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Week 1 Lessons - Codes & Conventions

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  • How can you find the interview with annete hill?
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  • Explain the exam format, what is required from them over the coming week. Aims for today, give out new folders
  • Sorting genre chart to be copied A3 for group work, student resource 1b to be copied so both sheets fit on A4 one for each student, and also same sheets copied 6 times and cut into cards for sorting game. Students in groups to sort cards into various different categories, they will find that there will be numerous combinations
  • Show students the Annette Hill clip, they must then write down a definition of reality TV. Feedback and discuss what they came up with, click link in middle to go to PowerPoint, class to read out definitions, give out copy of definitions
  • Students need to guess which show goes under which category this should be easy from listening to what Annette has just said, but there are hyperlinks to clips of the shows for added assistance
  • Click on the PowerPoint link for some of the answers, I only got to the start of this activity for lesson 1
  • Right down a definition of the word convention ‘The typical characteristics of a particular type of text’
  • Allow students to list and come up with their own ideas first, if they get stuck then use the true or false table – in any case table can be use for feedback. Some pictures are hyperlinked
  • Go thorugh the example on the board, then give each group sugar paper to brainstorm their categories in a similar way
  • Feedback students can copy down
  • Feedback students can copy down
  • Feedback students can copy down
  • Feedback students can copy down
  • Feedback students can copy down
  • Feedback students can copy down
  • Groups to pick 3 words one from the red envelope, one from the blue and one from the purple
  • Week 1 Lessons - Codes & Conventions