your taxes, etc.) Photos slideshows, pinterest pins, Vehicle of the Month, etc. Videos CFH videos from youtube, ARS, and HFHI Blogs & Stories CFH stories posted on the Habitat World blog or Stories & Multimedia section of Habitat.org Total clicks in April broken down by type of content NOTE: no videos were posted in April
  11. 11. Twitter 71% Facebook 26% Google+ 1% Other 2% bit.ly | Cars for Homes April referrals by social media platform Important notes: The majority of CFH content published through HFHI is posted on Twitter. Standard links to CFH.org do far better on Twitter than Facebook. Links with photos perform better on Facebook than standard links to CFH.org
  12. 12. facebook Performance of CFH content published to HFHI’s facebook page in April 2012: Date Post Reach Engaged Users Engaged Affiliates 4/1 Photo slideshow 15,654 264 21 4/17 Habitat World blog post 22,876 176 2 4/22 Earth Day post 10,108 91 2 TOTAL 48,638 531 25 Reach – the number of unique people who have seen the facebook post Engaged users – the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented, or shared the facebook post Engaged affiliates – the number of unique affiliates who have liked, commented, or shared the facebook post
  13. 13. Comparison between performance of CFH content on HFHI facebook page vs. ARS facebook page Example: Habitat World blog post - Bus Donor Same content posted on both facebook pages facebook | Cars for Homes Facebook page/post Reach Engaged Users facebook.com/Habitat 22,876 176 facebook.com/CarsForHomes 47 3 Recommendation : Focus energy on posting CFH content to HFHI facebook page (facebook.com/Habitat) to maximize reach
  14. 14. What success looks like for Cars for Homes social media: facebook | Cars for Homes
  15. 15. Rather than segment support for Cars for Homes through a separate facebook page, it’s much more effective to push content through HFHI for a far greater reach and impact. facebook | Cars for Homes
  16. 16. twitter Performance of CFH content published to HFHI’s twitter account in April 2012: CFH Tweets Re-Tweets Affiliate RTs Engaged Affiliates Potential Reach 22 157 46 30 10,779 Engaged affiliates – the number of unique affiliates who have re-tweeted or posted CFH content Potential Reach – the number of people in affiliate networks who potentially saw CFH content by following their local affiliate on twitter
  17. 17. twitter | Cars for Homes This month, we noticed a few affiliates have started to use the hashtag #CarsforHomes
  18. 18. twitter | Cars for Homes HFH of Chesapeake has a strong following on twitter and has adopted the hashtag #CarsforHomes
  19. 19. twitter | Cars for Homes Taking inspiration from affiliates, HFHI will begin using the hashtag, #CarsforHomes, in May 2012 to organize discussion around the program. infographics created with
  20. 20. Engaged users – number of unique people who have +1’d, commented, or shared the post Engaged affiliates – number of unique affiliates who have +1’d, commented, or shared the post Google+ Performance of CFH content published to HFHI’s Google+ page in April 2012: Date Post Engaged Users Engaged Affiliates 4/1 Photo slideshow 8 2 4/12 Tax benefits 2 0 4/17 Habitat World blog post 4 0 4/22 Earth Day post 3 0 TOTAL 17 2
  21. 21. Although Google+ hasn’t gained much traction overall, some affiliates such as Habitat LA and Habitat NOVA have used the platform to promote Cars for Homes on their own accord. Google+ | Cars for Homes
  22. 22. pinterest The Cars for Homes pinterest board was created on HFHI’s pinterest account on April 11, 2012. April Stats 12 pins posted 5 repins pinterest.com/habitathumanity/cars-for-homes
  23. 23. Each vehicle of the month will be added to pinterest. All pins link back to CarsforHomes.org pinterest | Cars for Homes
  24. 24. mailchimp April 2012 marked the start of an email distribution list for affiliates, providing affiliates with quick, easy ways to share CFH content on social media. Month Subscribers Unique Affiliates Opens Clicks April 82 70 180 132 Subscribers – the total number of people subscribed to the monthly email list Unique affiliates – the number of different affiliates subscribed to the list Opens – the total number of times the CFH Social Media email was opened Clicks – the total number of click-throughs on links contained in the email
  25. 25. mailchimp| Cars for Homes Stats on April CFH Social Media email: Industry – the average open and click rates for non-profit emails
  26. 26. mailchimp | Cars for Homes This CFH tweet had 5 retweets before the April social media email went out to affiliates. After the email was distributed, 9 affiliates took immediate action and retweeted this HFHI post about Cars for Homes.
  27. 27. mailchimp | Cars for Homes Both of these facebook posts did very well, however, the top post was featured in the April social media email and thus received 21 shares from affiliates versus the bottom post, which was not in the email, & only had 2 shares from affiliates
  28. 28. 2/3 of subscribed affiliates are utilizing the social media content to promote CFH locally Top 3 affiliates utilizing April social media content from the monthly mailchimp email:  HFH of Portage County (OH)  HFH of East Jefferson County (WA)  HFH of Utah County (UT) mailchimp| Cars for Homes Takeaways:
  29. 29. Recommendations for Social Media
  30. 30. Continue to post CFH content to facebook & Google+ on average, once per week Vehicle of the Month* Post Vehicle of the Month to facebook, twitter, Google+ and pinterest the second week of every month *Instead of including just the bit.ly link to Vehicle of the Month, upload the original photo with each post to generate more engagement (especially on facebook) Utilize #CarsforHomes hashtag in every CFH tweet Revise content distribution in email to affiliates Provide more facebook posts to affiliates, recognizing that many affiliates only use facebook (vs. twitter) recommendations | Cars for Homes
  31. 31. Uploading the Vehicle of the Month photo to facebook is quite eye- catching and will generate more engaged users for CFH. recommendations | Cars for Homes