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3d Virtual Worlds - presentation at IABC09 World Conference

Presentation on 3D virtual worlds to fellow IABC members at #iabc09, June, San Francisco

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3d Virtual Worlds - presentation at IABC09 World Conference

  1. 1. 3D Virtual Worlds A waste of time a wasted opportunity? Lee Hopkins IABC World Conference 7th June 2009
  2. 2. of what you think you know about virtual worlds is wrong
  3. 3. Computer : 21st C wardrobe VWs : 21st C “Narnia’s”
  4. 4. Manuel Castells own terms social and own self-communication movements projects the product of our culture rebellious confront individuals technology is a social construction use technology individual self-construction of autonomy the social actor
  5. 5. 3D Virtual Worlds connect keep in touch around the world
  6. 6. 1994-2008 Why do I need a ...
  7. 7. of all statistics in presentations are made up
  8. 8. Approximate total revenues: multi-user online games & VWs Second Life: US$14.3m/year Habbo Hotel: US$60m/year Final Fantasy XI: US$104m/year Lineage2: US$195m/year Lineage: US$281m/year World of Warcraft: US$2.2b/year
  9. 9. In 2008 Global box office sales US$27b (MPA) Six major film studios: all media revenue US$43b; Video games industry US$48.3b; Online games US$4.2b just in Asia-Pacific In 2012: Games Industry US$70 bln (PWC)
  10. 10. aloft Over the past few months, we have actively solicited input from you, the Second Life residents, on such design features as public spaces, guest rooms and exteriors – everything from color palette to space planning. After reviewing all of your comments, several changes to the overall design of aloft are a direct result from your feedback. Not only have these changes been applied to the virtual hotel, they will also be reflected in the “real-life” aloft hotels. http://www.virtualaloft.com/
  11. 11. “We developed Scion City to connect with the trendsetters. That's our target demographic - people who do things first. Trendsetters are instrumental in promoting brands.” Adrian Si, Interactive Marketing Manager, Scion scion
  12. 12. EVE Online
  13. 13. World of Warcraft http://www.flickr.com/photos/therift/130671212/
  14. 14. http://wow.uiscreens.com/details.php?ssid=329
  15. 15. http://www.flickr.com/photos/joi/86792894/
  16. 16. The new golf? http://www.flickr.com/photos/ssanyal/563492429/
  17. 17. 2.0 It is... teams & productivity & oxygen
  18. 18. 3D Second Life
  19. 19. WHAT FOR WHO IS  Recruitment  KPMG, Accenture, Johnson+Johnson  Training  Cisco, Imperial College London, Uni of London, Kingston Uni  Cost-saving  IBM – $320k+  Productivity improvement  IBM – 95 person/hours  Health improvement  Uni of Houston programs
  20. 20. Accountants party in Second Life! http://www.flickr.com/photos/isfullofcrap/
  21. 21. Accountants in Second Life Why did accountants party in Second Life? “We had a really fun time designing the venue and we've had great feedback from our members, especially those based in regional Australia and others in England and North America. “I think something like this will be able to provide our members with a high level of service irrespective of where they live in the world.” Alex Dalidakis, CPA Australia
  22. 22. Coming soon to a !?! browser near you...
  23. 23. Coming soon to a !?! browser near you...
  24. 24. Coming soon to a !?! browser near you...
  25. 25. The Shame strategy The strategy
  26. 26. How innovative do you think you are? Vs How innovative are you – really?
  27. 27. Description of weakness S (1-5) U (1-5) G (1-5) Action to be taken S = Seriousness: effect on ability to communicate with stakeholders U = Urgency: degree to which weakness affects ability to meet needs of Comms Plan Based on COSTanalysis, Lambert (1996) G = Growth: tendency of problem to worsen if not addressed
  28. 28. Qualified to Exploit? Exploit? Exploit? Description of communication opportunities Exploit? Y/N Now Future No
  29. 29. Marketable Possible Description of communication strength in-world? USP? Action to be taken Y/N Y/N
  30. 30. What could go wrong? Avoidance plan Contingency plan
  31. 31. 3D conclusion • Innovate or die Innovation is driving • Increase productivity change • Oxygen from outside
  32. 32. of what you think you know about virtual worlds is wrong
  33. 33. of all statistics in presentations are made up