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Hallmark goal setting workshop (2) [autosaved]

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Living Your Best Year Ever-Goal Setting for System by Darren Hardy

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Hallmark goal setting workshop (2) [autosaved]

  1. 1. Living Your Best Year Ever Presented by Dave Gallegos 02/06/2015
  2. 2. 1st…a story about goal I didn’t reach for many years, and not for lack of trying
  3. 3. Anybody have this story?
  4. 4. Or this?
  5. 5. Or maybe you feel like this?
  6. 6. For many – it’s The Honeymoon Period • We all experience setting a big goal – that really pumps us up, we start strong, and then fade out…. • Why do our best intentions sometimes fail? • How can we be sure not to fail this time?
  7. 7. Reason why I know I have failed in the past • I didn’t have a strong “why” • Too Many, Too Tough, Too Soon • Too Rigid • Too Vague • No Measurement • No Accountability • The Opposite of what we call S.M.A.R.T. goals
  8. 8. My Goal Today Inspire you to live the life you were born to live. Use the LYBYE (Living Your Best Year Ever) Goal Setting System by Darren Hardy. Get you to imagine what it would be like to reach any goal you set…..because you can! Darren Hardy is an accomplished author, keynote speaker, corporate advisor and high-performance mentor.
  9. 9. Step One - Discovering Your Why • The WHY is more important than the HOW. • Does your why make you cry?
  10. 10. Step One - Discovering Your Why • Ryan Urbach • Same goal year after year • Who is going to teach Carter to hunt?
  11. 11. Discovering Your Why - Success Story
  12. 12. Step Two - Year in Review • The process here is Plan, Do, Review • Plan- you make the plan • Do – execute your plan • Review- evaluate your outcome • Improve- identify ways to make your plan better • By reviewing your past accomplishments, able to identify areas to improve!
  13. 13. Step Three - Gratitude • Create an abundance mindset and not a ‘lack of’ mindset. • Acknowledge and appreciate the abundance you already have.
  14. 14. Step Four - Your Balance Sheet • Imbalance = Disaster • Wheel of Life Chart • Accounts
  15. 15. Ideas to Keep in Mind You don’t want to end up like this…..
  16. 16. Or this…..
  17. 17. Step Five - The Grand Design • 1st - Have fun, no limits and dream big! No, dream bigger! • Read “The Magic of Thinking Big” • Now, narrow your dreams down to your top 10. • Finally, narrow them down even further to the top 3. The Essential Few….
  18. 18. Ideas to Keep in Mind Your focus should be on 3 goals. Not 100 goals, or even 10 goals. The Vital Few! “If you have more than three strategic priorities, you don’t have any.” -Jim Collins
  19. 19. Step Five - The Grand Design • Now make sure those 3 Goals are SMART. S M A R T = Specific = Measurable = Attainable = Relevant = Time Sensitive
  20. 20. Step Five - The Grand Design • Create a goal that is SPECIFIC. • Not “I want to be Debt Free” • Specify exactly what you will do: I will shred my credit cards and pay off $27,000 in credit card debt by 3/31/15.
  21. 21. Step Five - The Grand Design • Create a goal that is MEASURABLE. • Milestones and deadlines... • In your goal, include what will be measured: I will lose 25 pounds by…..and I will do this by losing 2 lbs. a week for 12.5 weeks.
  22. 22. Step Five - The Grand Design • Create a goal that is ATTAINABLE. • You can’t lose 25 lbs. this week…. • We over estimate what we can do in the short term • We under estimate what we can do in the long term
  23. 23. Step Five - The Grand Design • Create a goal that is RELEVANT. • Does your goal match your core values, your mission and vision for your life? Is it really important to you? • Be sure to choose something that will improve your life and help you become the best you possible.
  24. 24. Step Five - The Grand Design • Create a goal that is TIME SENSITIVE. • It’s got to have deadline! “ A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” – Harvey MacKay
  25. 25. Step Six - The Magic Factor • Keep – Start - Stop • Identify existing healthy habits, disciplines or behaviors I need to expand. • Identify poor habits or behaviors I need to stop • Create 3 modifications and how I will implement these into my daily routine
  26. 26. Step Six - The Magic Factor • The magic comes from becoming the person you need to be in order to attract the people or results you wish to meet or achieve. • It’s less about “What do I need to do” and more about… • Who do I need to become? • What new habits, routines and behaviors do I need to start?
  27. 27. Weekly Rhythm Register
  28. 28. Step Eight - Take Action • What you will do in the next 24 hours? • What you will do in the next 30 days? • Why is this important to start now? “Mo”
  29. 29. How I used this process to quit….
  30. 30. Building Mo takes most sustained effort at takeoff • The “Launch” takes the most effort.
  31. 31. Sustaining MO takes Accountability • Create accountability by getting a partner.
  32. 32. D K M! Don’t Kill Mo! Remember consistency is the key! Keep your rhythm and routines in place. Persistence - Most people give up too soon!
  33. 33. This system just works…order it!