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Assignment 10

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Assignment 10

  1. 1. By Laura Cuk
  2. 2. Genre: Animation, Fantasy, ThrillerAn adventurous girl finds another world that is astrangely idealized version of her frustratinghome, but it has sinister secrets
  3. 3. Style & Length of Type of font Colour of font Animation of Placement ofPurpose of opening text textopeningStyle: 2:24 Multiple fonts: Multiple: Like someone All over the Bold, Roman. Burgundy, is sowing. screen in Black, dark various Yellow, White. corners of the screen.Purpose: Basic length of To make it Looks more opening match the creative Doesn’t make gloomy and instead of the viewer dark theme of using the bored. the sequence. usual font.
  4. 4. Time: 2 seconds into the opening sequence.PossessoryDistributing company The distribution company has the first credit because they are the company that invested money in the film and have the ownership.
  5. 5. Time: 7 seconds into the filmPossessoryProduction company Production company have the second credit because they have a large role because they produced the film.
  6. 6. Time: 12 seconds into the filmPossessoryAssociation company
  7. 7. Time: 18 seconds into the filmTitle of the film The title of the film has a big font. The animation of text looks unusual and creative, this makes the title stand out. The animation of text also creates an enigma because the viewer would not know why there is a button used in place of a ‘O’.
  8. 8. Time: 22 seconds into the filmCast Main actor gets the top billing
  9. 9. Credit 6 Credit 7 Credit 8Time: 26 seconds Time: 30 seconds Time: 34 secondsCast Cast CastMain actor 2 Supporting actor 3 Supporting actor 4
  10. 10. Credit 9 Credit 10Time: 38 seconds Time: 41 secondsCast CastSupporting actor 5,6,7 Supporting actor 8
  11. 11. Credit 11 Credit 12Time: 50 seconds Time: 1:00Crew CrewLead animators Concept artist
  12. 12. Credit 13 Credit 14 Credit 15Time:1:04 Time: 1:09 Time: 1:21Crew Crew CrewArt directors Storyboard supervisor Editors
  13. 13. Credit 16 Credit 17 Credit 18Time: 1:34 Time: 1:45 Time: 1:55Crew Crew CrewMusic Supervising animator Director of photography
  14. 14. Credit 19 Credit 20Time: 2:00 Time: 2:10Crew CrewProducers Producers
  15. 15. Credit 21 Credit 22Time: 2:14 Time: 2:20Novel that the film is based on Writer and Director