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Digital Trend Study 2019 - "How to Survive in Digital 2019"


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Digital Trend Study 2019 - "How to Survive in Digital 2019"

  1. 1. Today “2019 is a turning point, a year of massive innovation speed, really massive. A challenge for all companies and professionals!”
  2. 2. Space and Lemon Innovation Lab yearly digital trend studies sum up a view on digital trends worldwide. Identifying trends and the first manifestations of them. 2019 “How to survive in digital 2019”
  3. 3. $1.000 billion invested in tech, start-ups, R&D of tech giants, AI labs, unicorns. In 2017, 2018. In 2019, the money is spent: massive speed, massive product launches, massive players
  4. 4. Today
  5. 5. How to survive in digital 2019 when… One player changes the tech game with massive invest, ”fast to write a big check!” With $100 billion spent in 18 months (until August 2019) and a further ticket of $106 billion (first invests end of October 2019)
  6. 6. SoftBank Vision Fund, tech fund with $206bn Huge ambitions
  7. 7. Dominant in transportation and logistics Impressive logo and investment list
  8. 8. This puts pressure on traditional industries. Look at 3 other examples. Apple enters payment and credit card market. Disney’s spectacular new streaming service AliExpress (Alibaba) flagship store in Madrid
  9. 9. Apple Card, first credit card by Apple, “NOT A BANK” Launch 20.08.2019 - close iPhone integration, user experience, privacy
  10. 10. Disney+ streaming service Launch 12.11. in US for $7/month No more Disney content on Netflix in 2020
  11. 11. Alibaba opens first physical store in Europe AliExpress in Madrid
  12. 12. Today
  13. 13. How to survive in digital 2019 when… TikTok app rolls through Europe with millions of users and weird videos of finger dancing. Wait! Not a hype, the US launch bounced back to Europe with TikTok always in top app downloads.
  14. 14. #fingerdance challenge - videos gets 1.4 billion views on TikTok, the world’s fastest growing app. Symbolic for customers moving to new digital channels
  15. 15. Consumer in new places: on e-scooters, Google Map for anything, on code scan apps.
  16. 16. Fight for the e-scooter market and app downloads in Europe – 10 providers Throwing 15.000 scooters per country
  17. 17. Google Maps from navigation system to personal planner AI-based navigation since June 2019 in GER
  18. 18. Yuka, the product scan app phenomenon in France with 12 million users and Germany’s CodeCheck
  19. 19. And office workers in new places as well Project management platforms Slack and MSFT Teams A new way to work
  20. 20. Today
  21. 21. How to survive in digital 2019 when… Google Assistant comes into billions of Android phones
  22. 22. Google Assistant The new search, interface, commerce and ecosystem
  23. 23. Google Assistant is the most intelligent assistant based on the indisputably best stack Search, NLP and ML library
  24. 24. Line-up of assistants in B2C and B2B 2nd line B2B: IBM Watson, Cortana, Houndify, Salesforce Einstein
  25. 25. Voice assistant Alexa on more and more devices for more and more use cases More than 100m Alexa devices sold
  26. 26. Amazon pushing Alexa on phones Partnerships with Motorola, LG and Sony
  27. 27. Great name for a smart assistant, Einstein Salesforce Einstein voice assistant Interprets voice memos, enters data and updates CRM
  28. 28. Assistants in phones, smart objects and CRM tools. And in cars.
  29. 29. Google Assistant adds a so called Driving Mode Clear objective: be the universal assistant in car
  30. 30. | Hey BMW system first in 2019 | Microsoft Tech, Azure and Cognitive Services | Car expertise, alerts, dealer appointments, link to Alexa Carmakers react and integrate own assistants BMW and Mercedes | VW.OS announced in June 2019 (car.software) | Gathered all experts in code for car – 5.000 by 2025 | Low key on Assistant MBUX “Hey Mercedes” Microsoft “Hey, BMW” | Voice released October 2018 | Nuance Dragon drive for 17 languages | Test from Daimler USA with ML- based Houndify VW.OS project
  31. 31. Today
  32. 32. Artificial Intelligence has arrived and is available to all on the cloud, out-of-the-box As a SaaS
  33. 33. AI solutions out-of-the-box in cloud platforms (not always comparable)
  34. 34. Ready-to-use AI services from cloud leader Amazon Web Services Most comprehensive AI toolbox on the market
  35. 35. New platform Azure AI in October 2019 Modular AI solutions for enterprise on the Azure cloud
  36. 36. | TCAV and Federated Learning New AI models to interpret AI results and for collaboration between devices through the cloud Propagated for the first time in Goggle I/O keynote in Spring 2019
  37. 37. 1. Massive speed, massive players 2. Customer in new places 3. Assistants in billions 4. AI out-of-the box
  38. 38. Today
  39. 39. Contact us for a survival coffee, call or meeting. hello@spaceandlemon.com
  40. 40. Today “2019 is a turning point, a year of massive innovation speed, really massive. A challenge for all companies and professionals!”
  41. 41. Yearly digital trend studies - keynotes, workshops, data bank and monthly video subscription Space and Lemon GmbH, 10 scouters, 12 months ahead, AI focus spaceandlemon.com
  42. 42. Keep up with digital with the Space and Lemon tech news bot on Messenger Connect @spaceandlemon Space and Lemon GmbH m.me/spaceandlemon spaceandlemon.com hello@spaceandlemon.com