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Use an Initial Social Media Blast to Increase Your Visibility

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This post tells you step by step how to prepare your posts, extractions you can make to make your job easier, and how to get that initial use of social media. Jack is confused as to how to use social media marketing and just how many people use social media but here we show him how to harness the use and power of social media as marketing. Remember this is only the first of many segments on the marketing of your blog. I do think however, that this next couple of posts will make a believer out of you and Jack.

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Use an Initial Social Media Blast to Increase Your Visibility

  1. 1. 1st Strike Social Media Marketing Part 2 of a Marketing Strategy Shortcast!
  2. 2. Jack Patterson wanted to become a giant among bloggers in the field of home medical devices. He had a blog going and wanted to increase traffic. He has been kind of working by the seat of his pants while he learned the ropes of internet marketing. Delete Box or Insert Text or Image Here.
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  4. 4. Jack has 2 other part timers that help him with the technical side but they understand little of marketing. Jack's company being the size it was needed only a simple marketing plan. He really only needed the plan to keep him on track.
  5. 5. The social this and the social that... He kept hearing that social media could really get him some exposure and that is driven if by nothing else by how many people use social media. So he was game to give it a try. He found out that there were almost 100 Billion social media sites he Could choose from so how does he find the right ones. Delete Box or Insert Text or Image Here.
  6. 6. What Jack really needed was a template that someone had used with some success that was almost fill in the blanks. Social media to Jack is a platform to put your stuff and others stuff on to gain exposure. Well, maybe kind of
  7. 7. Jack thought, what if I just send out an initial blast to 20 or more sites? That isn't a bad idea to get started Jack. There is a bunch of work to get started though. The Initial Mission is to … Get your post in front of as many eyes as possible. It starts with planning the post however.
  8. 8. The plan is simple and remember this is only the social media plan for a blog post or podcast episode launch. So it actually starts in the writing of the post. You have already developed your blogging strategies or if you have not look back here. http://wp.me/p3mWgg-D0 Your working title for your blog post (or podcast episode) should be the beginning of this plan.
  9. 9. Perform your keyword searches and analysis that fit what you are doing and will be some search benefit to you and use them liberally in your text. Social media are search engines Also save these same keywords (the ones you actually used in the document for tags later on).
  10. 10. Semi Standard Footer Develop a standard footer that resides at the bottom of each blog post this has a high net worth because it includes links, names keywords and is a signpost to the rest of your site. This should include but not be limited to:
  11. 11. About a 350- 400 character summary of the post made up of the two components below A short very keyword rich (up to 150 characters) summary of the post A longer very keyword rich but differing from the first (Up to 200 characters) summary of the post
  12. 12. A plea for Likes, followings, sign up for news letters.... A list of links to other posts of yours with links to your other related posts
  13. 13. A thank you in advance for writing a review of your podcast. Which is at here on itunes and here on Stitcher and here is the RSS feed. A list of people you spoke about in the blog A list of products you spoke of in the blog (and their related affiliated links) A list of links to other posts of yours with links to your other related posts Delete Box or
  14. 14. Use the force Luke! This listing is very useful throughout the rest of this. If you are using an SEO plug-in like Ultimate SEO or Yoast they ask for title tags This is where your short summary goes. Then they ask for a description. Guess where the longer summary goes. Of course the tags go in the tag section of a Wordpress post.
  15. 15. These 3 keyword rich pieces will make your efforts for such things as Facebook posts and summaries for Stumble upon submissions much easier. Now it is time to use those tags here too.
  16. 16. So the long and short summaries as well as the tags can and should be used in the initial submissions to social media sites. Which social media sites should you use for your product? Initially you should use all of them! Yup all 100 Billion of them.
  17. 17. OK, I can hear the moaning from here...start with 20 or so. Of course some only do photos and some only cater to PDFs but the ones that can post written text should all be used. Cast the wide net.
  18. 18. You need to register You will have to write a bio. You will need a photo of yourself. And as much personal information as you care to give up and in many cases they ask you for your web site. If you have all of this usually asked for information on a document that you can easily cut and past from it will make the sign up process go very quickly.
  19. 19. You know twitter and Facebook and linked in but there is also Fark and Pocket and... Now that you have accounts at each of these places (maybe 20 sites) submit your post to each one. Using all of the tags and summaries as you can.
  20. 20. Only the Initial Blast This is your initial blast. It gets you found somewhat. It will make a little effort go a long way and give it a high net worth. I would want to get my blog some exposure. Just get it out there. This is what I do for an initial bump and will make inroads towards exposure. Jack does this too.