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Idea Brainstorming Workshop

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Idea Brainstorming Workshop

  1. 1. brainstorming workshop Idea generation anyone?
  2. 2. WOrkshop Goals 1. Generate a range of ideas from practical to blue-ocean. 2. Be creative. All ideas are good! 3. Create ideas and concepts to build on. Team Goals 1. Don’t say “No”. Try “yes, but” instead... 2. Shoot for quantity. 3. Build on others’ concepts.
  3. 3. Workshop Agenda (10 min) Workshop Intro (20 min) Break the Ice Exercise (15 min) Do it Yourself Exercise (5 min) Break! (30 min) Dichotomies & Paradoxes Exercise (30 min) Scenario Storyboarding Exercise (15-20 min) Share & Wrap up!
  4. 4. Design directions *Confidential information has been removed
  5. 5. introducing our tools Free-thought Concepting Lateral Thinking Cards Dichotomies Paradoxes Scenario Storyboarding
  6. 6. concept template CONECPT NAME Below: Draw your concept with annotations. YOUR NAME PERSONA CONCEPT DESCRIPTION DESIGN DIRECTION
  7. 7. Split into groups of three!
  8. 8. EXERCISE I Break the Ice! cr
  9. 9. break the ice Purpose To randomly flush- y HP Affinittribute - anything, anytime, anywhere ate, con Connect, cre ng around the existi community built HP Affinity is a w the opment will allo l. Redevel nt HPePrint porta seamless conte accommodate ePrint service to and storage. eation, sharing, cr out concepts for each design direction Print dot EDU Print to learn, lear n to grow Print dot EDU con nects kids, their peers, parents, and teachers wit h a platform for com munication using digital and print-related resour ces. or a combination of directions. Design Direction Cards
  10. 10. break the ice 20 minutes Take the design direction cards and think of as many concepts as you possibly can!
  11. 11. EXERCISE II Do it Yourself! cr
  12. 12. do it yourself Purpose Brainstorm radical service concepts by Trend Persona cr Design Direction combining design directions, trends, and personas! Lateral Thinking Cards
  13. 13. do it yourself 15 minutes Take your lateral thinking cards and create more concepts than you ever thought you could!
  14. 14. Take a five minute break.
  15. 15. EXERCISE III Dichotomies Paradoxes cr
  16. 16. dichotomies paradoxes Print Dot EDU Purpose Education Platform Persona Take lateral thinking cards and generate a Dichotomy Paradox card range of services that cover all parts of the spectrum. Lateral Thinking Cards
  17. 17. dichotomies paradoxes Print Dot EDU Purpose Take lateral thinking step 1 Simplicity Complexity step 2 Simplicity Complexity cards and generate a range of services that cover all parts of the step 3 Simplicity Complexity spectrum. Dichotomies/Paradox Continuums
  18. 18. design a simple service Simplicity Complexity design a complex service Simplicity Complexity design an in-between service Simplicity Complexity Dichotomies/Paradox Continuums
  19. 19. dichotomies paradoxes 30 minutes Point to one part of your spectrum and design services based on your cards. Don’t be afraid to use the other end of your spectrum!
  20. 20. EXERCISE IV Scenario Storyboarding cr
  21. 21. scenario storyboarding HP Affinity The HUB Purpose Design Direction Props Persona Goal To create a new services that relate Persona Goal Cards to persona jobs through processes and touchpoints over-time. Storyboard Template
  22. 22. scneario storyboarding 30 minutes Map the sequence your persona(s) tasks to complete their goal(s). Props People Places Partners Processes
  23. 23. Group Share
  24. 24. next steps Document your concepts: Think of decision-matrix attributes: Concept Name Weight ? 20 ? 20 ? Concept 3 20 ? Concept 2 20 ? Concept 1 20 100 ...on the Design Concept template. ...so we can rate those babies.
  25. 25. Thanks!