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Bangkok Escapade au Tower Club at lebua

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The Tower Club at lebua

Five Stars Luxury Hotel Bangkok

The Tower Club at lebua is a five stars luxury hotel and it epitomizes luxury accommodation in Bangkok. Take in breathtaking sights of the city from the balcony of the plush suites, located on the top floors (51st to 59th). The lavish interiors and exclusive privileges complement an exclusive stay with some of the best views of Bangkok. Ideal for both business and leisure, the Tower Club at lebua is the most coveted five stars luxury hotel in Bangkok.

The Tower Club comes with lounge access where you can enjoy Continental breakfast, free flow of alcoholic drinks and canapés throughout the day. Sip Mai Tai or a glass of Mojito anytime and soak in the expansive view of the city down below. Take a long hot shower with elegant Bvlgari products (coming in April: amenities by Acca Kappa) and feel like a star. Or gaze into the starry sky or look below at the buzzing pace of metropolitan Bangkok, all from your personal and private balcony. This is on top of all the usual privileges of a 5-star hotel room.

At Tower Club, we go beyond the extra mile to make your stay a truly luxurious and memorable one from start to end. The perfect blend of luxury, convenience, technology and stunning views elevate every suite to an indulgence for your senses. Food from Conde Nast Traveler-awarded "The Dome" stirs in a special flavour of its own through an extraordinary choice of different cuisines. Beyond a stay, whether it is a gala celebration, business presentation, board meeting or banquet, we also offer you ways to make your functions and conferences simply exceptional here at Tower Club!

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