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Leading 21st Century Firms

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My talk from the Paris E20 Summit, February 2014.

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Leading 21st Century Firms

  1. 1. Leading 21st Century Firms #e20s February 2014, Paris LEE BRYANT POST*SHIFT
  2. 2. which comes first: social tech or new org structures?
  3. 3. do we even need new org structures and practice?
  4. 4. social technology enables new forms of organisation
  5. 5. … and new organisational capabilities (affordances)
  6. 6. but cannot fulfil its potential without real org change
  7. 7. but cannot fulfil its potential without real org change
  8. 8. The culture of work is changing
  9. 9. Beyond Taylorism: productivity has gone quantum
  10. 10. leadership & org design cannot be considered in isolation
  11. 11. Hierarchy & divisional structure is only one dimension
  12. 12. Small, co-ordinated agile teams are better at delivery
  13. 13. P2P knowledge sharing beats cascaded ‘best practice’
  14. 14. Communities and networks are the fabric of the org CoP Designer CoP Engineering CoP Marketing
  15. 15. ‘podular working’ needs an underpinning service platform IT-services Procurement-services HR-services Manufacturing
  16. 16. alternatives to simple
 hierarchy are not new
  17. 17. Haier: from state industry to agile market leader
  18. 18. Kyocera: de-centralised ‘amoeba management’
  19. 19. Morning Star: efficiency through self-management
  20. 20. Valve: no management required
  21. 21. Valve: no management required
  22. 22. Some lessons on leadership from these case studies { } Haier: autonomous teams control costs and delivery. Competitive environment (e.g. ‘catfish’ roles). Morning Star: Self-management by negotiated agreement (CLOUs). nGen: Leaders step back to act as 'community managers.’  Valve: No managers: even cofounder Gabe Newell has no direct reports. Every employee can hire. WL Gore: Leadership earned  “natural leadership” based on track record for GTD and team building. !
  23. 23. new thinking on
 org design & governance
  24. 24. Holacracy, Sociocracy, Dual-Operating System & more
  25. 25. Fractal structures can be resilient at scale
  26. 26. Companies starting to ask: “How would we do this
 if we were a startup?"
  27. 27. Common features of new organisational thinking ! small teams in a fractal or nested structure  networked operations, with intelligence at the edges not over-optimised for the past (“Innovator’s Dilemma”) emphasis on autonomy & responsibility among workers emphasis on agility & capacity for responsiveness
  28. 28. what are the key features of a 21st Century company ?
  29. 29. Our diagnostic framework: key attributes of a C21st firm Structure Culture Practice ! ! ! • Decentralised • Resilient • Adaptive & Emergent • Networked • Service-oriented • Open • Customer-centric • Innovative • Experience-led • Passion & purpose • Agile & Iterative • Data-driven • Collaborative • Task-focused • Podular © Postshift LLP, 2014
  30. 30. key characteristics & roles
 of a 21st Century leader
  31. 31. Network-centric management & being a ‘connector’ Connected Leadership Loose Hierarchies & Strong Networks Networked Contributors Listening Analyzing Transparent Diverse Open Setting Context Building Consensus Servant Leadership jarche.com Sunday, 28April, 2013
  32. 32. Managing for complexity and change
  33. 33. Outside-in perspective: leaders as customer advocates
  34. 34. Nurturing a strong social fabric for ‘tight & loose’ to work
  35. 35. Influencer, ‘keeper of stories’
  36. 36. Creating protected spaces for new ways of working Performance ALPHA Services GOV.UK performance Transactions Explorer GOV.UK overview Departments and policy GOV.UK performance Departments and policy Departments and policy content had 1.46 million visitors last week, a decrease of 2% from the week before Web traffic Weekly unique visitors Unique visitors per week to departments and policy
  37. 37. Traditional leadership skills more needed than ever
  38. 38. #e20, #socbiz, #change, #betterbusiness, #efficiency, #networks, #C21st, #wirearchy, #behaviour, #motivation, #passion, #agile, #engagement, #influence, #collaboration, #people, #responsiveness, #whateverwearecallingittoday
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