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WinPhansEA (Windows Phone Fans E.Africa): Mission Statement

Windows Phone + Fans + East Africa = WinPhansEA

Join the only community of Windows Phone users in East Africa and learn how to get the most from your Windows Phone Smartphone.

It has been a long time coming, but Windows Phone is finally here officially in East Africa.

The goal of of our community is to educate fellow Windows Phone users on how to take full advantage of the highly integrated and personal smartphone experience that their Windows Phone devices offers, share helpful tips, app and device reviews. We also hold community events where WinPhansEA can meet up and share their experiences.

We are Windows Phone Fans in East Africa. We are WinPhansEA!

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WinPhansEA (Windows Phone Fans E.Africa): Mission Statement

  1. 1. Windows Phone FansEast Africa(WinPhansEA)Mission Statement and Community Charter
  2. 2. What isWindowsPhone?
  3. 3. As unique as you are….  Windows Phone is a smartphone operating system created by Microsoft and released in October 2010. It differs from the current iOS and Android (the two leading smartphone platforms) in that it offers a people-centric experience rather than a purely app-centric experience. Its key features are:What is  A clean and minimalist design than focuses on bring the things we care about: people, places, songs, photos, and apps to theWindows forefront.Phone?  Integrating of common features and tasks into “Hubs” minimize the need for the user to keep jumping back and forth between applications.  Deep integration of Microsoft services like Office, XboX, Skype and SkyDrive to offer an unparalleled experience in productivity as well as entertainment.
  4. 4. Win Phan  Windows + Phone + Fan = WinPhanWhat or Who is  The WinPhan movement is a Social Community started in the United States by Windows Phone enthusiasts as a way to help usersa WinPhan? new to the Windows Phone platform, learn how to get the most out of their devices. This done by sharing community knowledge through Social Media and Events.  There are currently 8 WinPhan chapters across the world: United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Philippines, Australia, India and East Africa.
  5. 5. “To provide new or potential Windows Phone users, across all OEMS, support on the Windows Phone Platform by connecting users to each other through the WinPhansEA Community”WinPhansEAMission NOTE:Statement As the Windows Phone platform is just starting to growing in grow in Kenya, it is important that the early adopters feel that they are part of a community. By combining their collective knowledge and leveraging their numbers, the Windows Phone platform can grow at a faster and more organic rate.
  6. 6. Who Are TheWinPhansEA  Latiff Cherono  Robert Kunga  Twitter: @NairobiWP  Twitter: @MwirigiCommunity  I have been a Windows Phone Enthusiast  Former Symbian Evangelist and a longEvangelists? since launch. My day job is a Lean Manufacturing Consulting Engineer. time Nokia Fan (founder of the E63 Club)  After moving back to Kenya in the Summer of  Blogger, Financial analysts by day 2011, I noticed a lack of local understanding about the Windows Phone platform, hence launching the @NairobiWP twitter account in October 2011.
  7. 7. WinPhansEA  Encourage the WinPhanEA community members to contribute to building the local Windows Phone ecosystem by being active onCommunity - social media. (e.g. app recommendations, tips and tricks, favoriteSocial Media feature etc.).  We are active on Twitter and use the tag #WinPhansEA to help theContributions community find relevant information.  We also have a Facebook page with a growing community.  http://www.facebook.com/WindowsPhone.Fans.EastAfrica
  8. 8. WinPhansEA  Monthly community events held initially in Nairobi, but throughout the country as the WinPhansEA community grows.“Meet Ups”  Provide a chance for Windows Phone users a chance to connect with each other and share experiences, tips and tricks.  Allow prospective buyers a chance to see, touch and use the latest Windows Phone devices, as well as learn their capabilities from the people best placed to do so, other WinPhans.  This would also be an opportunity for other vendors in the Microsoft Ecosystem to participate (Tablet and PC’s vendors, X-Box, Office 365 etc.).
  9. 9. High Quality WinPhansEA Local Developers Content in Community the WP StoreWinPhansEADeveloper  Work with Microsoft to provide support for developer boot camps from a user’s perspective.Support  Use WinPhans to help local Windows Phone developers understand which specific applications the local market demands.  Provide an immediate audience to beta test applications for developers to ensure quality apps are released to the local market.  Promote local developers by promoting their apps on social media.
  10. 10. Meet your So if you are in East Africa and have a Windows Phone smartphone,match and find or maybe you are interested in a Windows Phone, please join the WinPhansEA community.your unique Windows Phone Fans East AfricaWindows NairobiWPPhone